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Industrial Strength: Titanium Nose Bone with 1mm Demi-Set Bezel Faceted Gem

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This tiny 6AL4V ELI F-136 implant grade titanium nose bone has a 1 mm faceted Swarovski Crystal gem stone. You can choose from 20g or 18g and lengths of 1/4" or 5/16" as well as nine titanium colors and 12 gem colors.



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O.M.G. What can I say about this item - except its FRICKIN CUTE!! Lol.. Really happy with it. Cant wait to go out & get my nose pierced now, so I can actually wear it! Its literally, exactly what I've been looking for & wanting in a nose stud. Very small & discreet. I'm not gonna lie & say its the sparkliest thing ever but if you catch the gem in the right light, it does give a nice sparkle, plus it also depends on what size gem you go for, I suppose, the 2 & 3mm gems willl give off more sparkle but thats just expected. I'm also VERY PLEASED with how quickly the item arrived to me, like within a week of it being shipped out, it arrived in the mail. So, that was pretty dope :) And finally packaging: Was packaged very nicely and pretty securely for something as tiny as this nose bone is. Seriously considering purchasing more of these in different colours at a later time. Wicked item. Definetely a 10/10 for me! :D

Item Reviewed: Titanium Nose Bone 20g 1/4" High Polish With: 1mm Demi-set Cubic Zirconia Gem
, Birmigham, , GREAT BRITAIN - 8/10/2010
Body Jewelry