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Gorilla Glass: Glass Nose Bone

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The Gorilla Glass brand nose bone is available in a variety of gauges, colors, and wearable lengths. The disk end is approximately 2mm to 3mm in diameter and is thin so it sits close to the nose. The end that goes into your nostril piercing has a slight bump to hold in in place.


NOTE: This item is made from glass. It is hand made, not machine made, so perfection to a certain gauge and color is not always possible.
Expect the gauge to vary up to 1mm larger or smaller than the stated gauge.
Color intensity may vary. For colored glass, smaller gauges are often lighter in color and larger gauges are darker.
Variance is NOT considered a defect.



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Glass Nose Bone: 18g, 1/4" Wearable, Aqua
top two 18g, bottom 16g.
Glass Nose Bone: 18g, 1/4" Wearable, Aqua
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I like this nose ring a lot! It's a bit too tight for my 20 gauge nose ring right now, but my nose is also really sensitive from sinuses. Very pretty nose ring though!

Item Reviewed: Glass Nose Bone: 18g 5/16" Wearable, Agave
, Atlanta, GA, UNITED STATES - 4/20/2018
Body Jewelry

I absolutely LOVED this when I got it! The glass was so comfortable to wear, didn't get any bad smells to it, and the color was so pretty. It was definitely my favorite nose accessory but I only had it a little over a month before it randomly broke in half and fell out of my nose = Still, I would try another one.

Item Reviewed: Glass Nose Bone: 18g, 1/4" Wearable, Aqua
, Belwood, ON, CANADA - 3/2/2012
Body Jewelry

I tried really hard to like these nose bones I really wanted to like these nose bones! But 2mm just looks way too big on my nostril. I'm still on the search for something teeny tiny to put in my nostril piercing.

Item Reviewed: Glass Nose Bone: 18g, 1/4" Wearable, Cobalt
, Santa Rosa, CA, UNITED STATES - 10/18/2011
Body Jewelry

I really like wearing these in my conventional or whatever you call it lobe holes, right next to the 10g aqua colorfront plugs, for a classy, almost-polka-dot look!

Item Reviewed: Glass Nose Bone: 18g, 1/4" Wearable, Aqua
, St. Louis, , UNITED STATES - 8/23/2010
Body Jewelry

I had one of these before, but lost it. I really liked it, I wore it with two other nose screws and they all matched well. I ordered two more, and they've changed. I know they're tiny and made of glass, but the disk ends on the new ones are almost twice the diameter of the old ones, and they're too big to wear more than one of them on my nose. I really like wearing them in my second lobe holes next to my aqua color fronts though! If I had just one nostril piercing Id probably also like the bigger diameter, but its just not working out here.

Item Reviewed: Glass Nose Bone: 18g, 1/4" Wearable, Aqua
, St. Louis, MO, UNITED STATES - 3/23/2010
Body Jewelry

I'm so much happier with the white color than the violet. The disc does seem to be maybe a 2.5mm size, which is fine with me. The white 1 was a bit harder to get in though. The end was more of a flare than a ball, so it took a bit to pop it in. I tend to leave my jewelry in for awhile though, so my nose should be fine.

Item Reviewed: Glass Nose Bone: 18g, 1/4" Wearable, White
, Syracuse, NY, UNITED STATES - 6/11/2009
Body Jewelry

I DO NOT LIKE THE VIOLET COLOR! Strange to believe, but it appears to look like a blackhead more than the clear crystal color. I have that also, so I was able to compare. The color is just the slightest bit purple and when its in the post looks very dark, but the disc somewhat blends right in on the nose.

After saying that, let me tell you I just LOVE these glass pieces by Gorilla. I have 3 of the straight bends in cobalt, crystal and aqua. I decided to try the bones since I don't change my jewelry very often, therefore my nose doesn't get very irritated by changing it. Please try these I'm gonna place another order right after posting this review for a white 1. I'm so happy Gorilla makes bones now too :)

Hope this helps.

Item Reviewed: Glass Nose Bone: 18g, 1/4" Wearable, Violet
, Syracuse, NY, UNITED STATES - 6/8/2009
Body Jewelry

I'm still undecided about this guy, but I've only had it for a day so far. My nose is a little sore from shoving the flared base through my 18g hole, but I took it in and out twice yesterday, and its probably going to calm down tomorrow. I'd highly recommend this if you want a great looking piece of jewelry for a well healed piercing that you don't plan on changing out very often. I'm also excited to potentially wear these in my lobes!

Item Reviewed: Glass Nose Bone: 18g, 1/4" Wearable, Aqua
, St. Louis, MO, UNITED STATES - 3/24/2009
Body Jewelry