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Industrial Strength: Titanium Captive Bead Ring with Titanium Bead

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Industrial Strength charges extra for Rainbow titanium: $10 for the post and $10 per end.
Rainbow cannot be done in certain jewelry styles and end styles.
These I.S. titanium colors are not available in 2g and larger: Blurple, Fuchsia, Green, Rainbow, Striped, and Teal.

PLEASE NOTE: This product has been discontinued.
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This titanium captive bead ring is annealed for ease of bending while inserting or removing. Both the ring and bead are made from 6AL4V ELI F-136 implant grade titanium.

Please see the striped version of this ring as well.

See our captive beads to make a unique color combination just for you!



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Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 6g 5/8" High Polish With: 3/8" Titanium Bead: High Polish
Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 16g 1/4" Rainbow With: 1/8" Titanium Bead: Light Blue
Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 8g 3/4" Teal With: 5/16" Titanium Bead: Yellow
The ring in my right nipple. The left one has the same ring and the same tattoo.
Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 14g 3/8" High Polish, Titanium Bead: 5/32" Copper
There are two different sizes depicted in this photo, but they are just one jump in internal diameter apart.
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The dark blue is a very lovely shade! Brings a small amount to color if you are looking for something nice but not in your face.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 14g 3/8" Dark Blue With: 5/32" Titanium Bead: Dark Blue
, phoenix, AZ, UNITED STATES - 8/6/2020
Body Jewelry

The surface of the ring is just perfectly smooth which helped my lobe piercing heal after I stretched it a bit quick. After only a few days it was back to normal, no pain, no redness. Thanks IS!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 6g 5/8" High Polish With: 3/8" Titanium Bead: High Polish
, Orleans, , FRANCE - 9/19/2018
Body Jewelry


Item Reviewed: Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 16g 1/4" Rainbow With: 1/8" Titanium Bead: Light Blue
, kanagawa, , JAPAN - 2/15/2018
Body Jewelry

I love it! I ordered with stripes in Blurple/Light Blue.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 16g 1/4" Rainbow With: 1/8" Titanium Bead: Light Blue
, kanagawa, , JAPAN - 2/14/2018
Body Jewelry

I have a Prince Albert and suitable jewelry is hard to find. CBR is the only option that is good for both partners. Unfortunately most have a gap between the ring and the bead which can be painful. These are perfect, the bead fits tight with no gap and the results are great for both of us. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 6g 5/8" High Polish With: 3/8" Titanium Bead: High Polish
, Prince Albert, , CANADA - 6/10/2014
Body Jewelry

Very pleased with my new jewelry! Was shipped fast even after all the parts had to be ordered. They emailed me at each step keeping me up to date. The only thing is I wish they had included instructions on how to get the bead back in. I had to call the place I got pierced and was told to go in at a angle. It whet in with no problem after learning the trick!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 12g 9/16" Rainbow With: 7/32" Titanium Bead: Fuchsia
, Lexington, SC, UNITED STATES - 1/22/2013
Body Jewelry

I love this product. I went up a gauge so I went with this instead of something I already had and its very lightweight. Titanium is the way to go.
Fits comfortably and I cant even tell its there.>br /> The captive ball sits well and I have no issues with it coming loose. I like the color options as well.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 8g 7/16" Dark Blue With: 7/32" Titanium Bead: High Polish
, Bridgeport, CT, UNITED STATES - 11/15/2012
Body Jewelry

After receiving a piercing in 11g for which it was critical to my comfort and healing that I not only find titanium, but that it comes with a bead large enough to weigh the ring down, this was the first place I found what I was looking for. Everywhere else I hit up, I couldn't get the bead big enough. I retired the piercing after a year and a half, but it was fantastic and liberating to wear something so well designed until then!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 10g 3/4" High Polish With: 5/16" Titanium Bead: Fuchsia
, Vancouver, BC, CANADA - 4/18/2011
Body Jewelry

This piece of jewelry is annealed--that means its impossible to open it with your bare hands, either to get the bead into it or out of it, without the use of ring-opening pliers, in a minimum of the smallest size available on this website. And because of its internal diameter, you'll want the bead-holder too, because you'll thank yourself for getting it when you can just clip it into place. The pits in the bead are very deep at this gauge, which means you wont stand a chance of losing it spontaneously. And because this jewelry is annealed, it springs right back to its original state without the use of ring-closing pliers. A great piece of jewelry with a long lifetime in my collection.
Editor's Note: Annealing actually makes the ring a bit more supple and easier to work with. If it wasn't annealed, it would be impossible to open even with pliers.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Captive Bead Ring: 10g 7/16" High Polish With: 7/32" Titanium Bead: Yellow
, Vancouver, BC, CANADA - 4/18/2011
Body Jewelry