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Anatometal: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet

Discontinued - Last Chance

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SOLD INDIVIDUALLY (order 2 for a pair).

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PLEASE NOTE: This product has been discontinued.
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  • The Anatometal brand titanium double flared eyelet is made from implant grade 6AL4V ELI F-136 implant grade titanium and hand polished to a mirror finish.
  • Your choice of 14 brilliant titanium colors
  • The wearable length for sizes 5/8" and smaller is .330" (8.4mm), and for 3/4" and above, its .370" (9.4mm).
  • Anatometal will make their eyelets as large as 6". Please contact us for a quote on these larger eyelets.

Double Flare


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Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 9/16" High Polish
Anatometal Titanium 9/16" (14.3mm) Dbl. Flare Eyelet
Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 9/16" High Polish
Anatometal Titanium Double Flare Eyelet 9/16 14.3mm
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I'm giving these a two star because the flares were a four gauge basically, and it was almost impossible to get them in. 6g flares would have been more appropriate for such a small sized plug, not 4. Anyway they're very shiny, and smooth other than the flare size.
Editor's Note: Anatometal's double-flared eyelets in 8g have a 5mm flare. 6g have a 5.83mm flare.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 8g High Polish
, lebanon, PA, UNITED STATES - 10/9/2019
Body Jewelry

As I mentioned in an earlier review of this eyelet ... this piece is made to perfection! Been wearing for a few days now and it's so dog gone comfortable I forget it's even there, until someone notices and throws a compliment at me. I used to order via BAF as well, but never again. A few messed up orders, a couple lost orders in shipment, and BAF got very mean when I had to cancel a couple orders as well due to personal reasons. Always Anatometal jewelry and definitely always ordering only via, as I've done for many years now. has never messed up and always shows professionalism and friendliness over the many years to me! Thanks Y'all!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 9/16" High Polish
, Sevierville, TN, UNITED STATES - 5/6/2018
Body Jewelry

My order for the 9/16"/14.3mm Anatometal Certified Implant Ti-Grade 23 Ti-6Al-4V ELI Titanium High Polish Double Flare Eyelets arrived from and I must say these are made to perfection, as is expected. The flares are so Anatometal and look awesome! The insertion of these are very nice with well stretched healed lobes. The way these flares are leaves confidence that they will not fall out easily on their own. Though they do remove with  ease when manually done. And the high polish finish, so smooth and like a mirror! Emily & Sue from Steel Navel are both pleasures to have communication with and the packaging is well done. If it were not for Barry Blanchard that made me aware of Anatometal jewelry years ago, who knows how long it would of taken me to be an Anatometal fan! And ordering from for many years now too, is always a pleasure to do! Thanks and Anatometal!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 9/16" High Polish
, Sevierville, TN, UNITED STATES - 5/2/2018
Body Jewelry

I received my Anatometal Titanium 00g/9.2mm Double Flare High Polished Eyelets today. And wow the finish is amazing, to say it's like a mirror isn't doing the pieces enough justice. I've always loved Anatometal's products so I'm a little biased. But their quality is above top notch. All the edges have been smoothed out and slightly rounded on the flares for comfort while inserting your jewelry and for aesthetics. I also love the flares shape too, not your standard flare. A slightly smaller version of their single flare eyelet. You can definitely tell the quality just by looking the product over. Flawless is the only word that comes to mind. Thank you again Steel Navel, you guys have THE BEST customer service. Emily is the best, thank you again ma'am!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 00g High Polish
, Lansing, KS, UNITED STATES - 1/8/2016
Body Jewelry