Body Jewelry Basics

Measurement: How is body jewelry measured? Gauge and Size.
Please see our Gauge and Size Reference page for all the details.
Body Jewelry Materials and How to Care for Them
Learn about body jewelry materials and how to care for them
How does captive bead ring jewelry work?
Captive bead rings
How does segment ring jewelry work?
Segment rings
What is internal threading? What is external threading? What is threadless jewelry?
Internal vs. external threading and threadless
What is the actual gauge size of Gorilla Glass brand body jewelry
Gorilla Glass in mm vs. gauge
Measurement: O-rings
O-rings measure one gauge smaller than your jewelry.  For example, if you have 00g plugs, order 00g o-rings.  They will measure as 0g.  This sizing keeps the o-ring (and your jewelry!) in place.
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