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NeoMetal: Threadless Titanium Prong-set Faceted Gem End (For all NON-UNIVERSAL 16g and 14g straight posts)

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  • 16 gauge and 14 gauge prong-set gem ends fit straight threadless barbells only. They will only fit the old style of labret posts and barbells, NOT the universal styles.
  • Made from ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI implant grade titanium.
  • Has four prong design for added gem exposure while also making setting appear flatter than a bezel setting.
  • Countersunk for a smooth fit with barbell.
  • Uses patented NeoMetal "snap-together" jewelry system.
  • Top quality synthetic faceted gemstones.
  • Ocean Gray is hand cut instead of machine cut, so 4mm is a bit more in cost.
  • Autoclave safe.

  • NeoMetal has discontinued the 16g and 14g traditional threadless labret posts and barbell, replacing them with the new universal threadless labret posts and universal threadless barbells.
  • Both the universal barbell and labret post take ONLY 18g ends, NOT 16g or 14g ends. ALL 18g ends will fit ALL the universal posts or barbells, regardless of the gauge of the post.
  • 18g ends have a straight pin on the back. 16g and 14g ends have a pin with a small bulb. If your end has a small bulb, it will not work with universal posts.
  • To summarize, all 16g and 14g traditional labrets and barbells and all 16g and 14g ends have been discontinued by NeoMetal.
  • See below for "How it Works."
  • If the item pictured is only a post, it does NOT include the end(s). If the item pictured is only an end, it does NOT include the post.
  • NeoMetal posts require threadless ends and vice versa.



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Pretty and sparkly with a nice color saturation, along with the ease of NeoMetal.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Prong-set Faceted Gem End: 16g High Polish, Gem: 4mm, Pink Zirconia Gem
, Chicago, IL, UNITED STATES - 2/16/2017
Body Jewelry

Picked one up, because I got a little tired of the white opal cab in my faux rook that I was initially pierced with. I love the way these studs look. They look very high end and classy. I love that it sparkles at all angles. So cute and I love it. The only thing I have with this, is that its a bit hard to put in because its so small. Over though, I recommend it to anyone looking to buy one!

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Prong-set Faceted Gem End: 16g High Polish, Gem: 2.5mm, Cubic Zirconia Gem
, Chicago, IL, UNITED STATES - 8/12/2015
Body Jewelry

I just received my piece today and I've already received two compliments on it. It fit perfectly, shines brilliantly and cost half as much as my piercer was charging. I'm super happy!!

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Prong-set Faceted Gem End: 16g High Polish, Gem: 2.5mm, Cubic Zirconia Gem
, Austin, TX, UNITED STATES - 1/10/2011
Body Jewelry

I love this gem. It's a way better price and better look then those expensive prong-set labrets on all the other sites. The gem is actually visible and it looks high-end, not tacky and cheap. Plus, if you have a 14g like I do, the gem wont rip through the inside of your lip!

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Prong-set Faceted Gem End: 14g High Polish, Gem: 2.5mm, White Opal Gem
, LA, CA, UNITED STATES - 8/26/2010
Body Jewelry