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NeoMetal: Threadless Titanium Side-Gem Curved Barbell with Cabochon Gems - 16g


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  • 16 gauge barbells have 2.5mm gems.
  • Two piece design with one removable end.
  • Made from ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI implant grade titanium.
  • End is countersunk for a smooth fit with barbell.
  • Uses patented NeoMetal "snap-together" jewelry system.
  • Top quality cabochon gemstones.
  • Autoclave safe.
  • Low-profile, compact bezel setting maximizes gemstone visibility.
  • Bezels are crimp-set. No glues or epoxy are used.
  • See related products for: 18g.

  • NeoMetal has discontinued the 16g and 14g traditional threadless labret posts and barbell, replacing them with the new universal threadless labret posts and universal threadless barbells.
  • Both the universal barbell and labret post take ONLY 18g ends, NOT 16g or 14g ends. ALL 18g ends will fit ALL the universal posts or barbells, regardless of the gauge of the post.
  • 18g ends have a straight pin on the back. 16g and 14g ends have a pin with a small bulb. If your end has a small bulb, it will not work with universal posts.
  • To summarize, all 16g and 14g traditional labrets and barbells and all 16g and 14g ends have been discontinued by NeoMetal.
  • See below for "How it Works."
  • If the item pictured is only a post, it does NOT include the end(s). If the item pictured is only an end, it does NOT include the post.
  • NeoMetal posts require threadless ends and vice versa.



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The rose gold and onyx combination is so pretty and I love it! Very happy with my purchase.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Side-Gem Curved Barbell: 16g 5/16" Rose Gold, Gems: 2.5mm, Onyx (Synthetic)
, Flagstaff, , UNITED STATES - 9/13/2019
Body Jewelry

Love love LOVE this piece and am currently wearing it! NeoMetal jewelry is a fave and I LOVE their salmon coral stone ends, and am also very happy with the anodizing. I got this barbell anodized in Teal and the color is very pretty and even! Love it!

Item Reviewed: Threadless Side-Gem Curved Barbell: 16g 5/16" Teal, Gems: 2.5mm, Salmon Coral (Synthetic)
, Flagstaff, , UNITED STATES - 9/13/2019
Body Jewelry