How do I order labret (lip) jewelry?

Choosing the right ring or labret depends on how thick your lip/mouth tissue is where the piercing is placed. It can vary quite a bit from person to person. Take a look at our lip and labret piercing page to help you determine the size range for most lip and labret piercings. A wide variety of rings and labrets are shown.

The first thing you would decide, with your piercer's help, would be what gauge (thickness of the labret shaft). 14g is common, but you can go with 16g or 18g, which are smaller. The length would then depend on how thick the lip/mouth tissue is where your piercing is placed. If you've already been pierced, ask your piercer what gauge and length they pierced you with. It's also helpful to know what you already have, especially if it fits you well. Some people use a string, a ruler, or another piece of body jewelry as a "model" for their piercing to help them pick the right size. And sometimes you just have to give it your best guess. 

If you have not been pierced, your piercer will size you for the appropriate jewelry for you. Make sure you get the gauge and length information from the piercer so that when you go to buy jewelry, you know what to get. 

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