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Metal Mafia: Acrylic Nose Bone Retainer

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This 18 gauge acrylic nose retainer is very discrete and crystal clear. It will make your piercing nearly disappear and is also an inexpensive way to keep your nostril piercing open for sports, surgical procedures and more. The ball end is 3/32" and the end of the retainer that goes in your piercing is just slightly larger than 18 gauge at 1/16".



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Acrylic Nose Bone Retainer: 18g 1/4" Clear
This works great, I got it so I would be able to still have my piercing during sports. It is only visible if you're looking for it. I highly encourage buying this.
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This is a fairly good nosebone - my first, in fact. It feels a bit loose but I think my nostril piercing has stretched itself slightly. The ball at the end that goes into the piercing is fairly small and inserts comfortably. My only complaint is that there is not an option for a flat back or a half-dome to the end that rests on the outside of the nose - there's just a larger ball. However, this isn't as noticeable as I thought it would be, but still, more options would be nice.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Nose Bone Retainer: 18g 1/4" Clear
, Asheboro, NC, UNITED STATES - 7/22/2012
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