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Never disappointed with your products or service. Thank you for all you do. May The Force Be With You.
- Elli, Port Angeles, WA - 9/29/2021
Freaking love the choices and prices. I look forward to being able to order my correct Thank you.
- Alejandra, Midland, TX - 9/25/2021
Best customer service ever!
- Monica, Douglas, MA - 9/24/2021
My order just arrived and I'm over the moon!!! Absolutley LOVE them :) Thank you so much for your wonderful help!
All the best to you and the team :) Have a great week!

- Chris, Esk, Queensland, Australia - 9/19/2021
It has to be said that you've just made my week - it's always f*cking awesome to get great customer service and even better when there is a discount too. Yeah.
Have a banging weekend.

- Michael, London, Great Britain - 9/10/2021
Thank you for everything. You ALL are amazing!!
- Brianna, Pharr, TX - 8/28/2021
Thank you so much for all of your help. I sent through an email, and you guys were great.
Really appreciate it! All the best!

- Christina, Esk, AU - 8/25/2021
Thanks for the jewelry, I like it very much and it fits perfectly.
- Duglas, Willow Creek, CA - 8/14/2021
There was one back-ordered item that was going to potentially hold up the order but as soon as I emailed the customer support team I was responded to within minutes and everything was shipped and taken care of.
Great customer support staff. Immediate reply and attention. A+

- Josh, Pleasant Valley, NY - 8/11/2021
You guys are the best thank you!
- Harley, Cedar Rapids, IA - 8/2/2021
Thanks so much! I hope you have a great week!!! Your website rocks!!
- Grant, Bremen, IN - 6/28/2021
Sue, you are beyond AWESOME!!!
- Terrie, Millington, TN - 6/15/2021
Thank you for your amazing customer service!
- Kelsey, South Lebanon, OH - 6/5/2021
Thank you for all your hard work!!! You all are amazing. :)
- Brianna, Pharr, TX - 5/12/2021
I've been ordering from your site since 2006 because your store rocks! Keep being awesome, y'all!
- Melinda, Jonestown, TX - 3/12/2021
Thank you for the great customer service.
- Jeslyn, Washington, DC - 2/25/2021
At a time when probably a lot of people are complaining about, well, everything, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your amazing products and fantastic service.
I don't always place huge orders or anything, but whenever I do shop for body jewelry it will be through your company.
You sell my favorite brand (Neometal) and other brands that carry my favorite styles (threadless) and you are very quick to get orders out the door for shipping.
I appreciate your hard work, and I am telling my friends (and more important my college age kids and their friends) about you guys. Thank you!!!

- Leah, Lakeville, MA - 1/22/2021
Just wanted to tell ya'll how very much I appreciate the coupon code sale, as well as your excellent customer service!
- Meg, Houston, TZ - 1/15/2021
You guys are the best, I love ordering from Steel Navel. And whenever people have asked about my piercings I direct them to your website!
- Eva, Tallahassee, FL - 1/4/2021
Thank you so much!!! You guys are awesome!
- Jackson, Fernley, NV - 12/3/2020
Hey all, These turned up the other day.. just wanted to THANK YOU!!!
They're even better than they looked on the site I LOVE them.
Thank you for taking the time with the packaging everything arrived totally pristine.. You guys are WONDERFUL. Have a great weekend!!!

- Chris, Esk, AUS - 12/3/2020
I just wanted to say that I am SO glad I discovered your website, and have had absolutely no issues at all when ordering or shopping around!!
You guys are super fast to respond, and are very prompt and professional when it comes to shipping and customer experience.
Keep doing what you're doing!!! I, as well as a lot of other piercing enthusiasts out there really appreciate it, and I know I'm gonna be choosing y'all over other websites for a long time to come.
I've had and have continued to have an awesome experience with your company and customer service, and so I just wanted to send over an email to express that! :)

- Deepti, San Jose, CA - 10/21/2020
Hot damn :) You're awesome. Much better customer service than the places I've ordered from before. Thanks
- Tom, Mount Sterling, KY - 10/12/2020
You are awesome! Thank you! Super excited I found you guys...will be ordering again and again!
- Ben, West Orange, NJ - 10/12/2020
Wonderful! Steel Navel is the best, I've been a loyal customer for years and am always very satisfied with the both the customer service and the quality products. Thanks so much!
- Patrick, Fort Wayne, IN - 9/23/2020
Very good service and I'll be back at some point for more quality purchases :)
- Morgan, Henlow, Bedfordshire - 9/8/2020
Thank you so much! You all have been so helpful. Definitely on my list for recommendations and future purchases!
- Amy, Jackson, WY - 8/10/2020
You're awesome, Sue. This is my first order from you guys, and I am so impressed. I will definitely be ordering again soon. Thanks so much for your help!
- Evelyn, Hayes, VA - 8/4/2020
Got my precious bee nose top today!! It is perfect; I love it! When I have a little extra on hand, I will order the other two colors! Thank you for your attention and great service!
- Phoebe, Raleigh, NC - 7/20/2020
Thanks for all the years of the quick, reliable service, and excellent quality!!
- Aksel, Sandy, OR - 7/8/2020
Thank you for your prompt reply and excellent customer service!
- Susanna, Helsinki, Uusimaa - 7/7/2020
I appreciate the communication and the wonderful customer service you have provided me.
- Mark, Collegeville, PA - 7/7/2020
Thank you! I don't mean to flood your inbox, but I just wanted to thank your team and yourself for the quick response and great service. Everybody I've spoken to has been incredibly kind. I really appreciate it.
Thanks again,

- Denise, Toronto, Ontario - 7/7/2020
Thank you again for your impeccable service!
- Sean, Wyandotte, MI - 7/6/2020
Also, shout out to Steel Navel! I buy new items very infrequently, but their fast shipping and customer service continues to impress me.
- Carrie, St. Louis, MO - 6/30/2020
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and I absolutely love my Diablo Organics amethyst plugs! As I am sure you know, since amethyst is a natural stone, there is quite a variety between pairs. The pair I received was exactly what I was hoping for! So, very happy with my purchase! Thank you so much!
- Jeff, Franklin, OH - 6/11/2020
I'm very pleased, and again, I'm very appreciative of your help and effort.
- Catherine, Kennebunk, ME - 5/29/2020
Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service!
- Whitney, Florence, SC - 5/26/2020
Thanks for your help. You guys ROCK!
- Carrie, Orlando, FL - 5/21/2020
I honestly forgot about this and you guys still sent a replacement thank you you guys are amazing
- C.M., Abington, MA - 5/12/2020
THANK you SO much!! I will be sure to order all my jewelry through you guys!! SO happy!! You rock!!
- Jenn, Pheonix, AZ - 5/7/2020
You rock, Sue! Thanks, and be well.
- Lorelei, Auburn, ME - 5/4/2020
Thanks so very much to Sue. She is super awesome & very helpful. She is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever talked to. A+ customer service. The company should appreciate & value her. Alota thanks.
- Kelvin, Chatom, AL - 5/1/2020
Thank you for your awesome customer service as always! I have started referring people to you for their body jewelry needs.
- Jeffrey, Atlanta, GA - 3/18/2020
Thanks, John! You all are so fantastic with customer service. Greatly appreciated and can't wait!
- Cristine, Olympia, WA - 3/2/2020
Wow thank you so much! Happy to be a loyal customer, I have been satisfied with your products and shipping time, easy to use website, etc. I have had a bunch of ear piercings for 6+ years but always kept the original shop jewelry I was pierced with (Neometal). I somehow lost one of my helix studs last week and went to a piercing shop to see if I could just buy the jewelry - they wanted $60 + tax for a tiny stud! I was like no way, I know Steel Navel has the same thing for $20-30 lol. For now I stuck a regular size earring in there to keep the hole open but I am excited to get my star stud in the mail now!

Thanks again, Marisa

- Marisa, Park Ridge, NJ - 2/12/2020
Sue, you are magical! Thank you so much for your help. Have a nice rest of your day!
- Emily, Iowa City, IA - 1/23/2020
Thank you sooooo much Sue. I love Steel Navel and will continue to be a loyal customer. I hope you have a wonderful day.
- William, BRIDGETON, MO - 1/6/2020
I just had to let you all know how much you mean to me. The level of service your company provides takes care of the customer so much. I am just so happy to support such an incredible company. And I am grateful for everyone that works there. I am so glad that you liked the email. Just had to let you know that you are so appreciated. I hope everyone at Steel Navel has a great New Year. Thank you again for everything.

- Jessica, Elizabethtown, KY - 1/3/2020
Thanks very much Sue, you guys are so nice to deal with. Happy New Year!
- Eileen, Milford, OH - 12/31/2019
Dear Steel Navel family,
I just think that your service and care is amazing. I have been helped by Sue and John and they always put a smile on my face. I just want to thank everyone that works so hard at Steel Navel. You have high end jewelry that I love. I have a pre-order shipment coming in a month and I know it will be perfect. I am so glad that you guys were closed 12-25 to 12-27. You deserve a break with how hard you work to make customers happy. I will always be a customer, you have done an incredible job. I love your company!

- Jessica, Elizabethtown, KY - 12/30/2019
I love your company. Time after Time I get the best jewelry from this company. Perfect customer service. I am proud to buy from you!! Thank you for being the greatest piercing company ever!! Love you guys!
- Jessica, Elizabethtown, KY - 12/15/2019
You guys have always been awesome! I highly recommend your site to everybody that I know as I've been using you guys for years.
- S.T., Sacramento, CA - 12/11/2019
I received the ring about a week earlier than expected a couple weeks ago! It fits perfectly and looks great! Thank you for all of your help on this custom order!

- Mike, Brockton, MA - 12/4/2019
Just wanted to say thank you for being such a great online shop! Everything I've bought previously has been terrific.
- Meg, NSW, Australia - 12/3/2019
Thank you very much! Excellent customer service!
- Laura, ABILENE, TX - 11/25/2019
Thank you again for your excellent customer service!

- Jenn, Cupertino, CA - 11/20/2019
Ohhh thank you so much Sue!! I truly appreciate your working with me on this and I'll be sure to get things packaged up and rolling out in the coming week! Infinite thank you's and have a wonderful day!
- E.B., Ypsilanti, MI - 11/10/2019
You guys are the best! Thank you so much!
- Susan, Moretown, VT - 10/22/2019
Thank you SO SO MUCH!!! I hope you (Miss Sue) had a GREAT evening!! Totally above and beyond GREAT customer service!!
Again, this is why I LOVE purchasing from Steel because of the GREAT Customer Service that is ALWAYS provided!!
Thank you TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON AT Steel!! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

- Dorothy, NEWPORT NEWS, VA - 8/26/2019
Thank you so much I will be doing business with this company again. Your amazing customer services has made my stress level go down for my wedding. Thank you so much!!!!! I appreciate your help. Have a wonderful day :)
- B.B., Amarillo, TX - 8/22/2019
Thank you so much for providing such excellent service!
- Maresa, THE DALLES, OR - 8/6/2019
I sincerely appreciate your time, the information provided and generally accommodating my request.

Have yourself a wonderful eve :)

All the best,

- Emilija, Fayettville, NC - 7/24/2019
Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking care of this so quickly for me. I hope you have a wonderful day.
- Cori, Monroe, MI - 7/23/2019
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the great customer service!
- Pam, IRVINE, CA - 6/17/2019
You seem like such an incredible person. You were so awesome when I made my first order, and I loved your reply. You and the employees at Steel Navel are the best. Thank you for being so awesome, Sue.
Jessica Long

- Jessica, Elizabethtown, KY - 5/7/2019
Thank you for your reply, and thank you for taking care of your customers..I appreciate it! Have a wonderful day.
- Celene, San Antonio, TX - 4/8/2019
Thank you for being an awesome company.
- Jessica, , KY - 4/7/2019
You guys are the best. Thank u!!! :)
- Stephanie, PUEBLO, CO - 4/4/2019
You were really great matching my nose ring and earring color last time! I really appreciate it! I am gladly a return customer after Kings Body Jewelry ignored me concerning a complaint I had. Keep up the great work!
- Jackson, SALINAS, CA - 1/12/2019
Thank you so very much!!! The fact that this process was so smooth and your customer service is so amazing has most definitely made me a customer for life!
- Lindsey, Wilmington, NC - 1/8/2019
Thank you so much. Worked perfectly! You definitely have another loyal customer.

Steel Navel Rocks!!!!

- V.E., Bradenton, FL - 12/28/2018
Thank you Sue for your speedy reply. It was wonderful to see a representative take the time to give such a detailed response. This is what I call Excellent Customer Service! You enjoy your weekend as well and Happy New Year!!
- N.C., Middletown, CT - 12/28/2018
Thank you so much; definitely excited to see all of the brass weights when the time comes too! All the best my friend, have a wonderful evening! :)
- Brad, St. Cloud, MN - 12/24/2018
Very excited for the new plugs. You guys are my new place to shop. Thank you!
- N.B., Stevensville, MD - 12/17/2018
Thank you so much for the excellent customer service and merch! Definitely coming back for more sometime. Happy holidays!
- N.B., Stevensville, MD - 12/4/2018
That's awesome! Thanks for the great customer service!
- David, Ontario, Canada - 12/3/2018
Thanks for your help. The taper did work with the Industrial Strength brand barbell. After all the smaller gauges being the same thread, they wandered off from each other at 2g. Now I'll need to order an Anatometal barbell for my other ends. No big deal, though I wish that I had known that Industrial Strength was going to cut people off. :(

Either way, my apadravya piercing looks fantastic with the new jewelry. I have a few friends who will want to see it. :)

- T.H., Marysville, WA - 11/16/2018
I just want to say before I even tell you my response, that u guys are just awesome! I had recently placed an order for something yall did not have on body candys website and let me tell you, I made an error and emailed and called within 14 minutes and then immediately when they opened the next day and they refused to fix my order (I ordered the wrong size and after paying I went to the bathroom, cleaned my ears and found out the gauged themselves!!!!) upon receiving my order after having to complain to a supervisor regarding being a new customer and making an honest mistake blah blah they F%$#ed up my order anyways!!!! Then what the supervisor sent me was a completely different item then what was pictured of fake stones not real ones. I could go on. The way yall handle customer service thus far is amazing! I had issues with what I purchased last time from yall but did not complain bc it was not yalls fault and it was probably due to my ears getting bigger and I did not know it! Sooo yeah- LOVE UR CUSTOMR SERVICE THUS FAR!!!!! Ty!!
- Jennifer, Whiting, NJ - 9/28/2018
I have an industrial ear piercing which I got 15 or 16 years ago. I have NEVER used another barbell, I have always kept in the original one. I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to many metals. I came across the Steel Navel site and figured I would check it out. The prices were so outrageously awesome that I decided that after this long, I may as well try and get a new industrial barbell. I ordered a couple different colored PVD stainless steel 16g barbells on 8/24/2018. I received them in the mail very quickly and they were individually packaged very well. After putting them in I realized that even though I could definitely wear them, they did not fit as tightly therefore I needed a 14g. So a week later I ordered 3 more barbells in a 14g. Due to Labor Day they were not shipped for a couple days, but I still received them very quickly. Right now I have had in a PVD Stainless Steel black colored barbell for about 10 days. I was worried the color would effect my skin and it would bother my piercing holes, but I have had absolutely no issues with any of the stainless steel barbells I ordered, no matter the color.
I love this site and I will not order from anywhere else. Great prices, fast shipping, and quality products.

- Kelly, Hudson, NY - 9/21/2018
So I'll be receiving my 2nd order from you guys Monday, just wanted to write and say how awesome you guys are. I used to buy from another company but got a messed up order and started searching the web and came across your website. I was hesitant about placing my order but I did and I was shocked at how fast and accurate my order got to me and was processed!! I'm excited to get to my mailbox Monday.
You guys are awesome and I have recommended you guys to my friends as well!!! Thanks for all you do!! One happy customer here!!

- Tim, Calhoun, GA - 9/17/2018
Love you guys! Always the go to for my jewelry. I look forward to many more orders.
- Jeff, Weatherford, TX - 9/11/2018
I lost one of my new captive beads and was about to place an order for some new ones that wouldn't have fit my ring. Thankfully, Sue was friendly and helped me find a variety of options that would work; she was the best service representative I've ever dealt with! I love Steel Navel. I buy all my body jewelry from here and this experience heightened my love!!
- Nicole, Albuquerque, NM - 9/6/2018
Just wanted to say I received my package today (in 8 days - 6 workdays - since placing an order, which is by itself a miracle. I almost always wait more than 2 weeks from other stores.)
I am thrilled with the jewelry! They are now easily the nicest pieces I own. I love Steel Navel, keep doing what you're doing! Will remain a faithful customer.

