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Body Circle Designs: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer

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From the Body Circle Designs Catalog: "Hand ground and hand forged. Body Circle retainers are recognized throughout the industry for their comfort and design. The finest retainer available."
  • This septum retainer is made from 316LVM ASTM F-138 implant grade stainless steel.
  • The inside width on 16 gauge through 8 gauge is approximately 1/4" and on 6 gauge through 2 gauge is approximately 5/16".



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I've tried a lot of the retainers on this site and this is my #1 choice. Its very very comfortable thanks to the immaculate polish and when flipped up it stays put and never feels like its going to flip down or fall out. I just started using the 12g to stretch out and I have a 10g on the way for when I'm ready to move up again. The only drawback is that it can be a little uncomfortable on a newer piercing because of the angles at the top but once its in there its not going to accidentally fall out. I highly recommend this product. Its a little pricier but money well spent.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 12g 1/4"
, Charleston, SC, UNITED STATES - 3/5/2011
Body Jewelry

Worth the price for this top notch retainer. I cant even tell the retainer is tucked up that's how well it fits inside the nose and the length of the legs are perfect when its down. Look no further and get this retainer ASAP.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 12g 1/4"
, Egg Harbor, NJ, UNITED STATES - 2/3/2009
Body Jewelry

I LOVE this retainer. Its just as comfortable as a plug or tunnel, but easier to remove for cleaning and can be flipped down. The sides are ground down for a low profile in the nose, and the gap is perfect to allow it to easily flip down, but stay up securely. Fit and finish are amazing! If you're going to stay at a gauge for a while, its worth the money for this top notch piece of jewelry.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 6g 5/16"
, Pittsburgh, , UNITED STATES - 1/19/2009
Body Jewelry