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How do I order navel jewelry?

To choose the best size for yourself depends on a few things. First, which type of jewelry are you purchasing? A curved barbell is probably the most common for a navel piercing, and the easiest to measure yourself for. You may also choose a captive bead ring.

Second, is your piercing shallow (not much skin was taken for the piercing), medium, or deep (a larger pinch of skin was taken for the piercing)?

Third, what is your anatomy? Are you petite with a flat tummy, larger framed but still with a flat tummy, or do you have a little extra in the tummy area?

Fourth, it would help to know what you were pierced with in the first place so you know if you want to stay with that, or go larger or smaller. To measure jewelry you have, get some of our free gauge cards. You can also check with your piercer; they should be able to tell you what they pierced you with.

14g is the most common gauge. The most common length for a barbell or diameter for a ring is 7/16", but shallow piercings may require a 3/8" and deep piercings may require a 1/2". Captive bead rings are most commonly 7/16" or 1/2".

It's helpful to know what you already have, especially if it fits you well. Some people use a string, a ruler, or another piece of body jewelry as a "model" for their piercing to help them pick the right size. And sometimes you just have to give it your best guess.

If you have not been pierced, your piercer will size you for the appropriate jewelry for you. Make sure you get the gauge and length information from the piercer so that when you go to buy jewelry, you know what to get.

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