- Ivana, Morovic, Republic of Serbia - 8/31/2018
Hi there, just wanted to compliment the outstanding service I received from Sue, on purchasing a couple of Anatometal nose stud tops. They arrived today, they're beautiful and I look forward to ordering more!
- Lynn, Stoney Creek, ON, Canada - 8/29/2018
Thank you so much! After losing my favorite diamond gauges I purchased years ago, this site still carried them. Fast shipping! New gauges so shiny!! I love them so much. Also sent me an extra gauge! THANK YOU!!
- Courtney, GILBERT, AZ - 8/24/2018
I've been ordering from Steel Navel Body Jewelry for years, their products always arrive within the given time frame, their quality is fantastic, and their customer service (if needed) is proactive and courteous... the woman I talked to had the most adorable voice and I honestly could've just talked to her for hours, but I digress, if you're ordering piercings this is the place to go.
- Patrick, Mount Airy, MD - 8/16/2018
I found very specific jewelry in stock on steel navel that I could not find ANYWHERE else. Steel Navel is my new go to website. Very pleased!
- Victor, , TX - 8/10/2018
Always super fast shipping with clean and sealed packaging.
- Katie, South Bend, IN - 8/8/2018
Thank you Sue, I appreciate you, I will continue and tell others to order from SteelNavel. Have a great weekend as well!
- Manuel, Grand Junction, CO - 7/27/2018
Absolutely beautiful. I think they are my favorite pair amongst the plugs I own. The shape and size is perfect (got 2g/6mm) and the way their color depends on how much light is in the room is one of my favorite things about them. In darker settings they are a more burnt orange, almost brown, and in settings with lots of light they are close to the color pictured.
- A.S., Denton, TX - 6/14/2018
Super fast shipping, just what I ordered, just what I wanted (the Capri Blue synthetic opals are bright and catch the light beautifully).
Perfect transaction, thank you SNBJ!

- A.B., San Jose, CA - 6/14/2018
Love you guys! :)
- Jenn, Bayonne, NJ - 5/24/2018
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Kaos tunnels, I totally love this company. I wear nothing but the best in my ears and it's Kaos.
- Fred, Lawton, OK - 5/17/2018
Hot damn, Emily, you are good! Thanks!
- RD, Yellow Springs, OH - 5/10/2018
The 000G Purple Glass Hooks arrived in today's Post, and they fit perfectly and look beautiful! I know what an incredibly great deal I got on these Hooks , and glad I took the chance to go up one larger size. Thanks again for going the "extra mile" and accommodating my request to send me the smaller pair of 000G's ... it was most appreciated. See you all again!
- Kathryn, Miami, FL - 5/10/2018
Emily & Sue from Steel Navel are both pleasures to have communication with and the packaging is well done. And ordering from for many years now too, is always a pleasure to do! Thanks and Anatometal!
- Mark, Sevierville, TN - 5/2/2018
Fantastic! Thanks so much for your fast help and for answering all my questions! Your customer service rocks. :)
- Ben, Los Angeles, CA - 4/9/2018
I will say this is the best customer service I've ever gotten, and I will be purchasing exclusively from you guys from here on out. Such great experiences!
- Kristen, Tampa, FL - 4/4/2018
You guys are the VERY BEST!!! Thanks so so SOOOOOO much!!! :D
- Joshua, Provo, UT - 3/26/2018
I have NEVER regretted anything I have purchased from Steel Navel! I have been TOTALLY happy with every purchase! : ) And not to mention the customer service and the AWESOME coupons you send to me!! LOVE THOSE!!! I try to take advantage of those when you send them out! I can NEVER have enough options for body jewelry!
- Dorothy, Newport News, VA - 3/23/2018
Thank you. I just got my ears pierced so I'm looking forward to new jewelry choices. You're the best, always appreciate your fast ordering/delivery.
- Craig, Nampa, ID - 3/18/2018
WOW!!! Out here in Afghanistan on a military base, and I already got my box!!!! The clear eyelets look great and exactly as described. Thanks so much Steel Navel !! Will def be ordering from you again!
- Anonymous, Bagram AFB, - 3/12/2018
Okay, so, first, fantastic service. Add on prompt, speedy delivery and beautiful quality pieces. Steel Navel is now my go-to, preferred, absolute first choice in jewelry provider. Beyond terrific service. Marry me!
- B.T., Walker, MI - 2/22/2018
You're amazing! Thank you so much!
- S.G., Hurricane, UT - 2/19/2018
Thank you so much for the information and taking time to get back to me, you guys are awesome!
- Blake, Salem, OR - 2/19/2018
You guys have the greatest customer service! Thanks so much!
- Jacob, Los Lunas, NM - 2/5/2018
Thank you so much for all your help, your customer service is stellar! Have a great evening, John.
- John, Roanoke, VA - 1/31/2018
I love your site and customer service. Always the best stuff.
- Carl, Trenton, NJ - 1/13/2018
Thank you for never messing up my orders like BAF! You can thank their sh*ty customer service, lack of ability to count inventory, and longer wait periods for custom pieces for me finding you guys. Keep it up and have a great holiday!
- Anonymous, , - 12/30/2017
Third product I have ordered. Never had a problem. These Kaos eyelets are the only kind I wear and they are good quality and comfortable.
- H.M., Missouri Valley, IA - 12/1/2017
You guys are the best; great customer service, frequent sales, and awesome products. I've been ordering from you guys for a while now, I recommend you whenever I can. I love when I see that cute little box in the mail knowing there's goodies inside! Thanks for everything!
- Anonymous, , - 11/25/2017
Y'all are great! I appreciate the quick responses to my questions, and above fantastic customer service!
- Megan, Cleburne, TX - 10/16/2017
Very nice quality, just as expected. Thank you! This was my second time purchasing a pair due to them getting lost in the ocean (take them out before you go in!) And I love them, very comfortable to sleep in and for everyday use.
- H.P., Buena Park, CA - 10/5/2017
Thank you so much. Serious kudos to Steel Navel's customer service. You guys are superb!
- Kelly, London, England - 9/26/2017
YOU, Lenore, are a peach and I pray the Lord will bless and multiply your business success because of your integrity and amazing attitude about all this and kind words towards me. It is awesome when a kind soul like you treats others with dignity and a sweet spirit.
- Glady, Napa, CA - 8/17/2017
Thank you! As always, your emu oil is the best available. I love it!
- C.C., McKinney, TX - 8/13/2017
Fantastic response time! WOW! If everyone else did business like this! What a concept!
- Jeff, Trinidad, CO - 7/26/2017
I love Steel Navel. Great deals on quality products. 90% of my collection has come from Steel Navel. Exceptional customer service. When I've encountered the rare problem, response is quick and a solution is always found.
- Anonymous, , - 6/20/2017
Thank you very much! I love buying with you guys. Always a great experience!
- Shannan, Winston Salem, NC - 5/9/2017
Your service is beyond great. Link me somewhere I can leave a review :)
- Quincy, Colorado Springs, CO - 4/24/2017
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed dealing with you. The items I ordered did take a little while to receive, but with your regular updates, at least I knew what was going on. So thanks for that. And as for the jewellery itself - OH MY it is amazing. SUCH good quality, I love it. And totally worth the wait. I'll DEFINITELY be shopping with you guys again.
- Ben, Victoria, Australia - 4/24/2017
What awesome Customer Service! This is why you're my #1 place for piercing jewelry.
- Mark, Sacramento, CA - 3/30/2017
Thank you! I want you to know how much I appreciate your awesome service. I work in customer service as well and I know it's not always fun. You guys are the best!
- Carolyn, Davison, MI - 1/18/2017
Thanks you guys are awesome! You always respond & have been on point with everything, everytime so far! Definitely recommending you to any friends looking for piercing jewelry. Very much appreciated.
- Tyler, Winona, MN - 1/9/2017
Awesome customer service! Thanks a ton! Much obliged.
- J.K., Henderson, NV - 12/28/2016
Thanks for the update. Excellent customer service as always!
- Nicole, Owosso, MI - 12/27/2016
You guys are awesome.
- Rick, Bridgeton, MO - 12/21/2016
Thank you for having such great customer service!!! I am going to highly recommend you guys to everyone!!! Have a wonderful day! <3
- Lindsey, Kansas City, MO - 12/14/2016
Yep! That works. Thank you so much! You guys have great customer service! This is my first time ordering and it's been a great experience! :)
- Katy, Orange Park, FL - 10/18/2016
Thank you so much for your time. I love how easy SteelNavel makes it to buy customized jewelry from all of those lovely vendors. I will continue to buy!
- Jason, , UT - 10/12/2016
TYVM for yr help in this, says good things about SteelNavel, and I'll keep that in mind : ) Can't wait to see the jewelry.
- C.B., , NY - 10/12/2016
You guys are seriously the best! I'm originally from Oregon and live in Ireland. It's so hard to get good jewellery here and your packages are a little piece of home! Such a small world and your exceptional customer service has earned a lifelong client! Really appreciate you looking after me so well!

- Stefani, Co. Westmeath, Ireland - 10/11/2016
You guys are fantastic. Thank you!
- Josh, Fishers, IN - 10/11/2016
Thank you so much for helping me with that. You're amazing and I appreciate how easy you've made fixing my mistake for me. Thank you again!
- Charise, Murray Bridge, South Australia - 10/11/2016
I don't know who drew me the dragon on my receipt but I absolutely love it!! Thank you so much for making my day ten times better!! Thank you again!!!
- MacKenzie, Hillsboro, OR - 10/6/2016
Thank you so much for your help! Can't wait for my order. Hopefully USPS doesn't mess this one up! This has been a wonderful costumer service experience. Now, if only every company had a Lenore!
- Gilmar, High Point, NC - 9/29/2016
Thank you so much! I just wanted to also tell you how happy I am with your customer service. I've used another site in the past and they were really pretty horrible. My orders from Steel Navel have all been great. I will be back to do more shopping for sure!
- Mandy, Carlisle, PA - 9/22/2016
You are the best!
- Robbie, Boulder, CO - 9/12/2016
I wanted to say how happy I have been every time I have ordered from Steel Navel. I found you on Amazon and am now a loyal Steel Navel customer.
- Patrick, Fort Wayne, IN - 8/17/2016
You guys are the best!!!! Thank you!!
- Stefani, Mullingar, Ireland - 8/16/2016
A note to Emily: It's always so nice to get emails from you! Your customer service is the sweetest I've ever experienced.
- Edea, Hamar, Norway - 8/12/2016
Thank you guys for your service and care. You have a customer for life with me. You rock!
- Joshua, Springfield, MO - 8/1/2016
Hi Emily! Those are totally what I was looking for and I did place the order after sending the custom request. This is why you guys are the best. Thank you so much for following up.
- Jesse, Seattle, WA - 7/6/2016
- Peter, Rutland, VT - 6/30/2016
I'll keep watching for new plugs from Diablo Organic with you guys... I really like how bulky they are, plus your guys' customer service is definitely the best out from any place there that I've ordered from! Thanks again for all of your help on this, it means a lot to me - have a wonderful day, enjoy the holiday weekend ahead too!
- Brad, St. Cloud, MN - 6/28/2016
Thanks sooo much for going thru all the trouble!! Didn't plan on me being such a pain!! Kudos to you and everyone at Steel Navel. Be assured that you will be my one and only source for me and my 4 body piercings!
- Peter, Rutland, VT - 6/27/2016
I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to whomever put my order together... the colors/patterns were spot on from what I had asked for, I honestly couldn't be any happier about it! I'm sure that picky customers like myself are probably a pain in the butt, but it's good to know that there is a company out there with great products and an amazing team at hand to put smiles on people's faces. Stellar work all around, much appreciated too - thanks again everyone, have a wonderful day!
- Brad, Saint Cloud, MN - 6/8/2016
I really appreciate all the help you have given me. Thanks a bunch!
- Robert, New Castle, DE - 5/23/2016
Wow.. you guys are seriously the best with customer service.
- M.W., Pittsburgh, PA - 4/27/2016
You are the best! Thank you so much!!!
- Rea, Pittsburgh, PA - 4/20/2016
I love your quick and reliable customer service :) Always short, sweet, and helpful.
- Anthony, Hollister, CA - 4/3/2016
Emily, you're awesome. Thank you. It's not often you get such quick responses like this. Everything I've asked you've done immediately with no issues and I received my plugs yesterday just like you said. I really appreciate all your help and I hope your company knows what an asset you are. I myself run a business and wish all my employees treated clients as you do.
- Youssef, White Plains, NY - 3/29/2016
OMG! Thank you so much. You guys are the best!!!
- Laura, Brooklyn, NY - 3/25/2016
I was able to place my order with no problems. You guys have such great customer service; it's never failed me in the few times I've had issues and it's the reason I keep coming back to Steel Navel!
- Kelly, Warner Robins, GA - 3/18/2016
Thank you so much! You guys have the best customer service. I will forever be a customer!
- Trevor, Denver, CO - 3/17/2016
I must praise your customer service. I really like the way you handled my request. Puts a smile on my face, you know?
- Edea, Hamar, Norway - 3/17/2016
Thanks, you're the best!
- Henry, Los Angeles, CA - 3/15/2016
Thank you so much for keeping me informed. Your customer service is excellent and is well commended.
- Dev, Whetstone, UK - 3/14/2016
I have ordered over a dozen sets of plugs from you guys. Always happy with your service.
- Tristan, Navarre, FL - 3/9/2016
Thanks for being such an awesome company to get stuff from!
- Anna, Henrico, VA - 3/2/2016
I just want to say I absolutely love your site and prices and I only ordered once but I will definitely be ordering again! I find your customer service outstanding as my question on my order was quick and to the point! I will be referring you guys to all my friends who ask about my awesome jewelry and to my friends that own tattoo shops! Thanks again!
- Stephanie, Orefield, PA - 2/25/2016
I just wanted to tell you guys that you guys are great! I just made my second order from you guys! Loved my first order. Keep up the good job!
- Juan, Cumming, GA - 2/25/2016
Thanks for being so responsive!!
- Heather, S. Lake Tahoe, CA - 2/15/2016
Love this store. Greatest prices, greatest selection for septum jewelry, always ships out fast. Thank you so much!
- Elayna, Tucson, AZ - 2/1/2016
Emily, you are the best! Thank you for putting up with me. I will be sure to buy again from you when I gauge up and want more jewelry.
- Doug, Oak Grove, MN - 1/19/2016
You all have the best, easiest to search website out there, especially for Anatometal, and ESPECIALLY for parts. I'll definitely be back!
- Josh, Spotsylvania, VA - 1/12/2016
Awesome though that sounds great it will be shipped out tomorrow. You guys have the best customer service :)
- James, Lansing, KS - 1/4/2016
Thank you, you guys rock!
- George, San Fransicso, CA - 1/3/2016
You're the best, Emily, thank you so much!
- Kyle, Port Orchard, WA - 12/11/2015
Your company is comprised of top shelf employees!
- D.S., Lockport, NY - 12/4/2015
Thanks for being an awesome company to work with, with great products and sales.
- L.S., Wayzata, MN - 11/13/2015
Thank you!! You Rock once again!!
- R.E., Benbrook, TX - 10/26/2015
This is why I buy all of my body jewelry from you guys. You're amazing, just absolutely amazing. Thank you so, so much! I got a pair of the "hider" plugs with this order, too. Thank you for your AMAZING customer service!
- Amanda, Fargo, ND - 10/19/2015
Thank you so much. You've been so helpful! Great customer service. I will definitely order from you guys again!!!
- Emily, Madison, WI - 10/16/2015
Awesome site great service and jewelry.
- C.G., Trenton, NJ - 10/9/2015
Thanks very much Emily!

You and your company are fantastic and have such excellent customer service and I really appreciate it. This is why I've not gone anywhere else in 4 years to purchase jewelry. Thanks very much for the assistance and I hope you all have a great day.

- B.G., Aurora, CO - 5/26/2015
Thanks guys! Thank you for letting me know and accommodating me. Literally the best place I've bought stuff from!
- Jesse, Wappingers Falls, NY - 5/15/2015
Hi, back again! You have such great selection and great service, that you will always be my Go-To source! Thanks for the discount too. Perfect timing.
- Brad, Independence, MO - 5/15/2015
I just wanted to say thank you for all you did to get me my earring. I've been wearing it for a couple of days now and it looks great. I really appreciate all you've done to get this piece to me. I don't order much any more but when I do it's always from SteelNavel. You folks are the best. Keep up the great work.
- Frank, Hadley, MA - 5/13/2015
I just purchased three gorgeous new wood and amber labrets from SteelNavel. Aside from the quality of the product itself, the thing that most impressed me about my first order with SteelNavel was the customer service. Any company can handle things well when everything is going right, but not always do I see this level of prompt notification and helpful interaction when there's an issue. SteelNavel more than made up for the accidental delays on their end by upgrading me to priority shipping for free, and I have confidence in the abilities of their customer service team to deal with anything. Thanks for a great product and a great transaction!

Elio Lewis, body modification enthusiast since 2000

- Elio, Tucson, AZ - 4/23/2015
I got my order in today sooner than expected. Dude i love it. Fine jewelry, looks wicked . I already got so many comments. Thanks again.. ROCK ON
- Abraham, San Antonio, TX - 4/13/2015

Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it. I've only experienced excellent customer service from you guys so I'm very pleased.

