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Anatometal: Stainless Steel Double Flared Gemmed Teardrop Eyelet


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SOLD INDIVIDUALLY (order 2 for a pair).

$160.95 - $530.50 & eligible for FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. See details.

Choose all options to see availability.

Anatometal can make any gem color combination, gem size permitting. To submit a custom gem color request, just proceed to check out and fill out the comments box that looks like this:
You'll see this box AFTER you put in your address and BEFORE you submit payment. It's the same page where you will choose your shipping method.

NOTE: Once we process your custom request, it will be ineligible for returns, cancellations, or changes, since it's now a custom item.


This teardrop shaped eyelet is machined from a solid piece of the highest quality ASTM F-138 certified implant grade Stainless Steel. Only the highest quality synthetic gemstones are used, and no glues or adhesives are used to secure the gems into the eyelet.

The following table shows how many gems and the gem diameter for each size so you can plan your perfect eyelet!

Gauge Number of Stones Stone Size
7/16" 22 1.5mm
1/2" 20 2mm
9/16" 22 2mm
5/8" 24 2mm
3/4" 30 2mm
7/8" 34 2mm
1" 24 3mm
1 1/8" 26 3mm
1 1/4" 30 3mm
1 5/16" 30 3mm
1 3/8" 32 3mm
1 1/2" 36 3mm
1 9/16" 36 3mm
1 5/8" 38 3mm
1 3/4" 42 3mm
2" 48 3mm

Double Flare


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