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Halftone: Pair of Acrylic Twirls

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Sold as a pair.

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This pair of acrylic twirls is very exciting! The color can be very solid, or very swirly, an almost marble look, depending on the batch. Following are the approximate widths of the twirls at the widest part:

14g = 13/16"
12g & 10g = 7/8"
8g = 1"
6g = 1-1/16"
4g = 1-3/16"
2g = 1-1/4"



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Pair of Acrylic Twirls: 4g Turquoise
The acrylic has a pleasant swirly/pearliness to it
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Item was pale grey with black swirls, not black as described. However, unlike the other acrylics that I ordered, these ones required no special buffing before they were smooth enough to wear without discomfort. They do tend to lose shape with your body heat, though, the inner twirl being the culprit.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Twirls: 10g Black
, Lynchburg, OH, UNITED STATES - 6/12/2016
Body Jewelry

Swirled gray and black, not black as described. Surface of the earring was uneven, and sharp edges had to be smoothed before wearing. Also a lot of pitting of the material. I wore them once before they lost their shape, and then one of them snapped in half in my ear, no extra pressure applied, just the slightest amount of force needed slide it into my ear hole and it broke. Very brittle materials.
Editor's Note: Editor's Note: You can see the true color in the colors tab, and it's pictured as a black and grey mix!.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Twirls: 14g Black
, Lynchburg, OH, UNITED STATES - 6/12/2016
Body Jewelry

I've gotten a lot of compliments from these, and the colour is bright and swirl-like.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Twirls: 4g Turquoise
, Kamloops, BC, CANADA - 6/29/2012
Body Jewelry

I got these at the same time that I got the black twirls. The turquoise ones I received have a LOT more variation in their color, they have patches of clear acrylic and white-swirled turquoise, so don't necessarily expect a perfect solid color at all. I think the variation would look cooler on a larger piece of jewelry, so, despite the fact that I prefer glass, Ill probably pick up another pair of these later on in my stretching journey. They're a good buy for the money.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Twirls: 12g Turquoise
, Seagrove, , UNITED STATES - 2/10/2012
Body Jewelry

These are pretty cute little twirls. The black color on mine is not entirely solid - it can vary from a true black to a swirly dark grey to patches of lighter grey or clear. They are a pretty good deal for the price, I just don't wear them as much as my beloved Glasswear plugs.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Twirls: 12g Black
, Seagrove, , UNITED STATES - 2/10/2012
Body Jewelry

Love these! I thought them being such a delicate design they might be fragile in a small size, but these are some strong little guys. I've had mine in day and night :- only thing I'd add is it doesn't really show it but the colors are kind of marbled so my black ones have swirls of gray in them.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Twirls: 10g Black
, Puyallup, , UNITED STATES - 1/16/2012
Body Jewelry