Thanks again!

- Maggie, Bowdoin, ME - 3/16/2015
You guys are amazing. Thank you for your fast responses and for accommodating my request.
- Catherine, North Charleston, SC - 2/20/2015
I have just received my order and am very pleased with the prompt and careful shipment the items received. I wanted to let you know that I will also be posting positive remarks on Amazon.Com as soon as possible.

Thank you kindly!

- Matthew, Pearland, TX - 2/19/2015
Really appreciate your fantastic customer service :-)
- R.B., London, UK - 2/11/2015
Hi Emily,

I received my order today and I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and advice. Your service was really extraordinary and everything fits perfectly. I am so pleased and look forward to doing business with your company again especially after I get my next piercings. Thank you so much for being so kind and prompt with the emails.

- Tiffany, Hollis, NY - 2/9/2015
Awesome, thank you so much for the help with the order. I can't wait to give this gift to my wife!
- J.M., Lansing, IL - 12/15/2014
Thank you so SO much for all your help. I'm stoked to get all this new jewelry!
- D.F., Novato, CA - 12/2/2014
Thank you very much. Appreciate the great service!
- J.S., Chicago, IL - 11/18/2014
You are THE GREATEST!!!! Seriously! If your emails aren't automatically submitted to supervisory people please forward this to your boss man/lady! I've never dealt with SNBJ I don't think, but I'm certain I will be now!

You have been SUCH A HELP!! Thank you so much!


- Tyler, Marbury, AL - 10/27/2014
You guys are so amazing! I could squish you and bake y'all cookies. Thank you very much. I appreciate it!!


- Danielle, Olympia, WA - 10/8/2014

I just wanted to thank you so much for this! I really appreciate you and your awesome company an incredible amount :) thanks for confirming i needn't go elsewhere -- everytime a friend of mine asks where I got my plugs or piercing jewelry I always send them here. And definitely, as i can see now, with great reason.

I hope you have an excellent week and genuinely appreciate you taking the time to rectify this for me.

Thank you!

- B.G., Aurora, CO - 7/28/2014
Hey Letty,

These look great! I'm going to buy the arang wood rose pair this week. I loved them. Thank you so much for all your help.

You are awesome,

Karlita M.

- Karla, New York, NY - 7/23/2014
Thanks! You guys know how to make a customer happy! Thank you for being so responsive and friendly!
- J.K., , - 7/8/2014
Awesome, best customer service ever! :) you guys rock! Just placed the order.

Have a great day, thanks again!

- Hannah, Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia - 5/28/2014
Fantastic, thanks! I appreciate the personal attention to the issue (especially considering that the fault was clearly mine). I'll most definitely continue using and recommending Steel Navel!

This is only my second order from you, as I had actually taken out *all* of my piercings over the past decade or so, and have only recently decided to re-insert one. But I will be ordering from you in the future, and have recommended you not only to my friends who are pierced, but also to my patients. I'm a dermatologist, and see a fair number of people who have allergic contact dermatitis to nickel (and often cross-react to cobalt and/or gold). I generally recommend that they select either surgical stainless steel or titanium jewelry from reputable companies like Anatometal or Industrial Strength, and have recommended SteelNavel as a great source for these items.!


- E.M., New York, NY - 5/27/2014
wow!! GREAT job lenore! I placed the order on wed and received it friday in only 2 days. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful customer service. All other online merchants could learn could learn from you. Thank you so, so much!


- Mark, Manchester, MO - 5/23/2014
Hi Emily,
Thank You so much for the information. I would also like to add,how great your customer service is and would like to let you and your company know that you have a new regular customer and I will be sharing your website with friends and family.

Thank you again,very very much!!

- Michaela, Plantation, FL - 5/13/2014
Perfect, thanks so much! I really appreciate the assistance here. You guys are top notch --seriously. Keep up the awesome customer service Lenore!


- Dave, , CA - 5/13/2014
I'll be for sure ordering more and recommend everyone to you! \m/ \m/ :)
- Anthony, Hudson, MA - 5/13/2014
Just wanted to thank you guys for the pretty flower drawing on my last order. (I keep it around and look at it when I'm feeling down.) I meant to write earlier, but with finals and that whole class thing, I kinda got busy lol. Next week are my last two finals and then surgery on the 14th. Then my birthday on the 20th lol. Fun times! So thanks again for great customer service and I'll definitely be purchasing from you folks again! :)

Meghan Mayhugh

- Meghan, Bloomington, IN - 5/3/2014
I just received my two 14ga Shiny Black Niobium Septum Retainers in the mail today. I was impressed with the speed of delivery as it was three days prior to Amazon's first day of their expected window of delivery. The retainers fit awesome. Flip back and stays for work hours and out for off duty life. I will certainly be ordering from you again in the future via your web site. Thanks again for your awesome example of customer satisfaction. My best to your continued success.
- Mike, Scottsdale, AZ - 3/28/2014
I ordered a heart shaped earring. I just wanna say I love it! It was delivered today! I couldn't find anyone here that sells them. All five stars!!! Will purchase from you again when i get more piercings :)
- Berenice, Fresno, CA - 2/6/2014
I am a repeat customer although it's been a while. Always valued your customer service and great product selection. Thanks again! Happy holidays.
- Kamo, Phoenix, AZ - 12/22/2013
I was looking through descriptions of certain plugs and whatnot..and I'm not quite sure when these were updated but I just noticed it today. I like how there's information on when it's safe to wear certain types of plugs, such as wood. I thought it was pretty nifty that you guys include that wood shouldn't be used to stretch and also should be worn in completely healed holes. Another big plus on why it's better to shop Steel Navel rather than Hot Topic or Spencers. Your information is very helpful, especially those new to stretching. I've been at 1" since I was 13, and I am now 18 and the ignorant (not stupid, just blatantly uninformed) workers from both Hot Topic and Spencers never gave such information about wood or silicone and I really wish that I had access to this information years ago when I began stretching, because the condition of my earlobes isn't what I wish it was.

Anyways, I just thought I'd let you know, I really like that about your site!! Thanks for the information, hopefully many people learn from it and don't do what I did to myself.



- Samantha, , - 12/5/2013

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how awesome your customer service girl, Bree is. I phoned with questions and although my order was minimal, she was professional, courteous, extremely helpful and answered all my questions. We own our own business and can appreciate a great employee when we come across one. You have a great one working for you for sure. Seems hard to come by these days! Thanks again. I will be placing more orders in the future and am looking forward to picking up my current order at our post office soon. Of course I will be re-directing as many people as possible to your site for shopping.

Thanks so much, Kellie (Kailyn)

- Kellie, Solvang, CA - 9/24/2013
I really appreciate your help.

It's yet another reason I keep coming back to Steel Navel - your willingness to deal with fussy customers. Even though you're an online business, your customer service is very 'face-to-face' which makes you wonderful to shop with. Keep up the good work.


- Cath, West Preston, Victoria, Australia - 9/24/2013
To the team at

I wanted to take a minute to puff you up a bit about how awesome you are.

I recently went into a local ink shop to get a simple nose bone. The screw-type I had was constantly hanging out of my nose, rather undermining the 'coolness' of a nose piercing! In its place, I was given a bone that was not only cheaply made but also way too long. Every time my nose was touched, the end of the bone would bump my septum, causing it to stick out the side of my nose by almost a quarter of an inch. Again, ridiculous! I was beginning to wonder if a nose piercing just was not for me. As a last resort, I looked online for a shorter bone, saw rave reviews about the quality of the Industrial Strength brand and found your site through a search for those. Boy, am I glad I did!

Your shopping options are the best I have seen on a web site in a long time. I had no idea I would be able to pick my length, pick my gauge, pick the size of my stone, pick my material, etc. It was amazing to be able to order EXACTLY what I wanted. This is as close as you can get to a custom item, and with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. Your pricing is great, especially considering my items are titanium, and I LITERALLY got the order within three days of placing it. I had no idea it would come so fast, especially since one of the items was waiting on a warehouse delivery. I placed the order the afternoon of 7/23 and already have the items. It is the 26th!!

You are amazing, and I appreciate you so much. Between your well-built shopping tools, your approachable site, your speed of delivery and the wonderful quality of this product I received from you, I could not be happier! I have already given a friend your web address so she can benefit from your services, too!

I am generally a positive person, but it is rare that any company makes me rave these days. You have stolen my heart,

Charlotte Gibbs

- Charlotte, Orangevale, CA - 7/26/2013
Thanks for getting back to me, since it was such a small package I was worried about it getting lost! You guys are so nice, I have been buying from you since I started stretching and I am so glad you added all that Anatometal stuff to your page, I have stretched ears but I have been thinking about some neat ear piercings with all your cool new threaded ends. And I love that you are willing to go that extra step and even order stuff you don't have on your site for us instead of making us wait until you stock it! Thank you so much for everything you guys do!

Thank you,


- Carrie, Brookfield, WI - 7/4/2013
Wow, you're site said the expected ship date was July 5, thanks for getting it out over two weeks early! You guys rock!
- Graham, Collierville, TN - 6/19/2013
Thanks so much! This is my first time ordering through and I'll definitely be back. Your product selection is incredible and your customer service rocks! Also, very happy to find a place to order Neo Metal products.



- Anna, Mount Hood Parkdale, OR - 6/12/2013
Thank you for the great products and even better service.

I ordered the plumes (and about 4 other pieces) from Urban Star and I had ordered them originally from another body jewelry site and had to return them as they were very mismatched in carving, thickness, colour and length. I found them on your site for 60 cents cheaper and they were matched beautifully on all points that the other company missed.

Also I ordered over $30.00 and automatic free delivery and my order came early!!!nothing like instant gratification to make a girl happy! The other company I referred to I ordered over $100.00 and I had to pay for shipping and it took about 7+ days to get to have a customer for life.

Thanks so much!

- Kristan, Batavia, IL - 4/30/2013
I would like to thank you guys for being the absolute best place to order any kind of jewelry. This is now the sixth time I have ordered from Steelnavel and I can say that your site is consistent in both great products and expeditious shipping times. You are the only place I will ever buy jewelry and you have been recommended to all my friends. Keep up the good work.
- Christian, Las Vegas, NV - 4/30/2013
It was an enjoyable shopping experience because of one of your employees named Lenore. She was very helpful !!!
- JM, Kansas City, MO - 4/22/2013
I was very determined to get my jewelry from your site, but my computer was just not letting me order anything! So I call up Bree and she helps me out the whole time, super nice, she connected with me and she was genuine which is a plus! I love how she even reccommended certain jewelry to me since my laptop wasn't letting me view the site! SHE'S AWESOME and I really appreciate all the help. In the end, she made my steel navel experience much easier on me! If it were not for her I would be septum-piercing-less, and gauge-less. Thanks again guys, can't wait til you get some 1 1/8th plugs in stock, can't find that size anywhere! 'I cannot thank Bree enough, she's such a sweet heart and a huge help. Thanks a lot, I'm never disappointed with Steel Navel! :-) <3 Much love! <3

Mackenna Chipman, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

PS I will send photos when my septum heals enough! And I will also send photos when my I see my husband next so I can find out where the nicer camera is :-) haha

- Mackenna, Rancho Cucamon, CA - 4/19/2013
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help! It's awesome working with a company that will go the extra mile to satisfy your customers. I had no idea you could do that for me. Now if they could make the power eyelets in 1/2" that would be amazing but they probably wouldn't look right. So again, thank you!
- Adam, East Northport, NY - 4/3/2013
I just wanted to thank you, of everything I've ordered online, my order from you came the quickest and is the only one I had no issues with. Thanks very much!

I'll check out the website and send in a picture wearing the plugs! Thanks again!

- Kat, Alvin, TX - 3/5/2013
Hey Bree!! I'm SO GLAD I made your day!!: ) Everyone who works in any way with individual customers on a daily.. hell... minute basis needs to know you are giving GREAT customer service!! I work in retail for a while as a store manager and I know from personal experience how hard it can be sometimes but it can be SO rewarding as well! It's nice for customers as well as bosses to acknowledge that sometimes! You guys take the time to send me an email to let me know what's going on with my order and you have received my order an its correct, you REALLY can't ask for anymore than that! And I'll shoot you over a few pics, just give me a couple of days!

I hope you have a GREAT weekend Bree!
Dorothy Stump

- Dorothy, Newport News, VA - 2/16/2013
Good Afternoon Bree!!! You guys ROCK!!!! Every time I send a comment on my order just to thank you guys, you reply to it! I LOVE IT!!! This is one of the BEST Customer Service oriented websites I have EVER worked with as a buyer. THAT means the WORLD to me!! Oh I also wanted to thank you for sending all the info I need for my pre-order items! You guys ROCK!!! Thank you SOOO MUCH! Have a GREAT weekend!: )

Dorothy Stump

- Dorothy, Newport News, VA - 2/15/2013
My order has arrived perfectly. Thanks for the free stuff. Very glad that i have ordered from you. Thanks for everything. Will order again soon.

Best regards

- Serhat, Istanbul, Turkey - 1/24/2013
I just received my order today; it's perfect! Thank you so much for getting me exactly what I wanted with such cooperation; I look forward to more purchases with you :)

I've also just recommended you to a friend of mine looking for the same solution to the problem I was having. Your service has been fantastic, thank you so much :)

- Charese, Delray Beach, FL - 1/3/2013
You guys are amazing! I look forward to doing more business with you guys in the future!!! Amazing customer service!!!!!!!
- Trey, Aiken, SC - 12/27/2012
Seriously, shopping at SN is like going to a mom and pop store - except on the internet! The service is wonderful. I'm addicted; not only do I get new stuff, but I feel like my money is going to good people.
- Gloria, Houston, TX - 12/7/2012
Hi, this message is for Lenore. Just wanted to say thank you for your kindness to me on the phone and your ability to answer my questions without any frustration! It's hard to call places and not know who will answer, if they'll even speak english, know what's happening with the order, etc.


Darci Love, Custom Art

- Darci, Vancouver, BC, Canada - 11/26/2012
Hi I just wanted to let you guys know I really appreciate your prompt service. I recently placed an order with another company and two and a half weeks later it still had not shipped. Not to mention it was double the price for the same product! Thanks again for your great service!
- Zack, East Lansing, MI - 11/15/2012
I ordered and received a 00 gauge circular for my PA. I have used another online company for years but they have fell short on all aspects. I did not know you existed. Wish I had. The ease of my order, the quick receiving of my order, as well as the very high quality can not be matched by anyone else. Your prices as well are great. So, thank you ! You have made a difficult search easy, fast and very satisfying. I am having great pleasure in recommending you to others. Thanks again!
- Mark, San Diego, CA - 10/16/2012
I really enjoy you guys. Your selection of plugs(size,color,material,etc.) Are amazing, I love looking at the ones that have the very distinct designs in them. I just want to thank you for for everything that I have ordered from you. I love you guys
- Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA - 8/25/2012
I'd just like to say, thank-you very much, this is the best customer service I have ever encountered and I have already introduced a few friends to your site and have told many people of your great service.
- Zack, Greenbank, Queensland, Australia - 8/16/2012
Hi. I am just writing to give you feedback on a recent phone call I made to Steelnavel. I am almost sure the name of the person who helped me is Lenore or Lenora (sorry, I am not sure!). Anyway, she was great, she was patient, she answered 101 questions, but what's even cooler is that she did not know the answer to one of the questions and she took the time to call the manufacturer, ask for the information, and then call me and leave me a phone message with the information. How cool is that? And I also saw that the website was updated pretty quickly with the information she obtained. That's pretty awesome customer service. Can't wait to get the jewelry!

Take care,


- Enrique, Austin, TX - 7/13/2012
Perfect! I was about to give up on my gauges before I found you guys.. I could never find jewelry that I liked and had never even seen anything single flared. So I nearly tore my ear trying to put a double flare in a fresh stretch like my not so smart guy friend does.. found a site with information on a better way to gauge and it had a link to you! thanks for saving my ears!

I also have many pierced friends and I've recommended your company to all of them. Such a wide selection and great prices!

I'm glad I could make your Monday morning bright! Cheers!

- Elizabeth, Muscatine, Iowa - 6/30/2012
Thank you so much! Bought multiple earrings as gifts and they were all beautiful!! I'm so happy I will absolutely make future orders from you guys, you have the best selections!


- Michelle, San Leandro, CA - 5/18/2012
Thank you very much! I really appreciate it. I was certainly not expecting you to re-ship my order! (I was resigned to the fact that my package would be lost forever). This is by far the best customer service experience I have had in a very long time!

Thanks again,

- Katerina, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - 4/15/2012
Thanks a ton for being so quick in replying! Says a lot to your business! Ill be buying from you guys from now on :) y'all deserve some good press!
- Travis, Crossett, AR - 4/9/2012
Wow. It is really nice to have a company say happy birthday to you that isn't part of an ad. Just another reason that I LOVE Steel Navel. Thank you!

