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Wildcat: Stainless Steel Tribal Dream Ring

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The Wildcat Tribal Dream Ring is incredible for prince albert piercings and can also be useful in a variety of large gauge piercings. With a tribal dream ring, you no longer need pliers when inserting your ring which means you can never distort or damage the ring.

The tribal dream ring is comprised of two halves. Please see the larger photo for details. The two halves are held together with a philips head set screw. The tribal dream ring is made from 316L stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish.

The tribal dream ring is made in the United Kingdom using metric measurements.

Spare screws for your Tribal Dream Ring are also available.



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Love it -- going for 00g!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Tribal Dream Ring: 6 mm Gauge, 12 mm Diameter
, Chambly, QC, CANADA - 2/14/2016
Body Jewelry

I bought this ring when I was rapidly stretching my PA. I went from 12 to a 00 ga in about 9 mo the jump from a 2 to a 0 ga is a pretty big leap, this ring allowed me to step up to an ~1 ga immediately and then about 2 weeks later, I was able to got to the 0 without much hassle. I liked this ring, except sometimes it would spin in the piercing and the screw hole would end up gouging into the tender skin. The other thing was you would need to always make sure that you had a small screwdriver with you just in case it needed to be taken out. The other thing that I liked was that with the screw secured you didn't need to worry so much that one of the beads or even the entire ring would drop out and end up either falling onto the floor and getting lost, or even worse falling out onto the floor in front of people. Now I'm considering purchase a version of this ring.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Tribal Dream Ring: 7 mm Gauge, 19 mm Diameter
, St. Louis, MO, UNITED STATES - 5/24/2013
Body Jewelry

The best PA ring I've owned. More comfortable than a circular barbell, and easy enough to remove.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Tribal Dream Ring: 7 mm Gauge, 19 mm Diameter
, Tucson, AZ, UNITED STATES - 2/12/2013
Body Jewelry

This is the best PA jewelry I have ever owned. Completely comfortable, I didn't find the screw hole problematic at all. The ring is secure and both looks and feels great. Beats circular barbells hands down.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Tribal Dream Ring: 7 mm Gauge, 19 mm Diameter
, Castro Valley, CA, UNITED STATES - 12/6/2010
Body Jewelry

This is the best looking and best feeling jewelry I've ever had in my PA. One important note: the screw hole is very irritating so I plugged it with silicone, which solved the problem completely. Strongly recommended for large gauge PAs!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Tribal Dream Ring: 12 mm Gauge, 15 mm Diameter
, Sebastopol, CA, UNITED STATES - 1/21/2009
Body Jewelry