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Gorilla Glass: Glass No Flare Straight Retainer

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The no flare glass straight retainer comes with two o-rings. The length measurement is the wearable length, between the o-rings.


NOTE: This item is made from glass. It is hand made, not machine made, so perfection to a certain gauge and color is not always possible.
Expect the gauge to vary up to 1mm larger or smaller than the stated gauge.
Color intensity may vary. For colored glass, smaller gauges are often lighter in color and larger gauges are darker.
Variance is NOT considered a defect.

No Flares


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Used these for my ears and they're great. Some people didn't notice I had them on.

Item Reviewed: Glass No Flare Straight Retainer: 12g 3/8"
, Anthony, NM, UNITED STATES - 5/18/2020
Body Jewelry

I love this item! I love glass jewelry-it is very good for the skin and feels so nice. I wear this when I by myself at home because it feels great, and I will loose it if I leave the house with it in. I got it for my bridge piercing, and it is too short to wear with the o-rings, but I don't like wearing the o-rings anyways. I did order a longer one that has not arrived yet. The total length of the 1/2 is 5/8. It hides the piercing, but I would love this in other colors also.

Item Reviewed: Glass No Flare Straight Retainer: 14g 1/2"
, No Town, , UNITED STATES - 5/28/2012
Body Jewelry

They are absolutely flawless very smooth, with no mold seams, and hide piercings well! Just make sure to check that they are in constantly - I lost one the other day, and I still cant find it! Other than that they are very good quality, and virtually invisible. 1/2 is a bit long you may want to go with a slightly smaller size

Item Reviewed: Glass No Flare Straight Retainer: 18g 1/2"
, Ninjaville, MI, UNITED STATES - 1/20/2009
Body Jewelry