As for the photos- I will be sure to post some. I certainly have bought a LOT of jewelry over the years. ;-)

Thank you so much for your response to my message as well. Your company truely is a gem.

Sasha Aranow

- Sasha, Madison, WE - 4/2/2012
Thanks so much! I will share this with all of my friends, good customer service is hard to find, and very much appreciated!! I will definitely be placing another order as soon as I can. :)
- Robin, Marquette, MI - 3/28/2012
It hardly had any time to even get cold in my mailbox ;)

I love you guys and since I found you two years ago I have been buying my jewelry through you exclusively, both for me and for my husband. I've never been disappointed with service, shipping or quality. And now after such exceptional service helping me get one of your first two pairs of The Ancient, well, you'll never get rid of me now! Keep up the good work!! You all are really probably one of the best companies I have ever dealt with and I really appreciate all you do so much!

Thank you again so very much, I can't wait to see them!!


- Inky, Arroyo Grande, CA - 3/22/2012
breanna, hi !, i LOVE these freakin frog earlets!!! they are RIDICULOUS! your service is OUTSTANDING! i got these in 2 days from when they were shipped!! UNREAL!!!! love you guys!!!! thanks so much!!!!! let me know you got this message, can't do pictures cause i don't have that kind of equipment, but if you need testimonials or feedback ,whatever i can do to promote your company , just let me know!
- Daniel, York, PA - 2/18/2012
Just wanted to write and tell you that I have placed two orders with in the last couple months. I had been shopping for my jewelry at an another store online for a long time and there was a piece I wanted and they were sold out and I found it on Steelnavel....... jewelry was at my house in two days, much quicker than the other website, also Steelnavel ships free at $25 not $30 and your selection is much larger. Just thought you would like to know.

New Customer,

- Rebecca, University City, MO - 2/15/2012
hi, love my bombs! i left you great feedback, you guys have been top rate! thanks so much, some sellers get back to you whenever they feel like it , but you guys were on it right away, i love when sellers are truly concerned about their customers! excellent !!!!! if i see any more of your items i like i will certainly order, plus i will tell friends about you! keep up the great service!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!
- Daniel, York, PA - 2/11/2012
I love doing business with Steel Navel because you are polite and always follow through promptly on all my Orders - plus you have a great inventory at decent prices. I do a lot of Internet searching before making any purchase - so I know I'm being a "smart shopper" when I come to Steel Navel for "something new".

Thanks again - have a great weekend!

Kathryn M.

- Kathryn, Miami, FL - 1/12/2012
Yay!! Lol... I just received my ear rings in the mail today!! Thank you so much for your help!! I am very happy with my order and am really satisfied with the service and your eagerness to know of my satisfaction... It isn't very often i receive so much politeness…

Very cool site and great service I look forward to purchasing again haha!

From David-(jaxdvd)

- David, Lawrenceburg, KY - 1/3/2012
Hi Breanna,

I just sent you an email regarding our telephone conversation a moment ago. Thanks again for your help and follow-through. I can honestly say that the Customer Service at Steel Navel is the best I've come across in a long time. You answer email messages promptly and take care of your customers in a proper and gracious manner. I'm sure you've heard that from other customers as well - that's why we keep coming back!

I'll keep you posted on the missing Order! Happy New Year!

Kathryn M. Munin

- Kathryn, Miami, FL - 12/28/2011
Thank-you all so much for your help. Great customer service goes a long way. I will recommend you to anyone who asks.for jewelry, and Icon Tattoo in Murfreesboro TN refers clients to you as well.

Yall deserve good feedback for others to see!

Thank-you again,

Chelsea Oden

- Chelsea, Franklin, TN - 12/22/2011
Thank you so much! You have excellent customer service!
- Christina, Montgomery, IL - 12/15/2011
I am a huge collector of a type of jewellery i have recently upguaged to, from 9/16, to 5/8 (ear gauge). over the many varieties available for my size i went searching for my most favourites of my collection so far, i have stumbled on some earrings arriving inconsistantly and long shipping waits. some companies are ok i found. some arrived in different sizes, slightly unsymmetrical or chipped. I decided to look for silicone kaoswear, i know these aren't cheap but with the december deal i was able to buy me a couple and before that order i bought some other things for my boyfriend and myself and 1 week later, it arrived in the mail. Quite frankly i was shocked on how soon it arrived! i checked your location online and discovered your company is the most furthest distance than all the other companies i ordered from with the most affordable and not to mention the best and most consistant quality jewellery i have recieved. i would like to thank you for your great service and excellent international shipping speed and most awesome deals i have seen, you are my number one jewellery browsing site.

sincerely: angie smith

- Angie, Ontario, Canada - 12/14/2011
You know, I didn't even think about that. I was being lazy because I was at work and my account info is all saved on Amazon. Thank you for saying something. I don't think I'd have even put it together. I'm prone to these blonde moments occasionally.

Customer service is really important to me. I choose a lot of my products based on the service the company provides. You have been excellent! Thank you so much!


- Melissa, Sacramento, CA - 12/13/2011
^___^ Thank you so much! I'm telling all my friends about this site! You guys are the best! <3.

- Shannon

- Shannon, Dracut, MA - 11/29/2011
Yes! Thank you!!! That's why I love you guys and keep on ordering from Steelnavel alone! I can't wait to wear my new plugs with my wedding dress. Pics will follow :) I would love to have my remarks used for your feedback page. I definitely need to get some product comments going on my end. There's always a ton of stuff on my Steelnavel wishlist that I could wrack up some points for.


- Christina, Homestead, FL - 11/28/2011
I'm a model always repping you guys to people who love the plugs I wear and i usually just tear off paper and write your site on it, but could you guys throw me some extra business cards? it would save me a lot of time! either way thanks so much xo
- Beth, Allston, MA - 11/26/2011
Hi Breanna,

Thank you sooooo much! =3 This has to be the best and fastest customer service I've ever had! I've already liked Steel Navel on facebook so all I have to do now is join the forum! :) I'll be ordering some more things once Christmas comes around. yay! lol

Thank you again for your help!

Melanie Cooper

- Melanie, Depew, NY - 11/18/2011
Thanks :) i found you by accident lol I was looking to see if I could just buy the clear o-rings instead of paying hot topic like 7-10 bucks to buy the piece I already had to get 2 o-rings. That's so much easier because they come off alot and get lost. I will deffinatly refer friends.

James Muldowney

- James, Lansdale, PA - 11/14/2011
Thanks Breanna! You guys rock! I cannot always afford jewelry, but when I can SteelNavel is the first place I look. Keep up the great customer service!

Gratefully yours,
Carrie Lackey

- Carrie, Dallas, TX - 11/11/2011
Thank you so much for my order. I just received it and the earrings are absolutely stunning. Thank you for a smooth and easy transaction, not to mention the fast shipping. I will surely recommend you to others. I would absolutely love to have the good feedback posted to your website. I see that I am not the only one thrilled with the quality, price, and service (not that I figured I would be), just judging by the comments page. I just took a picture of myself wearing these awesome earrings, so I'll be sure to add that to the site as well.

Thanks again for everything, and I'm sure you'll see my business again in the future!


NOTE to our readers: Please see Sara wearing her beautiful new earrings on this page: Pair of Bone Plumes: 6g

- Sara, Newmarket, NH - 10/14/2011
When I started looking for earings for my wedding i knew my first stop had to be Steel Navel. In no time of searing through the bone selection i found the bone cascades and I knew they were perfect. In addition, as always, you had them in my size. I loved my earings and I've attached a pic!

Thank you again so much for having the best product out there.


NOTE to our readers: Please see Meg wearing her beautiful new earrings on this page: Pair of Bone Cascades: 0g

- Meg, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA - 9/2/2011
There's nothing more frustrating than getting the runaround when it comes to a pool of customer service reps passing you around without actually hearing you out, and conversely there's nothing more refreshing than having the same experience with someone thoughtful and literate. Dealing with a new company is always a gamble, and I'm very glad I stumbled upon yours.

Thank you for all of your help. If I can tell a supervisor how great you've been, I would be happy to.

Thank you again for everything,

- Sarah, St. Paul, MN - 6/27/2011

I just thought I would send a thank you. I am glad I found you through amazon and I have already been a returning customer. I love the quality and the prices. To top it off the items got here very quicky. i will be using your site again for sure.

Take care and thanks again.

Kelly Alvarado

- Kelly, Woodburn, OR - 6/3/2011
Hi, I wanted to Thank You. I am consistently happy with my purchases. They are always mailed on time, and exactly what I wanted. Awesome selection too.


Shane M. Richter

- Shane, Alexandria, VA - 5/25/2011

My recent Order turned up today. Many thanks for the fast shipment. I'm very pleased with my purchase - the 12 ga. Earrings are even nicer than expected. See you again soon!

Kathryn M. Munin

- Kathryn, Miami, FL - 5/14/2011
Hey guys/gals,

Just wanted to say how stellar you guys are. I ordered yesterday at 0900ish MST and noted (to which Breanna quickly responded) I needed this ASAP by today and they showed up before noon.

Not only the awesomeness of things just going as expected (which is rare nowadays) but free rubber grommets? you guys rock.

Thanks a ton!

- B.G., Centennial, CO - 4/6/2011
Thank you for your wonderful service. is the best website for piercing jewelry of which I know. I've recommended many people I've met to your website because of the prices, and ability to search by various criteria. Thank you!

Jesse Holloway

- Jesse, Fortville, IN - 4/1/2011
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the awesome customer service. Ill be sure to recommend you to all my friends and family!
- Danielle, Lafayette, LA - 2/8/2011
I would just like to let you know that you have found a new and loyal customer in myself. After hesitantly placing my order, having been enticed by your prices and wide variety of jewelry, I only had to wait just under a week for my package to arrive. Not only are your products very reasonably priced and your shipping methods speedy, your jewelry line is of much higher quality than I have seen elsewhere!! Thanks so much for this pleasant online shopping experience and I will definately be back at your site the next time I need my gauging fix ;D

-Eunice G Shaw

- Eunice, Carrollton, IL - 1/29/2011
I started looking for jewelry online and found some items I was interested on another site. They were out of stock in my gauge so I found my way to and let me tell you, I couldn't be happier I made the switch! They had everything I wanted and even though I managed to muss my order, they corrected it FAST and were SO friendly about it! They even allowed me to add more items to my order after the fact. This is what "customer service" means! Outstanding! I think they've found a loyal customer for life. I can't wait to get my package, and place my next order :D Lenore FTW!
- Lisa, Alton, IL - 1/28/2011
THANK YOU!!!! You guys rock!!!!! Happy New Year!! Thanks for all the great jewelry and awesome prices. I wouldnt buy anywhere else!

Thank you!!!!! Love u guys!!


- Scott, Marietta, GA - 1/6/2011
I appreciate it -- Merry Christmas to you too! You guys run an awesome awesome store, you should open one in Baltimore :)

Please feel absolutely free to use my comments! I recommend you to all my friends, and will continue to do a shoutout on the site is cool with me :)


- Emily, Pittsburgh, PA - 12/13/2010
Thank you so much! I think it’s awesome that a company is willing to do so much for their customers besides having great prices and wide variety. The package arrived today (super fast, too!) and he has no idea. Thanks a ton!
- Jenae, Las Vegas, NV - 12/8/2010
Thanks to everyone at Steel Navel for their outstanding customer service. After managing to incorrectly order three times, I was impressed with your tolerance for error, speed in taking corrective action, and not penalizing me for making silly mistakes. Because of this, I will be a life long customer. I have since placed a fourth, dimensionally correct, order, and look forward to future purchasing.

All the best,

Donovan Shafer

- Donovan, Buckeye, AZ - 10/20/2010
Dear Steel navel,

I purchased my second order from you recently. Nothing special, just some silicone ear sheaths after I misplaced my last pair.

Not only are your prices jawdroppingly reasonable (the same pair that cost me $15 including shipping from your website would have cost more than double that from a retail outlet in Australia), but for the second time my package arrived within 2 business days of me purchasing it. This is unheard of in online ordering from the US to Australia - packages usually take 2 to 4 weeks.

So thank you!

Trust that you have won a loyal customer for life and that I will tell every single one of my pierced friends about your website.


- Phillipa, Melbourne, Australia - 10/6/2010
Your company rocks. Quality products and great service. I like showing off my piercings - I'll post a pic when my new nip rings arrive. Thanks for cluing me in. You're the best. Enjoy your weekend.


- Craig, New York, NY - 10/1/2010
I just wanted to say thanks! I had ordered two 12g black tapers and I got them very quickly. I am very pleased. I really love the guages. Thanks again!
- Christina, Florence, AZ - 9/21/2010
Thank you! You guys are fanatastic. As small of a request as it may have been, small things like this go a long way for customer loyalty. I can already tell I'll be visiting again when I need more jewelry. :
- Jordan, Muncie, IN - 9/20/2010
Nothing special to add to the order, but I order all my earrings from you and the service, quality and pricing has always been outstanding. I'll be a lifelong customer. Thanks!
- Ryan, Middletown, RI - 5/10/2010

Do you know of a good location that I can shout from the rooftops "Lenore ROCKS!!!!!!"? I will do it! I will!!!!!

Thank you so much!

- Nikelle, Citrus Heights, CA - 2/23/2010
Hey Steel Navel!

I was looking for some 3/4" big bling crystal plugs because my local shop had promised me they'd order them but then they didn't. On Thursday I placed my order with you and received them today, Saturday - wow, now that's some great service and I appreciate it. The plugs are terrific and the price was good as well, especially with free shipping.

I try to buy local whenever possible to keep our small businesses thriving in this economy, especially as we live in rural San Luis Obispo County, but when a shop can't even step up to place an order a week after they promised they would and then tried to blow me off about it, well, I made it clear I was taking my business elsewhere and now that will be I'll be sure to tell my friends and my blog readers!

Thanks again,

Cecilia Prado
aka Inky (

- Cecilia, Arroyo Grande, CA - 1/23/2010
I just want to let all of you at know that I absolutely LOVE your website! Everyone who I have spoken to via email has been so helpful and answered all of my questions. Your jewelry is not only beautiful but a great quality too. I work in a highly regarded piercing store, and we are very rigid about the quality of the jewelry that we sell, and the information that we give out to customers. If we don't have a certain item, I always recommend your website to customers. I also ALWAYS buy my jewelry from you if we don't have it in stock. You have been a HUGE help with stretching my lobes because of your large selection of jewelry and sizes. Thank you very much for everything, and I HIGHLY recommend your business to anyone looking for quality body jewelry, and very high quality customer service too.
- Rachel, Hummelstown, PA - 12/29/2009
Thanks so much for the super great discount code contest!!!! I'm soooo happy with my Xmas present to myself :) You guys are the best!
- Stephanie, Sebastopol, CA - 12/28/2009
I just wanted to thank you so much for your awesome Christmas discount. I was able to buy my best friend something cool even though I'm a little tight this Christmas :) You guys rock!

- Kelly, Jacksonville, FL - 12/27/2009
Thanks for the quick response! I also want to tell you that your product you carry and your prices are fantastic! And your service is just as great if not better! Thank you again for your help!
- Sasha, Seaside, OR - 12/14/2009
Wow!!! Thank you very much!! Better service than I could have hoped for!! A true class act!! I look forward to ordering from you in the future.. Thanks again!!
- Stanley, Sharon Hill, PA - 11/23/2009
You are more than welcome to post my comments on your feedback page! My boyfriend & I are big fans of your site and we are thrilled to have stumbled upon it. I'll make it a point to do some product reviews once I get my stuff! Thanks again. I'm looking foward to getting my package and placing more orders asap! I'm glad I could brighten your day.. you guys have done the same for me :)
Take Care! Thanks AGAIN!!!!
Kasey Selfridge

- Kasey, Florida, NY - 11/12/2009
Great! Thank you so much for your help this has been the best online ordering expierence I've ever had!!! I'll be sending my friends and family your way. You've been so helpful and informative!!!! Have a great day & thanks again for your help!
Thank You,
Kasey Selfridge

- Kasey, Florida, NY - 11/11/2009
Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your store. And I think you have excellent customer satisfaction. I got my shipment super fast and I LOVE the product. I will definitely be ordering from you again.. and I will be telling all my friends! Thanks! =)
- Meghan, Shinglehouse, PA - 11/5/2009
Once again you guys are the best. thank you for the wonderful customer support.
- Tami, Loveland, CO - 10/19/2009
I just wanted to say thank you for your speedy delivery! I placed an order with you on Saturday and it arived today! When I get home from work I'll check it out!

I'll post a review on my youtube page wearing what I bought. I am in the process of stretching my ears so I will be ordering much more come my next gauge! Let me know if you don't mind me doing the review vid, and I'll totally allow you to use my email and I'll send you some pics! Thanks again!!

