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Steel Navel: Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - XX-Large 10"

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Change your own body jewelry with these stainless steel ring opening pliers. They work like reverse pliers. When you squeeze the handles the jaws open to expand your ring.

These xx-large 10" pliers work on rings 4g and above. Protect rings with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the finish on your jewelry.



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Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - XX-Large 10"
Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - Mini 4"
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The pliers look good. Like they'd do a good job. But were overkill for my 1/2 diameter 8 gauge septum jewelry. I can barely maneuver the tips into my jewelry to open it. So its not easy to use for jewelry this size. I'm sure they'll be great once I get up to a larger gauge. If you're looking for something to open a smaller jewelry, take into account the diameter. The tips were a little too big. This of course was my own fault. However I wish I had scale reference before ordering. I will post a pic showing jewelry next to it to give scale. After seeing it in person and trying to use it with my jewelry I now understand better the description for the other pliers which said to get this size if I was going to work with 4g and above meaning larger. So Ill be ready once I get to those sizes. If your shopping for pliers but uncertain what size to get, consider the jewelry. But only consider the gauge if your jewelry is 4g and larger.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - XX-Large 10"
, West Hollywood, CA, UNITED STATES - 12/25/2013
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