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Steel Navel: Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - Mini 4"

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Change your own body jewelry with these stainless steel ring opening pliers. They work like reverse pliers. When you squeeze the handles the jaws open to expand your ring.

These mini 4" pliers work on rings up to 1/2" diameter and up to 10g. They have small cylindrical ends for use with small diameter rings. Protect rings with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the finish on your jewelry.



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These are hefty and well made pliers. Was not able to open a 2g 5/8 ring though.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - XX-Large 10"
, Cornish, NH, UNITED STATES - 12/19/2011
Body Jewelry

Work ok. Very hard to use with a lip piercing. Very good quality though.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - Small 5"
, Ames, IA, UNITED STATES - 5/5/2011
Body Jewelry

These pliers have been so enormously useful, I don't know why I was crazy enough to try prying jewelry open by forcing the blades of a set of EMT sheers open inside my jewelry before. I cannot emphasize enough how much safer and effective these pliers are for swapping any annealed jewelry in any piercing at all.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - Medium 6"
, Vancouver, BC, CANADA - 4/8/2011
Body Jewelry

The pliers worked perfectly! The only problem I have with them is the jewelry shooting off it. Other than that, the grip is okay.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - Small 5"
, Arlington, TX, UNITED STATES - 3/19/2011
Body Jewelry

These are a great, affordable way to open your captive bead ring jewelry!!!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - Large 7"
, Daytona Beach, FL, UNITED STATES - 5/24/2009
Body Jewelry

If you're going to change your jewelry often, especially in somewhat larger gauges, you NEED to invest in a pair of these. The smaller size is perfect for those of us with smaller hands. Just make sure that you protect your jewelry, otherwise, it'll get scratched up. I like to wrap plumbers tape PTFE tape around my pliers to protect my jewelry you can get plumbers tape anywhere.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers - Small 5"
, Terre Haute, IN, UNITED STATES - 12/15/2008
Body Jewelry