- Alisha, West Babylon, NY - 9/11/2009
Regarding the pre-order item, i am not picky abt the color at all. If there are any options available to get this order shipped quickly, consider this my approval. Hell, if theirs no alternatives, ship what you've got and consider that 3.00 a tip for all the help you've provided on past orders. you guys always provide fast quality service and I appreciate all you do.
Jonathan Burt

- Jonathan, Sandy, UT - 9/8/2009
Hello! Just a note to let you know that I received my package from you! Thanks so much! It was like Christmas; everything is wonderful - even better than I'd pictured it all! I actually cannot wait to place another order in the near future!! Again, you all are wonderful! Thanks so much! And Thanks, as well, for your thoughtfulness, tremendously good customer service (yay!), and your consideration.
Teresa Carraher (Teri)

- Teresa, Dublin, Ireland - 8/12/2009
Thanks so much Breanna, I appreciate it. I do love the plugs and will be re-placing the order as soon as I can. Thanks for carrying such beautiful stuff and for your top-notch customer service.


- Wendy, Tucson, AZ - 8/10/2009
Not only did my eyelets ship super fast, but they are in amazing condition. This is my third pair of horn plugs and my first time with steel navel, and i will never shop anywhere else for them. They are truly beautiful! Thank you again for the wonderful work you all do!

~Laura B.

- Laura, Newark, DE - 8/3/2009
Thank you so much for the tunnels, tapers and the free stuff! I can't believe how quickly it all came (first class, at that!) and I will definitely be shopping here for a very long time.
- Alan, Jamaica, NY - 8/2/2009
Thank you for my order. It arrived today and I must commend you on your quick shipping, quality products, and lovely prices. Great businesses are hard to come by these days-noone cares about cusomers anymore it seems. Thank you for being different.

Amy Blalock

- Amy, Stem, NC - 7/20/2009

Thank you so much for your prompt attention and good customer service!


- Erin, Mount Clemens, MI - 7/8/2009
Thank you so much for the update! I do really love buying from you!! On the nose screw: the white gold is absolutely fine.

Thanks again! You are such honest, lovely people to deal with!

Treas (Teri)

- Teri, Dublin, Ireland - 7/1/2009
Thanks for your outstanding service! You guys rock!
- Björn, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 6/30/2009
Holi Canoli John,

Are ya serious? My order shipped? That Friggin awesome! I just placed this order not even 4 hours ago! Wow, Last time i placed an order with you guys you had it shipped out the next day, and it arrived the day after that. I thought that was amazing, but this time.... you blew that one out of the water! I love buying my jewelry with you guys. Its always great quality and always arrives in MINT condition. I cant wait for this order to get here. Thanks for the friggin amazing service!


- Jakki, Sylmar, CA - 6/25/2009
I received the plugs today and I couldn't be happier with them! Ive been searching for clear quartz for ever, and these are great! Many times ive been sent (from other companies) plugs that would be off a full size and these are indeed within 1/2mm as described, AND in perfect shape.

Ive requested notification when you get some other Tawapa stone plugs in, but particularly im interested in the new Peridot flower plugs you have.

I'm glad to do business with people who seem to care about what they are doing and their customers. It's not necessarily the norm! Keep up the awesome work steelnavel, and a personal thank you to Lenore (a rare and cool name:)!

Thanks again for the great service provided and super quality products also!! Thanks for your time, have a good one.


- Phil, Lenoir, NC - 6/18/2009
I'd just like to say that I recieved my order today and i'm very happy with how well it had been packaged and how quickly it got to the UK, and the Color Fronts are awesome, i will DEFINITELY be buying from you again! Thanks so much :)

- Jade, Dudley, West Midlands, UK - 6/5/2009
Oh, thank you so much! By the way, I've never had any problems whatsoever with orders! I have ordered from you guys for years and I get nothing but the best quality jewelry and service! Not to mention great prices!!! Keep up the great work! You guys ROCK!!!
Marsha Hasty

- Marsha, Pekin, IL - 5/18/2009
Thanks again for your reply, you have what I call SERVICE! I'm always very pleased on how you handle my "special request orders" for example to send me the longest pair of GG eyelets you have. Keep up the good work!!! I wish all companies would be like steel navel!
- Björn, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 5/15/2009
I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the service and prompt delivery of my orders. I have recently placed two orders with you and your contact, from notification of the order received, followed by date shipped and delivery expectations was first rate. I will continue to do business with you.
Thanks again.
Suzann Brown

- Suzann, New Cumberland, PA - 4/28/2009
Thank you very much. By far your service has been the best online service that I have ever encountered. I will gladly endorse you. Honestly the best internet experience ever. Thank you again.

- Kitty, Hampton, NH - 4/24/2009
Just wanted to let you know the opalite spirals arrived today! They are BEAUTIFUL, couldn't love them more. Perfect match. Thank you for the excellent customer service, I will definitely be coming back for more goodies :)

Anyone considering buying opalite spirals, or anything from that matter should go through Steel Navel! I'm always hesitant to buy from a new store but you guys made it the perfect experience.

I'm more then happy to tell anyone who will listen about a great store once I find one and you guys are definitely top notch.

Thanks :)

Johnathan Darby

- Johnathan, Spokane, WA - 4/17/2009
First of all I would like to say that I think you guys are AWESOME! I have been thoroughly pleased with every product I have ordered from you !!! Thanks for the great customer service also!!!

Thank you so much!!

Michelle Stuller

- Michelle, Indianapolis, IN - 4/14/2009
OH THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU'RE A GODSEND! I'll be so glad when I can get this earring out I've been holding it with. I seriously appreciate it!

I owe you guys SO MUCH for all the nice things you've done. You even reply back to every single e-mail I send! I am truly happy to have come across you guys. I wish every business was as nice and caring as SteelNavel!

I just have to say, Thank you for having the human connection. Thank you for never sending me the wrong sizes and then denying it like all of these other sites that I've used. I seriously have never met a better place to shop. I'm glad I can trust without doubt that I will get the right items. I always receive them in top shape with REAL customer service.

*happy dance*

- Kris, Tucson, AZ - 4/10/2009
You guys have the best site in the entire piercing online industry. I love it!

You can totally use my comment! I don't mind! You guys are the best, after all!

- Kris, Tucson, AZ - 4/6/2009
Thank you SO MUCH!! You guys are awesome and you have THE COOLEST jewelry anywhere. Please use my comment any way you would like. So seldom to people tell companies when they are doing well. I just wanted to thank you for the great service and especially the BEST jewelry anywhere on the web. It was my pleasure!!! Have a good one and thanks again.
- Scott, Marietta, GA - 4/3/2009
oooh my!! It was such a great call!! Not only were you very friendly and cheerful, but you'd sorted everything for my order out!! So THANK YOU I knew via the gang at the forum that Steel Navel has the best customer service! But now I know its true! And you made my day by doing all you did to send me goodies!

I sure do hope everyone starts to feel better! And that you all have a great day yourselves!

again, thanks Lenore!


- Jody, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada - 3/25/2009
Hi there,

I just wanted to take the time to say thankyou :)

It's refreshing to do business online and experience outstanding communication, speedy delivery and then receive such a high quality product for a reasonable price.

I'm super impressed. Now all I need to do is get more piercings so I can shop here more often ;)

Thanks again!

- s

- Shannon, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - 3/18/2009
You guys are awesome. Thanks so much. It sure is nice dealing with your company. I will definitely continue to shop with Steel Navel.

Denise Stankiewicz

- Denise, Lapeer, MI - 3/17/2009
Schweet. Thanks. Thumbs up on the whole customer service thing. You could've sent a different size and I'd never have known the difference. I hope you win the lottery.
- Taylor, Goose Creek, SC - 2/25/2009
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!!! has a customer for life. You have a really wonderful customer service department. I'll be sure to pass the word along to my friends!!!!
- Elizabeth, Pittsburgh, PA - 2/13/2009
Thanks very much, that's really helpful. You guys have the best customer service :-)


- Julia, Leighton Buzzard, Bedforshire, UK - 2/6/2009
Thanks for taking care of everything guys. I got my package today and the mother of pearl plugs are gorgeous. You completed my order really quickly despite the setback. I appreciate everything you've done, and you've definitely kept me a repeat customer.


- Lindsay, Hillsborough, CA - 1/30/2009
I just wanted to say that I am so pleased with your business. I ordered some body jewelry from another website last week, and the order I placed with you guys just got here today, while I'm still waiting to get what I ordered from Bodycandy. Very, very impressive! Thank you so much.


- Chelsea, Hawkinsville, GA - 1/30/2009
We also were pleasantly surprised and thoroughly impressed by the call we received the day after placing our order. Your extraordinary employee called us to double-check we hadn't accidentally double ordered the same item. We appreciated the concern and attention paid to us as your customers. Thank you for your services.

Sheri Foster

- Sheri, Iowa City, IA - 1/21/2009
Hi John,
Thanks for getting back to me. It's good to know that I don't have to worry about that on future orders. My order was still spectacular, and at 50% off it was an amazing deal even with the customs. Anyways, glad to see your amazing customer service in action once again!
Many thanks,

- Krystal, Agassiz, BC, Canada - 1/16/2009
Thanks for your quick turnaround on my replacement bone earrings. These posts are exactly what I needed! I look forward to more great products from you guys, have a wonderful New Year!


P.S. Thanks also for continuing to carry -- and introduce new products -- in the smaller gauges (18, 20).

- Robin, Crestview, FL - 1/3/2009
Wow! I am always amazed at how quickly you reply to my emails! You guys are great and it's obvious that customer service is important to you! Thank you so much for crediting back the shipping charge and reporting it to your IT dept. I really appreciate it!. Other companies could learn a thing or two about customer service from Steel Navel! Happy, Happy New Year and thank you again!
- Sandi, Phoenix, AZ - 1/2/2009
Hello, just an email to let you know , i love the body jewelry i have ordered from you, which has been quite a few now. The quaility of the jewelry is excellent, especially the titanium. Your customer service is of a high standard , and you always let me know when things are on back order and when I will be expecting to receive them, being in Australia that communication is appreciated.
Regarde Deb Voss

- Deb, Lutana, Tasmania, Australia - 12/31/2008
Thanks again guys, always very cool stuff at killer prices. You have a customer for life.
- Shawn, Oro Valley, AZ - 12/11/2008
Man you guys are awesome I got my stuff already!! Its all top notch too, thanks a lot!!!! You guys have been great with my previous orders as well!


- Andrew, Saint Paul, MN - 12/4/2008
So I ordered a pair of flesh tunnels about 4 days ago... And they are alread here! you guys are awesome! Just thought I would let you know. :)

i ordered my gauges on the 16th and they were at my house on the 18th. I was beyond stoked! They were inexpense, and they were the exact style i was looking for. I love em. and not only that, it took me about five minutes to navigate the site, find what i wanted, set up an account, and complete my order. it was beyond simple and convenient. Im totally going to be a looooooooooong time customer and ive already suggested your site to eight other people. anyhow, thanx bunches, and yeah, you can use my comments for whatever ya please. anything i can do to help ya out.


- Jakki, Sylmar, CA - 11/19/2008
Very cool, thank you so much. I have said this before, you guys are always great to deal with and helpful! I am always happy to purchase from you. I refer friends to you. Steel Navel feels like a small group business or family owned business where you still get a personal touch. I am always happy to find that.

I called once in the past to say thank you and that I had great service, I am a firm believer in encouragement when people provide good customer service just as much as we let people know when it doesn't go well. I don't think it's fair to only complain, the good comments do much more good when they are deserved.

Thank you!

- AnnMarie, Newhall, CA - 11/17/2008
Thank you so much. I am so surprised at how easy and swiftly that was handled. I can't thank you enough; I have had many problems with the customer service on other sites, but this was great. I would also just like to say that I am also really pleased with the amount of items that you keep in stock because it can be so hard to find things on other body jewelry sites because the are always out of stock. I am new to your site, and usually order from another body jewelry website, but this has made up my mind of where I will be bringing my business from now on.
Thank you again so much,

- Rachel, Champaign, IL - 10/30/2008
I put in the "Email Me When In Stock!" request.

Thanks again for all the wonderful help! It is a pleasure to shop at steel navel. I'm always happy to tell people where I get my gear!


- Brian, Asheville, NC - 10/8/2008
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome service. i placed an order for a septum retainer on Sunday and it was here by Thursday. what I order was exactly what i wanted and was on the website. i just want to say thanks and I will definitely be doing business with you guys again!

Munice, IN

- Graciela, Muncie, IN - 9/25/2008
I would just like to thank you for the speed of delivery. I ordered a few sets of plugs on a Thursday and received them on a Saturday. I was very surprised I did not expect to see anything until at least Tuesday of the following week. I will definitly be ordering from your company again.

once again thank you for great service. I work with the public and I know what it's like to always get crap and never hear any of the good stuff, and it's the good stuff that keeps you going. Keep up the good work guys!

- Nicole, Rumford, RI - 8/24/2008
Hi Lenore,

Thank you for your prompt response and for making the change so quickly. I will be looking forward for my shipment to arrive.

Have a great day.

P.S. The site and customer service is a great one!!


- Michelle, Henderson, NV - 8/11/2008

I just got my jewelry in today and I am just writing to thank you. I've ordered from you twice in the past two weeks and it gets here within two days. It's insane how fast you guys ship and the quality of all the jewelry I order from you is amazing. You are now going to be the only place I order from online. Thank you so much!

- Corrine, Frankfort, IL - 8/11/2008

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the excellent product and great customer service I received form all of you at Steel Navel. The products I ordered were flawless and well crafted. They fit perfectly based off information on your sizing charts and the colors were true to their representations on the website. Your communications relaying any delays and why they were occurring were impeccable and much appreciated. In my experience, it is rare to find today, people who are as dedicated as all of the staff at Steel Navel. Six weeks ago I got my first piercing to celebrate the birth of our daughter, a Vertical Industrial in my left ear, and as a temporary piercing I went with the Teflon (plastic) barbell to expedite the healing process. In the meantime, I wanted to find a piece of anodized titanium for a more permanent application, this I found on your website. My wife and her family are no strangers to piercings and all of them were impressed with both the quality of your products, price and the customer service I received. Needless to say, we will be doing business again. Thanks a million for everything, have a great day!

Randall G. Trivett

- Randall, Monroe, WA - 8/3/2008
I got my nose rings today and love them! Such fast shipping & great prices:) Thanks.

- Lauren, Los Angeles, CA - 8/2/2008
Just wanted to say thanks for your great service and product. I love everything I ordered- even more than i had expected!


- Stacy, Kelowna, BC, Canada - 8/1/2008
john, hi! the plugs just got here. they're AMAZING. plus, i wasn't sure they'd get here in time for my boyfriend's birthday - which is in two days, so even the timing was perfect. i sort of bought them for him, you see - he doesn't have stretched lobes, but loves my jewelry, so sometimes i let him pick my plugs for the day. he adores skulls, & these are going to rock his socks. :D thanks again for being so reliable, having such good quality control, & shipping so FAST!


- Lish, Seattle, WA - 7/29/2008
Just wanted to drop a line to say congrats on your success! Looks like business is booming by the constant changes in your site and job openings. I remember when it was just the two of you. I always get compliments (literally weekly at least) and always refer the person to check you out. Wishing you continued success!!!!! And thanks for the great jewelry selection!

Always, Kalie (pronounced like your babygirl) Wikel - devoted (and hopeful lifetime) customer

- Kalie, Galt, CA - 7/29/2008
HOLY CRAP! shipping today! that is great service! thanks for your personal reply and i will totally be doing business with you again!



- Matt, Friendswood, TX - 7/24/2008
Thank you SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate it and respect your company and will continue to speak highly of it!! Can't wait to get my package!! Thanks again!! :)!!

- Care, Kenmore, NY - 7/22/2008
To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to send you all an e-mail to let you know how pleased I am with my plugs! I love them! They are even better then I had expected. I have had such a hard time finding quality plugs in a size 2 and I will be ordering from you in the future and tell everyone about you! Thank you again!

Sara Spinn

- Sara, Arlington, TX - 7/9/2008
Thank you guys alot, you're awesome. Your shipping has always been fast and your customer service has always been great. I will continue to order all my plugs from you guys.
- James, Williamsburg, VA - 6/30/2008
just got this today, beautiful, cannot thank you enough for all of your patience and help through the shipping confusion during this order. the quality of your products alone has earned you a customer for life.

- Benjamin, Kenosha, WI - 6/23/2008
Thanks a ton! So far I have been SUPER impressed with your service, and I will be doing business with you again.
Thanks again,

- Ben, Spencer, Iowa - 6/14/2008
Hi! I got my orders today; THANK YOU!! The items I ordered were superb! - I couldn't be more pleased! I love everything - and I'm a fairly fussy person! - so, again, Thank you.
I will be ordering from you again shortly. And, thanks, as well, for your honesty. It's so difficult to get these things here in Ireland, and so to be able to find a trustworthy, high quality shop online is wonderful.
Teresa C

- Teri, Dublin, Ireland - 6/4/2008
Ordered yesterday and arrived today. Dude, you guys are badass. Thanks.
- Chris, Fullerton, CA - 5/21/2008
Just wanted to say that I greatly appreciate the impeccable service that you have given. I was able to find exactly what I wanted on your site with ease. It is well designed and concise. I recieved my order in remarkable time (I'm from the UK) and am very impressed! It came today and I have placed a second order already!!! It is good to see a company so personable and friendly, and from what I can see in other comments always happy to help. Too many other companies only treat people offering a large sum of money as well as you treat every customer. Keep it up!!

