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Industrial Strength: Titanium Single Flared Eyelet

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A beautiful single flared titanium eyelet made from the finest implant grade 6AL4V ELI F-136 titanium. They are grooved and come with one o-ring. The length is from the flare to o-ring. The holes on 16 gauge through 10 gauge eyelets are made halfway through.

This item will have either clear or black o-rings, depending upon what the manufacturer uses. We have no control over this. If you want a particular color o-rings , be sure to get them separately.

Single Flare


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Titanium Single Flared Eyelet: 2g 3/8" Yellow
Titanium Single Flared Eyelet: 2g 3/8" High Polish
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Really high quality eyelet. In the smaller gauges, it doesn't go straight through, and the hole really looks like a funnel... I really like it, actually. The curves inside to the hole are completely smooth and even graceful. I think Im going to buy even more tiny ones :. The only thing I would change is the length. Wish it came in 1/4.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Single Flared Eyelet: 12g 3/8" High Polish
, Wonderland, CA, UNITED STATES - 2/16/2013
Body Jewelry

LOVE these! The color is great and they are super shiny. Very comfortable.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Single Flared Eyelet: 2g 3/8" Yellow
, Cornish, NH, UNITED STATES - 12/19/2011
Body Jewelry

Very high quality eyelet. I bought this to use when stretching- my second holes seem to only like eyelets. These were very comfortable. Looking back, it was a bit much to spend on a transition gauge eyelet, but it was SUPER high quality. I will probably reorder at my ending gauge.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Single Flared Eyelet: 12g 3/8" High Polish
, Hummelstown, PA, UNITED STATES - 1/9/2010
Body Jewelry

Very shiny and smooth tunnel, although a bit long for my small ears. Would have been great if there are options for the tunnel length. Overall still a very high quality piece of jewelry.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Single Flared Eyelet: 2g 3/8" High Polish
, Kuala Lumpur, , MALAYSIA - 11/14/2009
Body Jewelry