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NeoMetal: Threadless Titanium Textured Finish Disk End

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This Neometal threadless end works well as a hider end. The finish is textured, therefore less noticeable, and the three different colors allow you to pick the best match for your skin tone, or pick a slightly darker tone to resemble a "beauty mark". It is also available in High Polish (not textured) if you're looking for a simple disk end.
Please note: the colors of these disk ends are very muted. They do not look like smooth surface anodized titanium does. Be sure to look at the color pictures.

  • NeoMetal has discontinued the 16g and 14g traditional threadless labret posts and barbell, replacing them with the new universal threadless labret posts and universal threadless barbells.
  • Both the universal barbell and labret post take ONLY 18g ends, NOT 16g or 14g ends. ALL 18g ends will fit ALL the universal posts or barbells, regardless of the gauge of the post.
  • 18g ends have a straight pin on the back. 16g and 14g ends have a pin with a small bulb. If your end has a small bulb, it will not work with universal posts.
  • To summarize, all 16g and 14g traditional labrets and barbells and all 16g and 14g ends have been discontinued by NeoMetal.
  • See below for "How it Works."
  • If the item pictured is only a post, it does NOT include the end(s). If the item pictured is only an end, it does NOT include the post.
  • NeoMetal posts require NeoMetal or Anatometal threadless ends.
  • NeoMetal threadless ends fit NeoMetal threadless posts only.
  • NeoMetal threaded ends will fit internally threaded posts from NeoMetal, Anatometal, Industrial Strength, and any others with compatible threading. We cannot guarantee the countersinking will always be the same.



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Threadless Titanium Textured Finish Disk End: 18g Dark Brown 2mm
You can see the disc and an actual beauty mark.
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Very small, can be tricky to use but worth it.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Textured Finish Disk End: 18g Yellow 1.5mm
, Spokane, WA, UNITED STATES - 2/15/2019
Body Jewelry

I've always liked nose rings but finding one that works for me has been a real challenge. I have tried all types and finally decided to try NeoMetal. The top is very small but not small enough to be accidentally yanked through the hole like the 1.5mm top, and looks pretty non-suspicious. I bent the top a nearly imperceptible amount and it went in without too much fuss. It is flush to my skin and not visible if someone is looking directly at me. It's perfect for hiding my piercing at work and doesn't catch the light like other materials. I think it would be better if the color feathered on the edges but overall this is the best solution.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Textured Finish Disk End: 18g Dark Brown 2mm
, Newport News, VA, UNITED STATES - 1/14/2018
Body Jewelry

This color is darker than I thought it would be based on pictures -- it's more of a grey. Especially at the small size, I wouldn't call it yellow. Still works well as subtle jewelry for a job interview or work, but the tiny end got sucked into my fistula when I slept on it, so daytime use only.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Textured Finish Disk End: 18g Yellow 1.5mm
, Brooklyn, NY, UNITED STATES - 11/8/2016
Body Jewelry

I recently received these and when I tried to use them I had trouble trying to secure them in place. They don't seem to want to snap closed with the post. Are there any tips or tricks I might be missing because I really do like them size and color I'm just really disappointed that I am unable to use them.
Editor's Note: This diagram might help: You need to bend the tip in order for it to lock into place.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Textured Finish Disk End: 18g Light Brown 2mm
, Farmington, , UNITED STATES - 2/14/2016
Body Jewelry

A little dark for light brown. The disc size is good but be careful if your piercing is not fully healed as it can sink down into your skin if there's any swelling.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Textured Finish Disk End: 18g Light Brown 1.5mm
, moultrie, , UNITED STATES - 10/24/2015
Body Jewelry

Nice discreet end to wear to work where I need to present myself professionally. Can be a touch tricky to get in and out until you get the hang of it.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Textured Finish Disk End: 18g Light Brown 2.5mm
, Saint Louis, , UNITED STATES - 12/22/2014
Body Jewelry