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Industrial Strength: Titanium Nose Bone with 1/16" Soft Spike

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Titanium nose bone with a 1/16" soft spike end. Choose from 20 gauge or the slightly thicker 18 gauge. Your choice of the 1/4" length or the slightly longer 5/16" length and nine gorgeous colors.



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Those little spike ends sure are tiny! I got the 1/4 length because that's the size I wear in the NeoMetal ends, and the little spike sinks down into two of my nostril piercings, but not on the top one which is a little less healed than the other two. They're very subtle, don't catch on anything and haven't fallen out at all, which is a problem I sometimes have with nose bones. The nub on the end is pretty mild, but still a little harsh on my not-quite-super-healed nostril piercing, so I'm gonna put them away for later. Great for a subtle, yet punky look if someone looks that closely!

Item Reviewed: Nose Bone: Titanium 18g 1/4 w/ 1/16 Soft Spike - High Polish
, St. Louis, MO, UNITED STATES - 4/28/2010
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