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Halftone: Pair of Acrylic Swirls

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Sold as a pair.

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This pair of acrylic swirls is very lightweight. Black and white are opaque, all other colors are translucent.



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Pair of Acrylic Swirls: 4g White
Pair of Acrylic Swirls: 4g White
I love these! I have the blue and purple, as well. But I get compliments on the white ones aaalll the time. They're my favorite!
Pair of Acrylic Swirls: 4g Purple
I also bought the white and blue colored swirls. Love them all! Receive compliments every time I wear them :)
Pair of Acrylic Swirls: 4g Blue
These are very lightweight and stylish. A woman once asked me if they were glass, because they are slightly reminiscent of glass when the light is shining through them.
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Absolutely in love with these! Even though I got a smaller gauge they don't feel fragile and are super cute! I've gotten a lot of compliments on them!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Swirls: 14g White
, Auburn, WA, UNITED STATES - 1/10/2019
Body Jewelry

Looks awesome love it!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Swirls: 8g Pink
, Tuscaloosa, OK, UNITED STATES - 6/29/2012
Body Jewelry

classic shape, lightweight - I usually just wear plugs but these are fun to put in for special occasions

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Swirls: 4g White
, Alexandria, VA, UNITED STATES - 6/19/2012
Body Jewelry

I really like this style of ear jewelry hanging, lightweight, brightly colored, available in several difference colors, and elegant while still being stand-out different. I hope to buy every color available in my size!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Swirls: 4g White
, Wyoming, MI, UNITED STATES - 3/12/2012
Body Jewelry