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Industrial Strength: Titanium Nose Bone with 3/32" Ball

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Titanium nose bone with a 3/32" ball end. Choose from 20 gauge or the slightly thicker 18 gauge. Your choice of the 1/4" length or the slightly longer 5/16" length and nine gorgeous colors.



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Got it in multiple colors and love it. Not too big and not too small.

Item Reviewed: Nose Bone: Titanium 18g 1/4 w/ 3/32 Ball - Teal
Body Jewelry

i had a nose screw in from the piercer who had a helluva time getting it in...had to try about 5 was so uncomfortable, i couldnt wait til it was healed enough for my lil diamond nose bone i had bought....turns out, i have thicker than average nostrils and the diamond nose bone was too short!

Thank god for steel navel. they had nose bones in lengths to choose from!

It fits perfectly, the ball isnt too large nor too small and its so much more comfortable, and I don’t have to worry about my piercing closing up bc it was too short. I’m going to buy more colors soon!! :D

Item Reviewed: Nose Bone: Titanium 18g 5/16 w/ 3/32 Ball - Light Blue
, longmont, CO, UNITED STATES - 5/24/2011
Body Jewelry