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Steel Navel: Pair of Acrylic Pointed Plugs

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Sold as a pair.

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This pair of acrylic pointed plugs is available in 4 gauges and 5 colors. The overall length of these pointed plugs is 1", and 2 o-rings are included for each plug.

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I love these tapers. I had a little doubt that the glow would be as effective as pics and description but they actually glow quite well!! Get compliments from others too.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Pointed Plugs: 8g Glow In The Dark Pink
, Perris, , UNITED STATES - 11/10/2019
Body Jewelry

I ordered the Blue and they are awesome!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Pointed Plugs: 8g Neon Blue
, bowling green, , UNITED STATES - 2/8/2018
Body Jewelry

Great product.... worked great for gauging up my ears. Will definitely be buying more products from Steelnavel

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Pointed Plugs: 8g Red
, Saginaw, MI, UNITED STATES - 11/26/2013
Body Jewelry

Overall great taper!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Pointed Plugs: 10g Red
, Manassas, VA, UNITED STATES - 1/5/2012
Body Jewelry

Great for stretching and they always stay in place. 2 thumbs up for Steel Navel!! :D

Item Reviewed: Pair of Acrylic Pointed Plugs: 14g Glow In The Dark Green
, Manassas, VA, UNITED STATES - 12/22/2011
Body Jewelry