- Amy, Horley, Surrey, Great Britain - 4/15/2008
Thanks so much! My order arrived today. The service/delivery was speedy, and my order is perfect. I love your site! Awesome selection, and so easy to browse through and find what I want. There are lots of places around where I could go to to buy body jewelry, but the prices are ridiculous, especially for someone who is in the process of stretching, and will only need some of the pieces for short term. I look forward to shopping with you (often!) again, and will definitely be recommending you to my pierced friends and relatives.

Off to plot my next purchase - mwahaha

You guys rock!

- V., Olympia, WA - 4/10/2008
I want to tell you that I received my order today, and that everything is ok, absolutely perfect! I was afraid that the order was lost in the way to Brasil, but nothing went wrong, and I'm very happy now. The Industrial Strength jewelry is even more beautiful than in the photos, the colors are amazing. Thank you very very much!

Beatriz, Brasil

PS: Sorry for my bad english

- Beatriz, Santa Catarina, Brazil - 3/24/2008

I've got to write to tell you how incredibly pleased I've been with your merchandise, quality, excellent customer service, efficiency, and mailing speed. How do you do it? My association with Steel Navel began last fall when I was researching getting a PA. When I finally approached my local piercer, he told me that I'd have to wait a week until he had my choice of jewelry in stock. Needless to say, I surfed the web, found you guys, placed my order, and had the items before my piercer could - and he was not happy to lose a sale, and I was not unhappy to have saved a bundle on his high-end mark-up. As you can see, I'm graduating in gauge, so don't be surprised when I order a 4g circular barbell in the near future!

Thanks for really being there for your customers - you make the process as much of a pleasure as the aftermath! Your customers, and particularly your prospective and first-time customers, should know exactly what great, quality products and services you provide. I know I feel lucky to have found you!


- Franz, Bronx, NY - 3/13/2008
I had done quite a bit of research online for body jewelry, as my sister and I had recently gotten our navels pierced and didn't own any jewelry. I decided to give Steel Navel a try, and am really glad I did. I have made several purchases for myself and my sister, and have loved everything. Industrial Strength is great...I'm having trouble making myself buy anything else now. Also, your customer service is great, I had an order placed, and decided the bar was going to be too big, and you just deleted it from my order and credit card before the shipment went out, so I didn't have the hassle of mailing back a returned item. I truly believe you sell quality jewelry, and at affordable prices. Thanks for everything,

- Penny, Greentop, MO - 3/7/2008
Wow! This is the first time I've ever ordered from you guys -- you guys are AMAZING! Best sellers on the internet, for sure! I'll recommend you to everyone! Thanks, John!!!


- Adrienne, Elmhurst, IL - 2/27/2008
I just got my order from you guys and everything is as ordered. An Ind. Stregth Int. threaded curved BB with some misc. ball ends to try. This I.S. stuff is nice. My first experience with Steel Navel has been great. I ordered on Friday, got the shipping notice soon after the same day, and I got the goods today, Tuesday. I bet it would've gotten here on Sunday or Monday if not for the holiday/weekend! The jewelry was packaged nice with a "double check your order-double packaging" with return policy and instructions just in case. Not needed. The jewelry is really nice. I looked for scratches, sharp edges, or burrs and nothing. High polish and rounded edges. I'm going to have fun tonight afer work when the kids go to sleep! Finally some quality jewelry. Can't go back to junk now.

Thanks Steel Navel,

- Jason, Sarasota, FL - 2/19/2008
Damn! Thanks John for the quick response as I'm sure you're busy. BTW, Your website is pretty nice. Extensive selection, easy navigation and the customization options are great. This jewelry stuff can be a little trial and error sometimes. Getting a bunch of stuff at good prices all at once to save shipping and increasing the chance of successes is awesome. Great buying experience so far with Steel Navel. I'll be back when it's time to stretch!

I actually had been considering another large site that is pretty well known but had hesitated to order from them. While their selecton was not bad, I was having a lot of problems trying to get exactly what I wanted without a lot of hassle. Their website was not organized very well and seemed somewhat limiting without a lot of back and forth emails and such. I like how Steel Navel has the many sort options for finding what you're looking for. The "show stock" feature is very nice too. I just printed it out, scanned down and found what I wanted, then went back and got a bunce of accessory ends to try with my base piece. The almost instant feedback for my inquiries AND my order made me comfortable I had made the right choice.


- Jason, Sarasota, FL - 2/15/2008
To the entire staff at SteelNavel,

I just wanted to thank the entire staff at SteelNavel for the excellent job you all do there! I had made a decent sized purchase months ago and never opened one of the Eyelets that I purchased because my lobe wasn't stretched to the size Eyelet I had ordered yet. When I finally reached my stretch goal I opened an Industrial Strength 6ga Eyelet and noticed that there was a tear in one of the flares and contacted your company to let your staff know about it right away. The customer service representitive that I spoke with took care of the problem immediately and I recieved a brand new Eyelet, free of charge, in 2 business days due to the defect that was found. Thanks so much for everything you all do there to keep your customers happy! Keep up the great work and I'll be placing another order with your company today right after I'm done with this email. Thanks again for everything! It's greatly appreciated!!!

Charles Medeiros Jr.

P.S. Please tell everyone at SteelNavel to have a great day! You guys/gals rock!!!

- Charles, Westfield, MA - 1/23/2008
Thanks so much! This is probably the nicest and most helpful internet service I've ever got! I can't wait for the plugs and thank you again! Happy MTKJ Day!


- Josh, , - 1/21/2008
Thanks for pulling so many strings for me, and getting back to me so fast! You guys are amazing. Ive been out of town- but will try and get my order in asap.
Thanks again!


- Carey, Chicago, IL - 1/19/2008
By the way, I have to say I think your site is great, not just in terms of jewelry selection, but in how well organized it is. I really like being able to see what is in-stock before I order, and that's a feature much appreciated.
- Mary, New Haven, CT - 1/18/2008
Many thanks Lenore to you and your team. Your service is excellent. I'll be glad to spread the word to my friends. Please do use my comments as you all work so hard and only hear them occassionally. Trust me - I know. Being in the service industry is difficult at times but rewarding when everyone on your team shares in the common goal of striving for excellence. Bravo to you all. Be well - Craig
- Craig, New York, NY - 1/14/2008
Thanks for the info on how often you stock up on Gorilla Glass. I seriously love their stuff and like I said before you have the best selection.

I cannot wait for my new ones to come. I got to 1/2" pretty quick, only took about 2 months from straight up new piercings (20g) cause my lobes healed really quick. No blowouts or anything bad. I wish I would have known about the site sooner because of how much I spent to get new sizes from places like Hot Topic in the mall (there are like no local body jewelry shops out here sadly). Keep up the good work n all and I'll keep buying the good stuff from Steel Navel. Thanks!

- Jason, Lombard, IL - 1/3/2008
The threaded ball I ordered arrived today. I want to thank you again for the EXCELLENT service.

Merry Christmas to All
Juanita Hobson

- Juanita, Chino, CA - 12/12/2007
Good Morning,

Just a note to let you know that my package arrived and I am very pleased with your products and customer service. It is a pleasure to deal with people who are concerned not only about making money, we all like our money, but making their customers HAPPY too. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I plan on making purchases in the future. Have a Happy Holiday Season.

Mertise Wolfe

- Mertise, Kunkletown, PA - 12/11/2007
Great got my package way before the expected date. Will definitely do more business in the near future with you. Thanks again
- Guillermo, Delano, CA - 12/9/2007
You guys rock! If only my Land's End order had gone as well--it was ordered the same day as this one was, it was in stock and shipped UPS, and I still haven't received it. I think you guys will win this race!

I got the jewelry today! It's really radical. I can't wait for the weekend!


- Dennis, Washington, DC - 12/1/2007
Everyone should know how great you guys are! I know how it is to run a business and like I said before, it's always easy for people to criticize but they just don't think what a kind word might just do for someone's day!!

By the way, I sent that email before I received my products which turned out to be even BETTER than the pics!! We are just tickled pink! (and every other color :) I can't wait to get pierced this weekend and my hubby can't wait to stretch his ears up a size! We are definitely going to be return customers!

Thanks again and have a great holiday season!


- Lisa, Lowell, IN - 11/29/2007
Thank you so much for your email. All of you at steel have been so very helpful. I ran into problems with my paypal and it was taken care of by"steel" by the very next day. You (John) also quickly assured me everything was on track with it.

As far as your site, It was wonderful. I filled out a survey afterward with biz-rate, and had to give your site, the highest score. Not only was it very easy to navigate, the prices were all displayed, it was easy to read, easy to order, etc.

Not only will I definatly order from you again, but have recommended it to others. I am very pleased with the ease of ordering and hopefully the products will be just as exceptional.

Nancy Clarke

- Nancy, Wilkes Barre, PA - 11/28/2007

On Sunday, November 25th I placed an order.

I just wanted to email you today to tell you what a GREAT JOB you all do!!

I know people are quick to complain but I believe that we all should be just as quick to compliment! (the world would be a better place, don't you think?)

So, I just wanted to give you a great big KUDOS for the speedy and excellent service that we have received! I just checked with the post office and our package is arriving today....Wednesday!

Three days from order placement to delivery?!! And, it's the holiday season??!!! WOW!!!

I shouldn't be so surprised because my friend orders from you all the time and raves too but none the less, I think it's great.

Thanks for being a great company and we will be back for more!!!

Merry Christmas,

Lisa and Joe Villarreal

- Lisa, Lowell, IN - 11/28/2007
Cheers guys!

Package arrived! ...SOONER is the 15th, wich means that the U.S. Postal Service - First Class International, took only 4 active days to ship it to Portugal. I am really impressed!

By the way...thanks for your excellent products and especially the prices. Most luck, thanks and appreciation from a happy costumer!

Libelinha !!

- Libelinha, Coimbra, Portugal - 11/15/2007
Thank you soooo much!!! Hopefully I'll get them pretty quick seeing as how I'm in Washington. You guys had exactly what I was looking for, for a great price, and dude, your customer service is awesome. Thanks again.
- Molly, Everett, WA - 11/2/2007
Dear Lenore,

Wow!! It is comforting to know that there are still places that put customer satisfaction as a high priority. I am just a working man, and you have gone far beyond the call of duty to take care of me and my needs, and for that I thank you so very much. You have ensured that all of my future purchases will be with you and your company.

Yours truely, Bryan Kirkhart

- Bryan, Oskaloosa, IA - 10/27/2007
My friends and I were amazed at your quality of service and quick delivery! We ordered three different items for three different people. All love and are already wearing their jewelry. We ordered Thursday and the package arrived Saturday! You now have three returning customers for life! WE ARE IMPRESSED!

A, M, S, Portland, Oregon

- Sarah, Portland, OR - 10/22/2007
Your company carries only the highest quality jewelry, your selection is great and your staff is awesome! I've bought alot of body jewelry over the years and your site beats any site or store that I've ever purchased from. As far as using my remarks for your, "…customer feedback page.", you're more than welcome to use any quotes or remarks I've made in these emails.


- C., , - 10/4/2007
I just wanted to thank you and your company for keeping me up to date on my order! I knew one of the items was on back order and MOST internet body jewelry companies leave it at that and don't send emails letting you know expected dates and keeping their customers well abreast on their back ordered items. Thanks again for everything and ALL of my body jewelry needs will be bought through your site in the future!!! Your quality, selection and staff are the best I've dealt with so far and I USED to get all my merchandise from TongueStud until I found your company. Thanks again for everything and keep up the great work! I'll be placing another order with your company in Sept.!!!!


- C., , - 10/3/2007 has the best level of customer service I have ever encountered. I could not be more impressed. I ordered just one piece of jewelry, on a Friday afternoon, and it arrived on a Monday. You've won a customer for life. I will recommend to anyone and everyone.

My less-than-ten-dollar order was treated as if it were an overnight-shipped $1000 order.

- Guy, Slidell, LA - 9/27/2007
I was actually a first time buyer and now I'm definitely a very happy returning customer! The eyebrow ring was exactly as I'd hoped for and the jewels are beautiful! I received a very high quality product. The shipping was excellent! Never have I received an item from an onine company so fast! Thank you for being such a wonderful company that offers a wide variety of products at wonderful prices with great service. :) I will definitely be shopping here from now on. :)

- Guinevere Gonzalez, Austin, TX - 9/13/2007
Saturday's mail brought the replacement container of soap my way. Again, I cannot thank you enough for the professional and expedient manner in which you have taken care of my situation over here. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE there!!! CUDOS!!!

Gary Young

- Gary, Fort Lauderdale, FL - 8/12/2007
Yeah I got the stuff today. :D It didn`t end up in the mailbox but on the floor underneath, so I got it. Thank you so much for a superfast deal, great jewelry and piercing soap, and for answering my question so fast! Very very good site, I will be back and shop for sure! :)

- Andrea, Vasteras, Vastmanland, Sweden - 8/1/2007
Hi! I just wanted to drop y'all a note to tell you that the fixed ball ring is PERFECT and immaculate and I will be sending all of my pierced friends your way!


- Cara Kelley, Pittsburgh, PA - 7/16/2007
Wow, you guys are great! Thank you so much. I thought this was going to be a pain. I really appreciate it! That's what I call customer service! I got my order and it's perfect! You guys are the best! Thank you so much!


- Sandi, Phoenix, AZ - 7/5/2007
Thanks John. It has been really good working with you. Customer service people usually just piss me off, but you really know what you are doing! I wish I could give you a raise.

Patrick O'Brien

- Patrick, Ofallon, MO - 6/25/2007
This is christopher again,

I recieved my jewelry yesterday ( earlier than I expected ) and it is absolutely perfect. Exactly what I ordered, shipped to me most expiditiously, with jaw dropping customer service. Thank you SO MUCH, to everyone at Steel Navel. Your services are unmatched. Bravo to you all !!

- Christopher, Pittsburgh, PA - 6/19/2007
Wow, John.

Shipping today? that in istelf is amazing. Thank you so much for taking individual care with your customers. This quality of service is rarely found in american culture these days. I really appreciate the reply and unmatched service. I will definitely return for my next jewelry purchase!! Bravo to you and your staff, I wish you all the best!!

Christopher Ryan Gilgour

God bless, have a great day! Don’t forget to smile! :)

- Christopher, Pittsburgh, PA - 6/14/2007
Yes you can usse my comments!! You guys rock! My husband was so pleased. It's horrible to get something as sensitive as your nipples pierced and becuase you cannot find a correct gauge have to give them up. I was very impressed with your products and will be shopping with you exclusively from now on.
- Cassandra, Huntsville, AL - 6/9/2007
I wanted to thank-you for your great products. It is impossible to find anything except your "standard" 14 and 16g captive rings and barbells where I live. you have a great selection and carry a huge variety of gauges also. Thank you so much- I'd almost just decided to let my piercings close up when I found your website- now I'll only shop here for my supplies. THANKS!!
- Cassandra, Huntsville, AL - 6/8/2007
Hi, just wanted to let you know I received it yesterday. As always, your product looks even better in person than it does online. Thanks again for carrying such great products at affordable prices. Keep up the good work.

- Jennifer, Monrovia, MD - 6/6/2007
Steel Navel,

I received the captive bead ring I ordered from your company and immediately put it through my Prince Albert piercing. It fits wonderfully (2G 5/8") and looks great.

Thank you for the great product and excellent service.

- J., Withheld, - 5/24/2007
This is a great site. I switched over to this from another site last summer and have been a faithful customer ever since. This site has more than I'd ever need, and there's always something I can afford even though I'm a poor college student! I have 10-gauge lobes now, two lip piercings, and a nipple piercing, and you have supplied me with everything I needed along the way. And everything gets delivered so fast, without insane shipping charges! Thanks so much for providing fast service and great products at good prices!

- Hannah

- Hannah, Evanston, IL - 4/22/2007
I do hope you all get thumbs up on a regular basis. I’ve been so satisfied with your service, inventory, and great website!

Take care,

- Kristen, Woodland, WA - 4/20/2007
Thank you so much for all the updates on my preorder. Wonderful surprise when the captive rings came in early. The jewelry, as always, is stunning and selection is huge.

Susan Baxter

- Susan, Fort Worth, TX - 4/16/2007
I just received the 6 and 8 guage earrings I ordered and I love them. Delivery was super quick. I've already got them in my ears and they're perfect. I've purchased several other earrings from you guys and have been pleased with them all. Keep up the good work. I will be buying more in the future.

