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Kaos Softwear: Pair of Silicone Hider Plugs Version 3

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Piercing camouflage. These silicone plugs have a matte, rounded front and a hollow back (allowing for ease of insertion). Additionally, they can be pierced with a "traditional" style of jewelry making your actual piercing much less noticeable.

The 10 gauge through 5/8" gauge have a 5/16" wearable area between the two flares and the 3/4" gauge through 1" gauge have a 3/8" wearable area between the flares.

Silicone hider plugs are available in six colors. Version 1 is the lightest, and version 6 is the darkest. See below for the other 5 versions.

Disclaimer: The silicone flesh tone hider plugs are intended to minimize the obviousness of your piercings, not eradicate them. It is unlikely that this product will be an exact match for your skin tone. They are meant as camouflage, not magic invisibility plugs.

Kaos silicone double flared hider plug samples

Double Flare


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Thank you for having a flesh tone for black people beside the darker tone. Most places I've researched only have one dark tone and it's super dark and contrasts way too much against my own skin. Will be trying this one soon. Hopefully it's a good buy! I have many of your products and I love them all and are very pleased with your services. Please look into more colors though, like a Rihanna Fenty variety! Thank you!

Item Reviewed: KAOS BRAND: Pair of Silicone Hider Plugs Version 3: 7/8" 3/8" wearable
, Georgia, GA, UNITED STATES - 1/29/2020
Body Jewelry

GREAT product. The Version 3 works well on me, a Latino guy. It should work really well for medium tan skin. I tried the version lower than this and it's a little bit too visible to be invisible. These, the Version 3s, really mask the appearance of my piercing. I especially like ordering from this site, great pricing and fast shipping.

Item Reviewed: KAOS BRAND: Pair of Silicone Hider Plugs Version 3: 9/16" 5/16" wearable
, Sherman Oaks, CA, UNITED STATES - 12/21/2016
Body Jewelry