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LeRoi: Shiny Black Niobium Septum Retainer

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This niobium septum retainer, made by LeRoi, has a shiny black anodized finish. Please see the larger photo for a picture of each gauge of this niobium septum retainer.



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Shiny Black Niobium Septum Retainer: 6g
Wearing retainer. Cant see it which is what I wanted
Shiny Black Niobium Septum Retainer: 14g
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A great piece. I was using a CBR for many many years but do to forthcoming events, I needed to get something that was easily concealable. I found this retainer and decided to get it along with some other jewelry and see if it was what I needed. I finally got my order on July 6th after placing it in early May always get the split shipping option if an item is backordered. I learned the hard way and honestly I was very excited. I cut open the package and checked that all my items were there and the last item I pull out is this retainer *Cue Heavenly Music*. It was super clean with no nicks or finish worn off and was quite the beauty. I took out my CBR and went to slide this bad boy in there but it wouldn't go. After fussing with it for a few seconds, I realized that the bend is quite a bit sharper than the CBR. With that in mind I stuck it back in there and pushed it around and it wedged right in. So, if you need a retainer, I would seriously look into this one. Mine is a 6g but that doesn't mean its uncomfortable. I've had some in the past that were unbearable but this one is very nice to wear. I can see it at all nor can anyone around me. Now the only problem I have left to deal with is learning how to get used to retainers again.

Item Reviewed: Shiny Black Niobium Septum Retainer: 6g
, LC, , UNITED STATES - 7/7/2015
Body Jewelry

LOVE this retainer! perfect length for flipping up and it goes unnoticed. I've had it for about 7 months now and there is a little wear on the edge but other than that its perfect.

Item Reviewed: Shiny Black Niobium Septum Retainer: 14g
, Livingston, LA, UNITED STATES - 12/1/2013
Body Jewelry

Very very nice retainer, its short so its very easy to flip up and even when its down you cant easily tell its there. Gets the job done and its well worth the price.

Item Reviewed: Shiny Black Niobium Septum Retainer: 6g
, San Antonio, TX, UNITED STATES - 2/2/2013
Body Jewelry