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Wildcat: Stainless Steel Metric Concave Taper

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Wildcat metric concave tapers are made from 316L stainless steel and are ideal for stretching up with any metric body jewelry. All glass, organic, and Wildcat brand body jewelry is measured in metric.

These tapers have a deep concave in the end and are slightly larger (.3mm-.5mm) than the stated gauge. For example, a 10mm tribal dream ring fits snugly in the 10mm taper. They're about 3.5 inches long.

The 7mm taper is ideal for stretching from 2g to 1g (which is 7mm) to avoid the big stretch from 2g to 0g.



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These are the best tapers I have ever encountered! Flawless finish. Extremely long. Perfect fit over the jewelry you intended to insert. 5 stars from Canada!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Metric Concave Taper: 9mm
, Valleyview, , CANADA - 6/6/2020
Body Jewelry

Perfectly tapers. High mirror polish with zero imperfections. Perfect length to transition to gauge of choice stretching up. By far one of my favorite brands of taper to use for moving up. Would recommend these to anyone. Thanks Steel Navel for great products like these tapers.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Metric Concave Taper: 7mm
, Lansing, KS, UNITED STATES - 1/11/2016
Body Jewelry

This taper made the stretch to 1g easy. I will go for the next size up. It seems to be a little longer that the I.S. taper and the extra couple of centimeters makes a huge difference.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Metric Concave Taper: 7mm
, New Orleans, LA, UNITED STATES - 12/19/2014
Body Jewelry

What an excellent product. The 6g gorilla glass color front plugs I planned on stretching with fit very neatly into the concave end of this taper. I bought it because of the other great reviews and I agree with them all! However, it always seems like if I actually need a taper to stretch a piercing, my piercing wasn't really ready for the stretch in the first place. This is an excellent route if you've enjoyed tapers in the past, it just didn't really do the job for me. Or rather, use your brain while stretching, just because you use a really great quality taper doesn't mean the stretch will work seamlessly!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Metric Concave Taper: 4mm
, Portland, OR, , UNITED STATES - 1/15/2012
Body Jewelry

Nicen long makes for an easy septum stretch. Will purchase again for future stretches. Also, the concave backing that allows a tunnel to be placed in the taper about 2.5-3.5 mm is really convenient.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Metric Concave Taper: 5mm
, Shepherdstown, WV, UNITED STATES - 7/30/2011
Body Jewelry

Wow! This is an awesome taper. Its over 10cms long, which is longer than IS brand ones! The this end is only 1mm smaller too, so that means its a very very gradual taper. It has a nice concave end too. The finish seems pretty well polished too. I would definitely recommend this taper!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Metric Concave Taper: 7mm
, Canberra, , AUSTRALIA - 3/30/2010
Body Jewelry

Love this taper! Its so smooth and worked wonderfully for stretching from 2g to 1g. After using a taper of this quality I wont go back to anything else for my future stretches! I highly recommend it!!! Thanks a lot SN!!!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Metric Concave Taper: 7mm
, Daytona Beach, FL, UNITED STATES - 5/24/2009
Body Jewelry