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Gorilla Glass: Pair of Obsidian Double Flared Plugs

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Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. Obsidian glasses vary from a pure jet black, to a scintillating gold or silver color. The Aztecs wore exquisitely carved obsidian ear-expansors, septums, and labrets a thousand years ago. Gorilla OBSIDIAN PLUGS are proudly crafted by third generation Mexican obsidian carvers.

OBSIDIAN PLUGS have a double flare and are for healed piercings only.


NOTE: This item is made from glass. It is hand made, not machine made, so perfection to a certain gauge and color is not always possible.
Expect the gauge to vary up to 1mm larger or smaller than the stated gauge.
Color intensity may vary. For colored glass, smaller gauges are often lighter in color and larger gauges are darker.
Variance is NOT considered a defect.

Double Flare


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Pair of Obsidian Double Flared Plugs: 1/2"
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These plugs are amazing! They are smooth, shiny and very well crafted. The sizing seems to be right on the money, they slid in my ear lobes perfectly. I never knew obsidian was a real material, but after researching and finding out it is an igneous rock, I thought that was very cool. Being made from volcanic rock, I was expecting these to be heavier than they are, but they are actually fairly light. I would definitely recommend these!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Obsidian Double Flared Plugs: 7/16"
, Souderton, PA, UNITED STATES - 12/8/2015
Body Jewelry

My husband is super picky about his plugs, and when he put these in his ears his eyes lit up!!! Never seen him so excited about the way plugs looked, and felt!! Amazing quality!! Will definitely be purchasing from them again!!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Obsidian Double Flared Plugs: 1/2"
, Bakersfield, CA, UNITED STATES - 12/12/2014
Body Jewelry

These are beautiful plugs, but sadly, I cannot get one in my lobe, even after tapering to the next size up.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Obsidian Double Flared Plugs: 0g
, Checotah, OK, UNITED STATES - 6/29/2012
Body Jewelry

I really like these plugs. They were right on in size and shine beautifully! They are very comfortable and have a nice weight to them without being too heavy.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Obsidian Double Flared Plugs: 1/2"
, Sacramento, CA, UNITED STATES - 3/14/2011
Body Jewelry

They're really nice and comfy. They were definitely worth what I paid, they're nice and heavy, and when I move my head side to side or walk they jiggle its pretty entertaining... overall great plugs

Item Reviewed: Pair of Obsidian Double Flared Plugs: 1"
, Lexington, KY, UNITED STATES - 12/23/2009
Body Jewelry