Thanks again,
Tim Anthony

- Tim, North Little Rock, AR - 3/15/2007
Thanks for the super-fast shipping. I got my order yesterday already. This is one of the reasons I stick with you guys.:)


- Laura, West Hollywood, CA - 2/18/2007
hi, i just sent you guys an email because i had a question about my order, but right after i sent the email i called your number (i know, i'm impatient), and a very nice lady helped me out and answered my questions. so please disregard my earlier email, and thanks for your help. keep up the good work guys, i'm sure i'll order more stuff from ya'll in the future. i was ordering all my jewelry from, and they're really good and everything, but there's no way of knowing what's in-stock or out-of-stock when you place an order, so i would order something and ALWAYS end up waiting a few weeks because at least one or two of my pieces would be on backorder. and i really like that you guys let the customer know BEFORE they place an order if something is on backorder. you know, i sort of stumbled across your website (i did a search for "gorilla glass" i think), but i'm glad i did. anyway, now i'm rambling so i gotta go. friday's payday so i'm sure i'll be back. bye!


- Dustin, Colleyville, TX - 2/12/2007
Wow, you guys are awesome. I am fine with just getting it all at once so it stays together and is easier for you guys. I really appreciate the response, and will look forward to getting everything together. I haven't even gotten my stuff yet, and I'm gonna reccommend you to friends.
- Donald, Albuquerque, NM - 2/12/2007

I just received my gorgeous new barbell today and I wanted to let you guys know how totally thrilled I am with it! I was also impressed at how quickly it got here considering it was a pre-order item. My VCH has never looked better (or more glitzy!). I can't wait to buy more!

- E., Withheld, Canada - 2/7/2007
I have to say I consistently love you guys. I have ordered from you everytime I have purchased earrings to gauge up my piercings from a tiny unused lobe to now a 6 gauge circle!

I love how fast everything is. Lenore from Customer Service is not only the best but I consider her a friend!

I just got my most recent order of Silicone Eyelets and not only did they go in without a hitch but I love them so much I can't wait until I get to 4 gauge and have the silicone to alternate with the glass (all from steel navel!)

And your philanthropy is great. I asked for a t-shirt for our fundraiser for animals and got an astounding "ABSOLTELY!" and had the shirt within days!

You guys are great and I recommend you to all my friends. Thanks for everything.

Joy E.C. Manlove
Kind Outreach and Humane Education Project

- Joy, Syracuse, NY - 1/26/2007
I just wanted to let you know that I received the items yesterday (1-22-07). They were in perfect condition and I was very happy with how prompt your email's were and how quickly the item's were shipped. Thank you for making my experience with your site a good one. I will be sure you check your site first for any of my future piercing needs.


- Nicole, Hilton, NY - 1/23/2007
Thanks! I muyst say I'm consistently happy with your company -- customer service is top notch and selection is great (and improving all the time!). I've ordered from other places that carry similar goods and not had as good luck. My only complaint is shipping time on pre-order items -- but I realize that it's due to when the manu can get you the items and is the same everywhere. Keep up the good work.

-- cody

- Cody, Atlanta, GA - 1/9/2007
I received my order today. They are perfect. Thank you for offering such a large assortment of retail choices. Your products and service are awesome!


P.S. Getting lots of good feedback on my new jewelry.

- Feather, San Antonio, TX - 12/19/2006
John, Thanks so very much. You guys are really great. We have ordered from you in the past and the quality of both the products and your service are top notch. Good service is the hallmark of a well manged organization and for that, we will continue to be loyal customers.

Take care and have a wonderful holiday!!


- Pat, Bethlehem, PA - 12/12/2006
I recently received my order-- not my first with you either, and you continue to be prompt, helpful and the quality of your products has been excellent!

I love my new jewelery-- the information you detail about each product really lets me get exactly what I need and am looking for, and your selection is quite amazing! You've earned my loyalty and my endorsement.



- Dena, Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 12/8/2006
Thank you so much for your assistance I honestly appreciate it. Im actually surprise and impressed at how fast steel navel's feed back was and how personal it felt communicating with yall. Everything nowadays is so technical, and is done by machines. I appreciate a kind company that seems to care about their customers. Thank you so much for your time and help.

Candice Forbes

- Candice, Atlanta, GA - 12/6/2006
Thank you, SteelNavel has always been very prompt with orders and customer service concerns. Always a pleasure.

Thanks again,
Steven Knuckles

- Steven, Manchester, KY - 11/21/2006
Hi John,

Excellent! Thank you so much. You guys have been absolutely great with both of my orders. I am just thrilled at the attention to detail you guys have. The customer service is top notch and right on par with the ease of browsing and ordering products. Thanks again for everything. I will be back soon for more. You have my future business. Thank you!


- Jared, Forestville, CA - 11/20/2006
You guys rock! I love the earrings! Thank you so much for the impeccable customer service- I'll definately shop w/ you again!

Annie Robinson

- Annie, Carmichael, CA - 11/18/2006

I just want to say thank you so much for your due diligence in making the fix quick and painless!!! You rock!!! Thank you so much, again, for your help!!

By all means, use my comments for your website!! You guys made my ordering mishap go away quickly and I even received my order today in the mail!! Eeeeeeeexcelent!!!

Eric Freeberg

- Eric, Farmington, MN - 10/3/2006
hiya lenore,

i got the message that my order had been shipped. thanks for following through n' sending it off so quick-like! i'm kinda living in the stix right now, and it's been awhile since i could just "go downtown" and treat myself to some new body i'm *eagerly* awaiting this package! I appreciate your attention to customer service, and steel navel's reasonable pricing, and will definitely shop through your site again.

cheerz, tracy

- Tracy, Creston, British Columbia, Canada - 9/28/2006
What is in your water ???!!!??? "... it just seemed like the right thing to do."

wow. Aren't you an obediant & faceless robot member of 'the corporate team' trying to run a brutal, and freakishly profitable (in the short term) business, or are you... a human being!?

In seriousness, yours is a right decent firm. I commend you for it. I searched long through lots of garbage-and-flash-only pierce websites before I found yours - with pretty jingly bits, AND serious heavier-gauge stainless at good prices. Perhaps even more surprising in this day of widespread internet shopping, your shipping fees actually reflect reality, rather than being artificially jacked-up to become an additional 'profit center'.

Way to go!

- Jonathan, Kauai, HI - 9/8/2006
Thank You!!!

You guys are awsome. You sent the right product and it was quick!!! Love your service. Thank You!!! I would definitely recommend you to my friends.

- Marilyn, Campbell, CA - 8/24/2006
Thank you for your assistance, it is much appreciated. It's good to see a service department that matches the quality of a web page. Thank you again.
- Matthew, National Park, NJ - 8/23/2006

Thanks so much for following up. I wanted to send a note to comment on the positive experience I have had in ordering from your organization. It's not often that people take the time to provide positive feedback. Working in a customer service setting myself, I try to take the time to note when I feel people/companies are doing a good job. I am extremely satisfied with the level of service I have received. From the prompt fulfillment of my order (shipped in stock items within 24 hours of ordering) to the follow up handling of an out of stock item, I will certainly use your service again and will highly recommend your organization to others.
Thanks again,

- Karen, Burlington, MA - 8/23/2006
Hey folks! I bought Wearable Stretching tapers for both my ears from size 10g-2g on July 28th and received Aug 3 to CANADA. I am so impressed! The quality of my items as well as the comfort and ease to stretch was like seriously nothing and honestlty took 1 second per ear.

I will be sending your website to all my friends to advertise on the quality and speepy service. Unbelievable!

Thank you and believe me I will only be buying my merchandise from you!

- Sara, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada - 8/3/2006
This was my 12th time ordering from you folks since becoming a customer in February 2005, and I wanted to thank you yet again for everything. Among body jewelry sites, yours is one of the easiest to navigate, your customer service is a pleasure (both by telephone and live chat), and my orders have always arrived very quickly (my most recent order, delivered by priority mail, arrived in two days!). I'm also very happy that you carry a large selection of items in smaller gauges (8g and smaller). A lot of other places' selection of smaller jewelry is quite limited - but I've nearly always found what I've needed.
- Christina, Terre Haute, IN - 8/2/2006

Thanks again. I can never find acrylic barbells anywhere. The price is just right as well. I remember paying at least twenty for twelve gauges. Either way you guys are the shit so keep up the good work.

It would be rad if you put me on the customer comment page! It is most def okay with me. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Great businesses are hard to come by these days. Thanks again.


One stoked ass customer, Carl Voorhees

- Carl, Denver, CO - 8/2/2006

I just received my order from today. The navel rings I ordered are beautiful and good quality. I am so excited that I received them so quickly!! Thank you for your excellent service. I have already told two people about your website. I am sure I will be ordering more from you! Thanks again for the excellent products and service!!


- Laura, Winston-Salem, NC - 7/24/2006
Hi, I am so impressed with this company, that I wanted to take the time to offer some gratitude. I placed an order last Thursday, it was shipped on Friday, and received my package on Saturday. I am amazed with everything, the quality of the product, the super fast shipping, and the wide selection offered on your website. I am a first-time customer, and now a loyal one for all my bod-mod needs. My navel, tragus, lobes, and industrial are lookin' great!!. Thanks so much and keep up the great work and prices!!! Everyone out there should know how great this company is!!!

- Nicole, Hacienda Heights, CA - 7/23/2006

I wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday and I am very pleased with the service from Steel Navel. I got my first piercing 13 years ago and I've bought jewelery from a lot of different companies. Steel Navel's exceptional service certainly stands out from the rest! I'll order from you again and I'll definitely tell friends about you!

- Ruth, Culver City, CA - 7/21/2006
Hi John,
The earrings are gorgeous. The website doesn't do them justice! I was also impressed at how fast I received my order. I look forward to shopping your site more often. Thanks so much for the gorgeous ear art. You guys rock.

- Shana, Ormond Beach, FL - 7/6/2006
Even greater news!!! It's arrived safe! Tongue bar is perfect - taking the other bits over to my fella this weekend - all looks good to me!
Many thanks

- Anna, Channel Islands, United Kingdom - 6/22/2006
I thought I'd give you a thumbs up on my last purchase. I recieved your parcel today. Once again well packaged so no worries of the contents. They arrived save and sound. Thank you for the fine service.

Regards Mark-

- Mark, Manchester, MO - 6/16/2006
Today I spoke with a woman (I'm so sorry that I don't remember her name; she telephoned while I was in a meeting at work, and I was distracted) who telephoned me to answer a question that I had posed online earlier in the day.

She was not only extremely pleasant to speak with, but she had already noticed that I had "figured out" my question by the fact that I had ordered a taper about an hour after I e-mailed my question. She also fixed things so that two earrings that I had ordered earlier, and the taper, would all be grouped into one order (saving me money).

It was also a plus that she knew Elaine Angel, who did my frenum piercings, thankfully finishing them before her move to Mexico. In general, she was just extremely pleasant (I know, I used that word already), and if I hadn't been preoccupied with work, I would have liked to talk to her more about my plans for my ear lobe(s). At any rate, she was helpful as hell, fixing my three different orders like that.

I will ONLY do business with your company, as you carry quality jewelry, and your customer service is the absolute best. Now if I just weren't (or wasn't? which will it be? haha!) running out of convenient places to pierce... Although that virgin right ear lobe may not be safe for long! haha!

Please be sure that my "mystery woman" gets full credit for the help that she has given me.


- Scott, Baton Rouge, LA - 6/14/2006
I just wanted to say that when I got my Jewelry in the mail and opened jaw just hit the floor. The quality of your product is AMAZING!!! I have been a Professional Body Piercer for many years now and Steel Navel is what I will now compare all other products to. I'm in awe!!! GREAT PRODUCT 100%

Jason Brown
Professional Body Modification Artist

- Jason, , - 5/26/2006
Thanks fo your prompt reply. I've purchased items from you all before and am always very impressed with your service and selection. I think you are a great company and I like shopping with you all because I am always guaranteed stellar customer service (in addition to really beautiful, hard to find pieces)! Thanks for shipping my order promptly,

Mary Ann

- Mary, New York, NY - 5/15/2006
You guys are the best people to buy from- the products are all quality and your customer service is unparalelled! I look forward to a long working relationship with steelnavel. :)


- Jamie, New Rochelle, NY - 5/15/2006
I just received another one of my orders from Steel and I wanted to take a moment and let you know that your service is second to none. Your products are excellent quality and your prices can't be beat. I tell people about your site every chance I get.

Thank you,

Suzanne E. Meiner

- Suzanne, Las Vegas, NV - 5/4/2006
Thanks so much, you guys are the best. Much appreciated!!! I frequent some piercing forums, and have mentioned Steel Navel as one of the best jewelry sites I know. Thanks again for the great service and great jewelry.


- Karen, Baldwin, NY - 5/1/2006

Thank you so much for your help regarding this situation. I want to thank you for your prompt responses to my concerns. I've ordered from you in the past many times without any problems. And this one particular time when a problem did occur you were more than happy to help me. Even though the problem was the fault of the postal service. Thank you so much!

Have a great day!


- Creighton, Scottsdale, AZ - 4/19/2006
Items arrived today 13th March. This was my second time ordering from site. I just wanted to congratulate you on a super speedy post system and excellence of communication through emails.

Thanks again. Best Regards

Liam Nolan

- Liam, County Cork, Ireland - 3/13/2006
I just received my nose ring today, and I really need to let you know that I am very pleased. Thank you so much. I had to have my husband put it in for me due to the nails, but otherwise, I am very happy with the way it looks. Everyone at the office loved it. Once again, Thank you. Sincerely,

Arlette Dykstra

- Arlette, Port Jervis, NY - 3/13/2006



- Bo, Fullerton, CA - 3/7/2006
I am sorry that I am replying to this email a bit late but I wanted to thank you and your company for promptly shipping my jewelry to me. I am extremely satisfied with the order and your service. Thank you very much. Have a great day. :)


- Nichole, Tiverton, RI - 3/6/2006
Hi, I just recieved my order and i would like to say thanks. You guys are amazing. The shipping was super fast and everything came professionally packaged. I most definately will be returning. THANKS

Joe Bleistein

- Joe, Milford, DE - 2/24/2006
Thanks for the SPEEDY service... GREAT PRICES... and especially for taking the time to personally respond to my comments/question on the order form.

It means a lot that you took a moment to reassure me that you really do use Priority Mail. There seem to be so many businesses online that are less-than-honest when it comes to bumping their profit by an extra dollar with inflated postage... it gets frustrating... and I MEANT NO OFFENSE to you guys. I hope you understand my concern and frustration and that you'll forgive me for assuming the worst.

I'm delighted to have found your web site and I can guarantee that I'll be back for more!! Even with the cost of shipping, it's STILL much cheaper than the jewelry that the local piercing studios sell. I'll definitely be sure to tell a couple of friends about your site too!!


PS: Your shipment arrived today!! My new captive-bead-ring is beautiful!! Very nice... I just LOVE it!! Thanks!!

- Allen, Fort Washington, MD - 2/6/2006
Wow, thank you so much for the ridiculously quick turnaround, and for actually reading [and responding to] my comment.. it is greatly appreciated, and will not be forgotten. Happy new year!

By all means, feel free to use my quote for anything you like. i would (and do) recommend you guys to anyone looking for jewelry or supplies. by the way, i just received my order and everything looks great.

thanks again..


- Marissa, North Andover, MA - 1/2/2006
Just got my order (14g evolution 2-notch cbr). . .this is my third order from you guys and I've not been dissappointed so far!

If you happen to start stocking different colors of the evo's (say, black) I know I'd buy a few (getting ready to start a new piercing project on my face :D)

Be well.

Kevin Smith,

- Kevin, Rusk, TX - 12/27/2005
Hi! I just received my latest order this morning. I wanted to thank the entire staff of My orders (this is my eighth with you folks) have always arrived very fast, the merchandise is always exactly what I expect, and your customer service is excellent! Keep up the great work!

Sincerely, Christina Pitts

- Christina, Terre Haute, IN - 10/27/2005
I wanted to comment on the service of your company…I received my items I ordered in a quick time….I will for sure be doing business with you all again…I was ordering from BodyCandy..and have to say I will proablly be switching because of the price and quick service..Once again Thank You very much…


- Sherril, Jacksonville, NC - 10/25/2005
Hi John,

Thank you so much for all your help! Everyone at Steel Navel has been so accommodating and wonderful. I love all your merchandise and will continue to shop there often :)

Please feel free to use my comment! As I said before, everyone at Steel Navel has been wonderful! I'm happy to help spread the word :)

- Carol, Livonia, MI - 9/30/2005
I just wanted to let you know that you have a new and happy customer who will tell everyone looking for body jewelry here in Austin Texas where to buy it. The guy at my local piercing studio even commented on the quality of your jewelry. Nobody here in Austin Texas had a 1" DIA. x 6ga. CBR in stock, so I found you online and it was shipped to me in less than 5 days (priority mail). I am very happy with the service, price, and quality of your site and product. Hope to order more from you for many years.


