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Gorilla Glass: Glass Septum Pincher

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This glass septum pincher is a great look for septum piercings. Each gauge is available in two inside diameters. The larger of the two inner diameters are suitable for thicker/wider septum cartilage, the same as with a ring or any other style of jewelry that can be worn in a septum piercing. The overall shape of the longer 1/2" diameter is more oval-shaped than circular.

PLEASE NOTE: According to Gorilla Glass, the stated gauge is supposed to be at the notch, but our experience is that the area just to either side of the notch is closer to the stated gauge. So the notch will be a bit less than the stated gauge. Please plan for this when buying.
14g does not have a notch.


NOTE: This item is made from glass. It is hand made, not machine made, so perfection to a certain gauge and color is not always possible.
Expect the gauge to vary up to 1mm larger or smaller than the stated gauge.
Color intensity may vary. For colored glass, smaller gauges are often lighter in color and larger gauges are darker.
Variance is NOT considered a defect.



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Glass Septum Pincher: 10g Crystal
10g 3/8 diameter crystal pincher
Glass Septum Pincher with Wider Diameter (1/2"): 12g Honey
12g 1/2 diameter pincher in honey
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High quality and affordable! The notch doesn't do much sadly, so either buy a back up or wear o-rings. Mine fell out in the shower the day after I sized up with it, didn't break but I ordered a back up after that just in case.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Pincher: 10g Crystal
, Orland, CA, UNITED STATES - 10/19/2020
Body Jewelry

I love this! The pincher is super comfortable and I definitely recommend this product.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Pincher with Wider Diameter (1/2"): 14g Smoke
, Pittsburgh, PA, UNITED STATES - 7/16/2020
Body Jewelry

I love this septum ring. It stays in one place and is a great piece. It was a bit tricky to get in with its shape but it is perfect.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Pincher: 10g Black
, Greensburg, IN, UNITED STATES - 5/21/2020
Body Jewelry

I really liked the product, I was just bummed it didn't hang too low at a 1/2" diameter. I assumed it would and I'm almost positive it's supposed to, but otherwise I quite like it!

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Pincher with Wider Diameter (1/2"): 12g Honey
, Port St. Lucie, FL, UNITED STATES - 3/15/2019
Body Jewelry

This is my favorite pincher. I initially had an issue with my pincher, the notch was extremely crooked. I reached out to Gorilla Glass and they sent a replacement. Once it was replaced, it has easily become my favorite septum jewelry. It's very comfortable and the colors are so pretty. This is not something you'll regret purchasing.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Pincher: 8g Ocean
, Fort Worth, TX, UNITED STATES - 10/15/2018
Body Jewelry

This is a perfect glass pincher for my septum. The notch keeps it right where it should be yet its still slips out when necessary. Fits well if you need to hide it for work/other reasons.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Pincher: 10g Black
, Aliso Viejo, CA, UNITED STATES - 10/27/2015
Body Jewelry

got this in the mail two days after I ordered it! I took the advice of one of the other reviews and ordered up one gauge from what I normally wear. I would say the gauge was pretty close to correct, Im going to have to stretch a tiny bit, but yes, better to be a tiny bit large than small and loose, because I dont want to have to use O-rings. I LOVE the tiny diameter. Its so hard for me to find jewelry that looks small enough for my nose/face in a 6 gauge.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Pincher: 6g Ocean
, oklahoma city, OK, UNITED STATES - 5/3/2015
Body Jewelry

I love this jewelry and I wear it constantly. It has a foreboding look without being gigantic.

The little divot in the center seems silly to me, because I'm not convinced it has any functional purpose. I doubt it would hold the jewelry in place on its own.

Instead, I wear one o-ring and position it so I just have to press this o-ring against my septum to know its even. Of course occasionally the o-ring gets moved out of place, but its easy to re-center it by just feeling where the points of the jewelry are resting.

Since its glass, this jewelry does tend to collect moisture from my breathing in cold weather. This can cause my nostrils to get a little chapped, either from the breathing itself or constantly wiping the condensation away. The only way to get around this is to wear natural jewelry I assume? Maybe bone? Could be wrong or a retainer. I opt for the retainer.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Pincher: 6g Black
, San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATES - 11/15/2012
Body Jewelry

I ordered this pincher in 8g with the understanding that the wearable surface being where the indentation is would be 8g with it being wider on the sides so it would stay in place. I don't even think the wider parts on the sides are 8g. It looked right but when I put it in my septum it went right in and all the way through with no resistance whatsoever. Being that I can't return it, I have had to use o-rings to keep it in place, which is really annoying because I ordered this one specifically so that I could avoid using o-rings. My suggestion is that if you are going to order this, go a size larger than what you need.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Pincher: 8g Purple
, Fort Drum, NY, UNITED STATES - 4/24/2012
Body Jewelry