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Zeep Soap: Stretch-up Salve in Screw-top Container: 1/8 oz

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A botanically based ear-lobe stretching salve. Olive oil, locally sourced beeswax, and Comfrey leaf are simmered to plant infused perfection over a wood fired stove. A carefully chosen essential oil regimen is then blended in to create this potent recipe. Disinfect torn skin, soothe rawness, and promote rapid healing with Comfrey, Helichrysum, Tea Tree, Lavender and Thyme essential oils. Our unique balm is based upon proven folk remedies which offer anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-septic, immune stimulating and pain relieving (analgesic) properties.

Instructions: Apply to taper and earlobe when stretching-up. Use daily until healed. May also be used on newly pierced skin.

Ingredients: Comfrey Infused Olive Oil, Local Beeswax, Essential Oils of Helichrysum, Tea Tree, Lavender, & Thyme. (1/8 oz. tub)



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I have had some difficulty stretching up my left ear. Zeep helped me feel relief faster than other methods like coconut oil and salt soaks. I still recommend waiting 30-90 days between stretches but if you have a tear, Zeep with definitely help heal it!!! I HIGHLY recommend Zeep.

Item Reviewed: Stretch-up Salve in Screw-top Container: 1/8 oz
, Columbus, OH, UNITED STATES - 3/16/2018
Body Jewelry

The Zeep Stretch Up Salve is fantastic to use on your tapers to stretch up. But also on your plugs and eyelets everyday after cleaning. I also apply is liberally to my lobes everyday after I shower. It keeps them nice and moisturized, but also smelling fantastic. I absolutely love the smell of this product.

Item Reviewed: Stretch-up Salve in Screw-top Container: 1/8 oz
, Lansing, , UNITED STATES - 1/11/2016
Body Jewelry

Very good, use it on all my piercings. Makes my ears smell fresh. Would recommend.

Item Reviewed: Stretch-up Salve in Screw-top Container: 1/8 oz
, Brisbane, NS, AUSTRALIA - 12/18/2014
Body Jewelry