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What is the actual gauge size of Gorilla Glass brand body jewelry

The gauge (thickness of the jewelry) of Gorilla Glass brand body jewelry is measured in millimeters instead of the traditional gauges. The gauge choices we provide on our product pages are the nearest equivalents to the millimeter gauge. And the millimeter conversion shown next to the gauge choice on our product pages is the equivalent of that gauge not the actual millimeter size of the Gorilla Glass jewelry.

Also, please be aware that Gorilla Glass body jewelry is all hand made and slight variations in size are normal.

Use the following table to determine the actual millimeter gauge size of all Gorilla Glass brand body jewelry. Pay special attention to the 000 gauge and 7/16" gauge which appear to be the same millimeter size on our product pages, but are actually 10mm and 11mm:

Equivalent Gauge Actual Gauge in Millimeters
18 gauge 1.1mm
16 gauge 1.3mm
14 gauge 1.6mm
12 gauge 2mm
10 gauge 2.5mm
8 gauge 3mm
6 gauge 4mm
4 gauge 5mm
2 gauge 6mm
0 gauge 8mm
00 gauge 9mm
000 gauge 10mm
7/16" gauge 11mm
1/2" gauge 12mm
9/16" gauge 14mm
5/8" gauge 16mm
3/4" gauge 19mm
7/8" gauge 22mm
1" gauge 25mm
1-1/8" gauge 29mm
1-1/4" gauge 32mm
1-3/8' gauge 35mm
1-1/2" gauge 38mm
1- 5/8" gauge 41mm
1-3/4" gauge 44mm
1- 7/8" gauge 48mm
2" gauge 51mm