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Steel Navel: Grab Bag for Lobe Piercings

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Get a grab bag for yourself or for a friend! In this grab bag, you'll get three random items for your lobe piercing in the gauge you choose. You'll receive plugs, eyelets, or hanging designs.
  • Smaller gauges might have circular barbells and captive bead rings. These items are discontinued, didn't meet our high quality standards, or for whatever reason, we decided not to sell.

  • We can occasionally fill requests for specific types of items in your grab bag (for example, plugs suited for a male or female). We will do our best, but we may not always have exactly what you need. To submit a request, just proceed to check out and fill out the comments box that looks like this:
    You'll see this box AFTER you put in your address and BEFORE you submit payment. It's the same page where you will choose your shipping method.

    You won't receive what's pictured -- it's just an example of the types of items in grab bags.

    Be aware that if you order more than one bag in the same gauge, we can't guarantee that all the items you receive will be unique. You might get some duplicates!



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    Got 3 cute pairs, very girly but I don't mind that.

    Item Reviewed: Grab Bag for Lobe Piercings: 7/8"
    , Spokane, WA, UNITED STATES - 2/15/2019
    Body Jewelry

    Really great! 3 pairs of 1-inch jewelry - denim lapis eyelets, green silicone spiral plugs and steel sparrow-print plugs. It's worth it even just for the stone eyelets, I even like the silicone ones even though they're not my thing, I think I'll wear them. Even if you don't like a pair you can gift them to a friend, for this price it's definitely worth it.

    Item Reviewed: Grab Bag for Lobe Piercings: 1"
    , Serbia, , SERBIA, REPUBLIC OF - 10/3/2018
    Body Jewelry

    Honestly super good quality. I got an acrylic pair of tunnels, a wood pair of spiral hangers, and a stone pair of plugs. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

    Item Reviewed: Grab Bag for Lobe Piercings: 2g
    , Carmel, IN, UNITED STATES - 6/26/2018
    Body Jewelry

    Pretty fun to get these in the mail! Cool assortment of stuff, and customer service is great! They responded when I commented about certain preferences in my grab bag and followed through!

    Item Reviewed: Grab Bag for Lobe Piercings: 14g
    , Maple Ridge, BC, CANADA - 3/8/2018
    Body Jewelry

    I had high-hopes for the grab bags. High enough hopes that I purchased three. That being said, the products I got are pretty cool, but none of them fit in my ears. All of the items I got were hooks of various shapes and sizes, some of which look really neat. Alas, the space between the entry point and the main structure of the jewelry is too narrow, and I can't fit it around my lobes without damaging my ear. I don't know if this predicament is because they were made too small, or if it's because I have thick earlobes. I'm hoping that I can give them away to a friend at some point, because they are quite neat!

    Item Reviewed: Grab Bag for Lobe Piercings: 10g
    , Punta Gorda, , UNITED STATES - 5/3/2016
    Body Jewelry

    Another amazing grab bag! This is my second time buying one and I couldnt be happier. This time I got a pair of tiger ebony wood talons/spirals, a pair of black glitter acrylic plugs and a pair of plugs with a sugar skull lady on them. These are all worth way more than they are charging. Super happy.

    Item Reviewed: Grab Bag for Lobe Piercings: 3/4"
    , Decatur, GA, UNITED STATES - 2/19/2016
    Body Jewelry

    I'm so happy with the plugs I got in this grab bag! They are all beautiful and high quality. More than worth the money. I got one pair of stone plugs and two pairs of acrylic. One of the acrylic pairs is covered in gems. Amazing.

    Item Reviewed: Grab Bag for Lobe Piercings: 3/4"
    , Atlanta, , UNITED STATES - 2/9/2016
    Body Jewelry

    I am definitely a fan of the grab bags! I received a pair of amber plugs, a pair of glass plugs and a single metal plug everything is the correct sizes. With just the pair of amber plugs I am way more than pleased with the grab bag.

    Item Reviewed: Grab Bag for Lobe Piercings: 0g
    , Ranson, WV, UNITED STATES - 11/4/2015
    Body Jewelry