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Steel Navel: FREE Recycled Zipper Bag Assortment

FREE (Limited to a TOTAL of three items per customer) Limited To Stock On Hand

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  • Zipper bags are great for storing your Steel Navel jewelry.
  • We receive jewelry from factories in these bags and it seems a shame to just toss them in the recycle can, so we make them available to our customers instead.
  • Please feel free to add one pack of zipper bags to every order you place with us.
  • We usually put 6 bags in each pack.
All of us here at Steel Navel care about the environment. In addition to repurposing these zipper bags, here are a few of the ways we Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle:
  • We only purchase biodegradable packing peanuts. These are made from natural vegetable starch which quickly dissolves upon direct contact with water.
  • We reuse non-biodegradable packing peanuts that we receive. Please save and reuse any packing peanuts your receive from us.
  • We always use the least amount of packing materials necessary while still ensuring your items arrive in perfect condition.
  • We recycle all recyclable materials generated or received by our office with our city's curbside recycling.



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FREE Bag of Zipper Bags
zipper bags with jewelry in them
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They were free and zipper bags. I used them as a gift to someone who was in the piercing field.

Item Reviewed: FREE Bag of Zipper Bags
, Norfolk, VA, UNITED STATES - 12/2/2009
Body Jewelry

Who doesn't love free, useful things? Mine were pristine no writing, tears, etc. and I'm using them to keep all my small stuff nose screws, misc. barbells, etc organized. Thank you SN!

Item Reviewed: FREE Bag of Zipper Bags
, Urbana, IL, UNITED STATES - 10/29/2009
Body Jewelry

Great little bags. And free! There was writing on them indicating what they were holding before, but its not a big deal as long as you're using them yourself not the best for gifting. Be sure to add these to your order.

Item Reviewed: FREE Bag of Zipper Bags
, Chicago, , UNITED STATES - 8/4/2009
Body Jewelry

Make sure you add the FREE zipper bags to your order! I think reusing the bags is an awesome idea, and even for people like me who are terrible at recycling, it DOES make a difference - every little bit helps!

Item Reviewed: FREE Bag of Zipper Bags
, Terre Haute, IN, UNITED STATES - 6/18/2009
Body Jewelry

These are great for storing all you're jewelry, and they're free! Yay!

Item Reviewed: FREE Bag of Zipper Bags
, Daytona Beach, FL, UNITED STATES - 5/24/2009
Body Jewelry