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Metal Mafia: Pair of Stainless Steel Feather Standard Earrings

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Pretty peacock feathers for your standard lobe piercings! This pair of standard earrings is 20g. The feathers are about 3/8" in length. These are a great gift idea for your non-stretched friends!



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These are pretty little standard earrings. I wouldn't call them glamorous, but at this price its hard to complain. I would NOT recommend these for new piercings, sensitive skin, or long-term wear. My ears are not very sensitive and have been pierced for about 10 years, but these made my lobes itch after one day of wearing them. But heck, feathers are IN right now, and for one night they don't bother my ears too much.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Stainless Steel Feather Standard Earrings: 20g
, Portland, OR, , UNITED STATES - 1/15/2012
Body Jewelry