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Steel Navel: FREE Four Pack of Clear Silicone O-Rings

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Replacement o-rings for all your body jewelry. You can get two four packs of o-rings free with every purchase.

Don't be greedy! We delete all requests for more than two packs of FREE o-rings. If you add more than two packs of FREE o-rings, black or clear, to your shopping cart, you will still only get two packs.

These replacement o-rings work great for all your body jewelry. Please use the following notes to help you choose the correct o-ring for your jewelry:
  • For plugs, spools, eyelets, retainers, or any other jewelry that is NOT tapered, select the o-ring that has the same gauge as your jewelry.
  • For all TAPERED products such as claws, horns, pinchers, spirals and wearable tapers, select an o-ring one gauge smaller than the gauge of the jewelry.
  • The inside diameter is approximately 2 gauges smaller than the stated gauge of the o-ring. For example, a 0g o-ring generally an inside diameter of 4g, but it will vary and could be 2g. Any o-ring you get will have an inside diameter smaller than the stated gauge, though.
  • Please see our O-ring FAQ for all other measurements.



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