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Body Circle Designs: 14K Gold D-Ring

Discontinued - Last Chance

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PLEASE NOTE: This product has been discontinued.
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  • D-Rings are great for nipple piercings and piercings all over your body.
  • The Body Circle Designs brand 14K gold D-ring is made from solid 14K yellow gold.
  • The beads are hollow, which keeps your cost down.
  • The beads are appropriately sized for each gauge and diameter. You can see the actual bead size by adding the ring to your shopping cart.
  • Made in the USA and hand polished to a mirror finish by Body Circle Designs.
  • Available in a variety of gauges and diameters.



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Nice piece, and great value for the clearance offer.

Item Reviewed: 14K Gold D-Ring: 18g 7/16", 14K Gold Hollow Bead: 3mm
, Hollywood, CA, UNITED STATES - 7/17/2019
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