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Industrial Strength: Titanium Nose Bone with 1.5mm Demi-Set Gem

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This tiny 6AL4V ELI F-136 implant grade titanium nose bone has a 1.5 mm faceted Swarovski Crystal gem stone. You can choose from 20g or 18g and lengths of 1/4" or 5/16" as well as nine titanium colors and 14 gem colors.



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Super cute nose bone!! Very stylish, and yet totally chic. The color choice I made was perfect, very subtle. Can definitely be worn with anything!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Nose Bone: 20g 1/4" High Polish With: 1.5mm Demi-set AB Crystal Gem
, Norwalk, , UNITED STATES - 7/1/2014
Body Jewelry

I absolutely love this little nose bone! The cz is the perfect size to sparkle without being too flashy.

The titanium is such nice quality, and the length is perfect, too - no more of the post bumping my septum and making the bone stick out the side of my nose not exactly the cool look you're going for with a piercing!.

I love it! It was a great value. Thank you,!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Nose Bone: 20g 1/4" High Polish With: 1.5mm Demi-set Cubic Zirconia Gem
, Orangevale, CA, UNITED STATES - 7/26/2012
Body Jewelry

I've had my nose pierced for several months. I love it. I currently have a titanium nose screw with 1.5mm gem. It is made by Industrial Strength. I was so impressed with the quality of the jewelry that I decided to try a nose bone. I figured I would let my nose heal for a few more weeks. But, I cant wait to try this out. After reading several reviews, I decided on the Industrial Strength brand because they seem to have a smaller/smoother ball at the end. I am very impressed with the gem. It is beautiful. The pictures don't do it justice. I love this website. I have ordered a few things. I have not been disappointed. They carry quality stuff. They have good prices, too!!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Nose Bone: 18g 1/4" High Polish With: 1.5mm Demi-set AB Crystal Gem
, Lapeer, MI, UNITED STATES - 3/8/2009
Body Jewelry