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Gorilla Glass: Pair of Glass Dichroic Bling Lagrima Weights


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Sold as a pair.

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These hanging weights from Gorilla Glass come in a variety of vibrant colors! Choose from a variety of dichroic colors, and the glass is faceted for ultimate bling!

They come in two sizes:
  • Standard: 3" inches long and the pair weighs 35 grams.
  • Mini: 2-3/8" long and the pair weighs 18 grams.


NOTE: This item is made from glass. It is hand made, not machine made, so perfection to a certain gauge and color is not always possible.
Expect the gauge to vary up to 1mm larger or smaller than the stated gauge.
Color intensity may vary. For colored glass, smaller gauges are often lighter in color and larger gauges are darker.
Variance is NOT considered a defect.



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Pair of Glass Dichroic Bling Lagrima Weights: 6g Mini Aqua
One of many colors these show
Pair of Glass Dichroic Bling Lagrima Weights: 6g Mini Aqua
Aqua looking aqua
Pair of Glass Dichroic Bling Lagrima Weights: 6g Mini Aqua
Some purples in the aqua!
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These are amazing. Not willing to stretch my lobes large enough for some of the crazier glass plugs, I was so excited when the lagrimas first came out! Then someone pointed out that they kind of looked like *ahem* male reproductive cells, and I shied away. But these. They take my breath away, and the bling really voids the resemblance to male reproductive cells. They are every bit as beautiful as they appear in photos and more. The minis feel enormous to me, but the weight doesn't bother my ears at 6g unless I really wear them all day long, which I don't, because these are strictly special occasions only! That said, I find myself looking for more special occasions to wear them to, because at home in a drawer is not where they belong. There are so many colors in there, and the way the glass is shaped is just awesome. They feel awfully sturdy, but still, I guard them the most of any of my jewelry because they're so pretty and they're the largest glass I own.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Glass Dichroic Bling Lagrima Weights: 6g Mini Aqua
, Portland, OR, UNITED STATES - 1/26/2016
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