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Hollywood: BioFlex Retainer with Push In Top

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This retainer is awesome! Since it has a push-in top, there are no O-rings to lose! Available in 16g and 14g with 5 lengths to choose from, you're sure to find one that will work for you! Bioflex is a flexible and hypoallergenic material. The push in top measures 3mm, and the flat back is 7/32". This retainer is comfortable and practical!



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I got two of these for my angel bites. They worked really well until the tube started to crack and eventually broke completely, irritating my piercing even more than the internal hole that the push top goes into already did. Don't recommend for new or irritated piercings. Blood got into that tube and I could not remove it. Otherwise really good if you have trouble with piercings without balls or push tops on the end, staying in your lip while you eat, drink or talk.
Editor's Note: We recommend to only use Acrylic and BioFlex and related materials with fully healed piercings.

Item Reviewed: BioFlex Retainer with Push In Top: 16g 3/8"
, Houston, TX, UNITED STATES - 10/27/2018
Body Jewelry

I found this retainer to be very noticeable, uncomfortable and hard to insert the top into the post. It may be suitable for short term use.

Item Reviewed: BioFlex Retainer with Push In Top: 16g 3/8"
, Pacifica, CA, UNITED STATES - 9/27/2014
Body Jewelry

very comfortable for my labret all day and does not cut into the inside of my mouth. I wear it when I do not have a metal one in and it is great.

Item Reviewed: BioFlex Retainer with Push In Top: 14g 5/16"
, hartford, CT, UNITED STATES - 6/6/2013
Body Jewelry

I chomped the back right off of this one. I bite when Im anxious and I bit it right off on accident. I didn't do it that hard, but it broke rather easily.

Item Reviewed: BioFlex Retainer with Push In Top: 16g 5/16"
, Cumberland, RI, UNITED STATES - 3/14/2013
Body Jewelry

Bought these for my fiancé. I was surprised on how well the tiny plug stays in during many hours of smiling and talking. Its very comfortable as well. Works for vertical labrets too, but its very visible lol

Item Reviewed: BioFlex Retainer with Push In Top: 16g 5/16"
, Concord, CA, UNITED STATES - 1/12/2013
Body Jewelry

Bought it to use as a tongue ring retainer. It was really cool until the bottom push top went through my tongue. It could've worked if I just kept it down but I was nervous it would get stuck or fall out.

Item Reviewed: BioFlex Retainer with Push In Top: 14g 9/16"
, North haven, CT, UNITED STATES - 3/22/2012
Body Jewelry