- Kelly, Austin, TX - 9/28/2005
Hi John

Wonderful news. And since I live just about 60 miles from you I would expect tomorrow or the next day. Patience isn't my strong point. Thank you very much for the up date. I have had absolutely great service from Please pass on my compliments to all of your staff. You are welcome to use my comments on your feedback page. It really has been a pleasant experience shopping. I know I'll be shopping with you again.

All The Best,
Juanita Hobson

- Juanita, Chino, CA - 9/21/2005

I just wanted to say that your customer service is absolutely perfect, you answer emails very quick :) My order arrived today, which was a few days earlier than expected :) I buy a lot of things on the internet, but a customer service this good and quick and such fast shipping is unfortunately very rare :) My compliments to your company, I will definately order again from you :)

Regards, Judith from Holland :)

- Judith, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands - 9/6/2005

I came to piercing's late in life. Well in my 30's. I knew nothing about the jewelry and know a little more. When it was time to change my jewelry I went to my piercer. I brought him several types of jewelry I bought. He a professional piercer told me your jewelry was quality jewelry while the other stuff from a different company was crap. I am glad to find a company that sells good, quality jewelry at low prices. Its nice to deal with a company I know I can trust.


- Carol, Raleigh, NC - 9/1/2005
Hi. I just felt that I had to tell you that I am very impressed with your customer service. Your e-mail responses were very quick and polite. You can be sure that I will be back again and again.

Thanks, Bruce.

- Bruce, Churchill, Ontario, Canada - 8/23/2005
I'm totally blown away with the speed my problem was fixed. I buy many items online, and I've never had such friendly and quick service. If every company would conduct their self in the manner in which you have, there would be absolutely no fear of online retailing. Thank you very much, as I am grateful for your honesty and the fact that you genuinely care that your customers are satisfied.

Thanks again, Ashley

- Ashley, Pleasantville, OH - 8/12/2005
Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks for the great service. I received my order in the mail today and the jewelry's great. I appreciated your simple order process as well. Great job.


- Tanja, Victoria, BC, Canada - 8/2/2005
my name is wendy sell. i just made a purchase w/ your company. everything about the transaction went smooth. what prompt delivery, thank you! i get skeptical about purchasing things online, your company is very professional, and has a lot of hard to find items at great prices! Thanks again!

wendy sell

- Wendy, Junedale, PA - 6/29/2005
THANK YOU! You guys are REALLY good to deal with! I dont think i had customer realtions with anyone that would cooperate as well as you guys do. Great job! I'll make sure to spread your company name around.
- Jon, Lehighton, PA - 6/20/2005
thanks once again you guys are awesome and never have disappointed me thanks!!!!!!
- Keith, Newton, MS - 6/7/2005

I just wanted to say thanks everything looks great the shipping was fast and I got awesome customer service when I needed to change my order. You guys are great I'll definitely shop here again.

VVT. Emily

- Emily, Sammamish, WA - 6/3/2005

When I have done business with you all in the past, I have truly enjoyed the service and outstanding quality of body jewelry. I had taken out my earrings, but recently regauged them to a 14. I knew I could get great jewelry and at a reasonable price from you guys. Thanks for all you do and your kind replies. Can't wait to get my jewelry. Have a great day!


- Dana, Lancaster, SC - 5/24/2005
Thanks AGAIN for a fabulous product. The forged 14k CBRs w/ titanium bead are exquisite. The order got here very quickly. I am SO happy to have found your site. I've sent your site to both my sisters and I'm sure they'll be ordering from you. Thanks again for being such professionals.

F. Clement

- Fran, Novato, CA - 5/19/2005
thanks you guy are awesome love all the stuff ive ever gotten from here never been disapointed!!!!!!
- Keith, Newton, MS - 5/18/2005
I'm in the middle of Iraq, so you can guess that having to return something and deal with problems would be difficult. With you, I didn't have to. Your merchandise is wonderful, the information on the web site makes it easy to pick out exactly what I need and the shipping was fast. Thank you.


- Linda, Al Asad, Iraq - 5/15/2005
Once again, thanks for a quick and accurate order received. I used to suffer the hits and misses of Ebay and am happily dropping that in favor of your fast, professional, reliable service. Couldn't be happier. See you again soon.

thanks, Fran Clement

- Fran, Novato, CA - 5/15/2005
Hello. I just received my order of Provon and H2Ocean and am very impressed with how quick and professional your company is. Thanks so much for being so quick...the H2Ocean calmed down a very red cartilage piercing in seconds! What a relief. I'll be ordering again soon, thanks!

Sincerely, Fran Clement

- Fran, Novato, CA - 5/13/2005
Thank You So Much...I was so surprised Saturday morning to see the mailman with my belly button rings...Thank You for the quick turnaround...I Love You Guys...Denise
- Denise, Whittier, CA - 4/25/2005
hey guys, well, i got yet another lip ring from you guys and o fcourse service was fact im ordering an aftercare product while typing this :D.

hah, thanks. You guys rule

- Brandon, San Diego, CA - 4/4/2005
Thank you so much for your prompt shipping on my order I will be happy to buy from your company in the near future. One happy customer.

Tracey Shepherd

- Tracey, Fort Irwin, CA - 3/23/2005
Thank you!! - I love your website!! It is by far the best I have ever visited... :-)
- Jennifer, Canby, OR - 3/1/2005
Hello, I ordered the cats eye lip ring from you guys, and I have to say, I am very happy with it. It is exactly what I wanted and I will be bringing my business to SteelNavel again in the near future.

I'm already spreading the word to all my friends or anyone with piercings needs.

Thank you for the excellent service


- Brandon, San Diego, CA - 2/19/2005

Thank you very very much! This is definitely above and beyond as far as customer service goes. I'm always nervous about making purchases on line, but I won't hesitate to shop through your site in the future. Outstanding Customer Service!


Melonie Patrick

- Melonie, Portland, OR - 2/17/2005
Hi! I just had my new-piercing captive bead ring removed and can't wait to get some cool navel jewelry, that's why I love your site! You have so much cool stuff, exactly what I need to start a collection.

Thanks, Carrie

- Carrie, West Monroe, LA - 2/17/2005
I received my order today. Since this was to be a Christmas present, I was a little leery of ordering so close to the holiday, but it only took 4 days to get here!

Not only that, but these are for my son and I just want to say that the quality of these tools is fantastic. They are much better than I would have expected for the low price.

I have forwarded your address to my son so that he may start ordering from you himself.

Thanks for everything and Merry Christmas!

Karen Murray

- Karen, Westerly, RI - 12/16/2004

Just to confirm receipt of the above referenced Order in today's post. I'm very pleased with the Nose Bone, and equally pleased with the prompt shipment - it arrived in no time.

I came across your site during a web search for the Nose Bone in this smaller size. You can be sure I'll be back to do business with you again.

Many thanks.

Kathryn M. Munin

- Kathryn, Miami, FL - 10/18/2004
First, I'd like to thank everyone that helped me in my confusion as to what it was that I needed. I got my package today..... imagine... you sent it on Tuesday and I received it on the opposite coast today (Thursday). I am happy!! Everything was just as described and all of the suggestions for alternative styles work wonderfully. Thanks again and will definitely be back for more!!
- Vicky, Carolina Beach, NC - 10/14/2004
I just wanted to say that I recieved my earrings that I ordered and they got here in a flash, and I'll have to admit, they look beutiful in my ear! *smiles* Thank you for a great product and even more for getting them here so quickly, now I can sport my new jewelry, and I cant wait to show them off! Thanks! Can't wait to order some more.


- Jennifer, Odessa, TX - 10/9/2004

I received my order today. Total time from order to delivery was just over four days - not bad. The jewelry is absolutely perfect - I have decided to buy all of my jewelry from Your prices are absolutely the lowest retail I've ever seen, and the quality is definitely the best (both in product and service).

Thanks SteelNavel!

-=Patrick McGovern=-

- Patrick, Lombard, IL - 10/6/2004
Thank you for your swift & friendly service. Order arrived here in the UK whilst I was away on holiday, to the correct address!

Thanks much.

- Anonymous, , UK - 10/1/2004
Thanks for the excellent customer service, very rare these days!!!

kind regards

Joel Lippman
Florida PT Cruiser Club

- Joel, Coral Springs, FL - 9/23/2004
Aloha Lenore and Steel Navel Staff,
I just wanted to say thanks for the great service and products you guys are providing. Its better than dealing with the shops down here because some of the shops here don’t even carry what you guys carry. I am happy with all the products I have bought from Steel Navel. I am also happy with the shipping, my items arrived to Hawaii pretty quick! I would gladly recommend Steel Navel to friends. I already have recommended it to strangers here inquiring about the jewelry I bought. People should know about the great service and products Steel Navel provides.

Keep up the good work and I will be looking forward in doing business again.



- Josh, Honolulu, HI - 9/21/2004
You have a great site. The order was sent fast, and I was very pleased with the product, it was just as expected. Great work.


- Basil, , - 9/20/2004
Thanks for the update. We have loved working with your company. You guys are always on time and everything is smooth as silk. We've easily spent over $1000 the past two years with you, and we'll be back I'm sure. My wife looks great in SteelNavel's gold :)

You guys rock.

- Chris, Hays, KS - 9/17/2004
thank you very much. I never had customer service with an online company like you with Just wanted to let you know that I very much appreciate all your help.


ashlee barth

- Ashlee, Allentown, PA - 9/16/2004
hi there,
just wanted to say that my labrets with long curved spike arrived today. Wow!!!! Can't believe they arrived here so quickly as im over in the uk. The product is brilliant to, just what I was after. Will be recommending you to my friends great service. Well done and thanx very much.

mike c

- Michael, South Wales, United Kingdom - 8/17/2004
Just letting you know that I received this item in perfect condition. It is far more awesome than I had ever expected. Again, thank you very much for taking my order and shipping so quickly. I"M HAPPY!

Yours, David

- David, Tiro, OH - 8/12/2004
Order came today, no problem. They look to be good quality, fit good, feel fine, actually don't hardly know I have them in. Thank You for prompt service.

Peace, Danny Howland

- Danny, Abington, MA - 8/4/2004
Thank you very much, it was recieved and it is awesome. You rock alot, as you're the only place I've found that has 16ga pinchers. Please continue to expand your selection of jewelry, and if you get different colors or materials of pinchers for 16ga please contact me and i will purchase them. Thanks again!


- Daniel, Clarksburg, NJ - 7/24/2004
I just wanted to let you know that I really, really appreciate your service! The customer service at Steel Navel was very quick, efficient, and stress free. I again thank you for responding so quickly and for taking care of me. I will come back to shop again at Steel Navel without a hesitation because of it! =)

Rebecca Wallace

- Rebecca, Monroe Twp, NJ - 7/22/2004
Truly amazing service in product shipment and your notes letting me know what was to happen and when it did happen.

We will do this again. In the present the item is installed and perfect.

Thanks again,

Bill R.

- Bill, Butte, MT - 7/19/2004
Hi, I just wanted to thank your company for the great work you do. Although I have only ordered 2 items from you so far but I have been very pleased with the quality and speedy arrival. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

- Jennifer, Monrovia, MD - 7/8/2004

Thank you for the quick response and shipping of my replacements! I have been corresponding with John about the great customer service your company provides. As I mentioned to him, you have a permanent customer in me from now on.
Again, thanks!

God Bless!
Jason P

- Jason, Nashville, TN - 6/4/2004
hey Lenore,

a quick thank you for your great service & pleasant & easy conversation. I received your package today via usps, it arrived much sooner than I had anticipated (oh yeah!). The product is very nice & I look forward to trying them all out! I know where to go when I want some new stuff to play around with. :)-

best regards,

mike maccaro
new jersey

- Mike, Wayne, NJ - 6/3/2004

Just to let you know I received my order today. Six days, including the weekend, pretty quick! It got taxed (small value stuff usually doesn't), but that's the jerks at customs' fault, :) Will likely order from you again, your shipping rate to Canada is excellent. Thanks a lot!

-- Brendan

- Brendan, High River, Alberta, Canada - 6/2/2004
Thank you very much. This is the best body jewelry site to deal with. I have sent links to your site to all my friends, this is just another example of why I'll be back.

Again, thank you!


- Sean, Castle Rock, CO - 6/1/2004
My orders arrived today, thank you so much! Everything was perfect - just as pictured, in perfect condition, all the invoices in order... you guys are seriously the best, I'm always totally happy with your products and I always receive them very promptly. Thanks for the excellent- and personal- service, you've definitely got a loyal customer! :)


- Heather, West Plains, MO - 5/19/2004
Thank you for the beautiful jewelry and EXCELLENT service. It's true yours is a great business. Best online shopping experience and fastest delivery I've ever seen. I'm on the other side of the Pacific and still received my order within 5 days. I've had bad experiences shopping online too. I will definitely order from you in the future. I LOVE my titanium pinchers, thank you again.

---Nacole Clutter

- Nacole, , U.S. military - 4/28/2004
Good Morning,

Thanks for your fast excellent service!! I have had many wonderful shopping experiences from Steel Navel. The customer service staff is excellent and very fast and friendly with their responses. A few months back I lost the end to my 14k gold eyebrow barbell. I originally bought the ring from Steel Navel and had no clue what to order. I contacted your customer service to see if they could help me out, to my surprise the next day I got an email saying what I previously ordered, what I need to order and also some new barbell ends that just came out.

Steel Navel also has the largest selection of body jewelry. There is many different types of jewelry sizes and they are very affordable. Shopping for my sisters birthday on your site was very easy! I had in mind the design that I knew she would like, not knowing if your site had it. When I visited the site I found her perfect present and it was exactly what I was looking for. She was so happy with it and will also become a customer of yours in the future. Oh and the customer service rep that I emailed about leaving a happy birthday note for my sister deserves a thumbs up to!

Too bad I have only one body piercing you guys have great jewelry. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for the great shopping experiences and customer service. Have a great day!

-Tracy H

- Tracy, Worcester, MA - 4/14/2004
Thank you for shipping so quickly. I'm so impressed by that. You guys are geat!! Thank you!!

I've been pissed off by online shopping. Lots of uncomfortable things happened to me, so this time I was kind of scared. However, you guys were great!!! Quick shipping, well communication and great stuff! You guys are the BEST!! Thank you for the great service.

Arisa Kuki

- Arisa, San Marcos, CA - 4/12/2004
thanx, no questions, been very satisfied with the service that you have provided. I will definitely use your business as a personal pick to get my jewelry from within the past and I am sure my order will be at my finger tips, like with the last order, in a very short time. Just telling the truth, I have been very pleased with over-all business with you. I will be purchasing again from your company very soon ;)



- Jason, Docena, AL - 4/11/2004
Thank you so much!!! I appreciate the GREAT Customer Services!!!

I am proud of the AMAZING service I have been getting. Thank you for everything and have a GREAT DAY!

Thanks again, Mandy

- Mandy, Shakopee, MN - 3/31/2004
Second order in 2 weeks! Love your service! Good quality and great service!!
- Cheryl, Greenwood, IN - 3/29/2004
Thanks, I received the jewelry the other day, didn't have time to try them on. Did today and loved them. Great service, wonderful communication, Thanks!

Once again, thanks so much, I'll definitely use you in the future.


- Lorna, , - 3/27/2004
Your web site was actually the third one I found carrying 14k 20g nose bones. Your site was the first one to actually ship me what I wanted, and so very promptly. First site took 24 days, sent silver nose screw - second site took 18 days and sent 16 gauge bone - no way was it going into my nose hole! Thank you for excellent service - I will be a customer for life!!!!

- Lisa, Pt. St. Lucie, FL - 3/25/2004
Thanks, received the jewelry today. great doing buisness with you and look forward to doing buisness again.

Wayne Stover

- Wayne, Stanhope, NJ - 3/22/2004
Arrived in 2 days. Everything great and fits perfect. Thanks for another great deal.

- Dave, Rio Rancho, NM - 3/22/2004
I was very HAPPY with my order and will continue to order more GREAT jewelry from you. THANK YOU. What a GREAT BUSINESS!!!!!! Thanks again Lenore.

P.S. I can't say enough about the delivery very impressed!!!! Eva

- Eva, Conshohocken, PA - 3/18/2004
I ordered some ear plugs from you last week, and I must say, thank you! You have a really great selection, and were so fast; I placed my order on Thursday, and Saturday I had my jewelry! Great , great, great... thanks!
- Joseph, Los Angeles, CA - 3/16/2004
I've ordered from you twice, ordered from another on-line body jewelry company, the threads on their jewelry and quality is awful, your's is the size you say, there's pinch as they're not the correct size, you are awesome for delivery, size, and quality! Thank you!
- Jeanie, Millersburg, IN - 3/10/2004
Feel free to use my remarks; anything to spread the word. Sometimes shopping over the Internet can be trying and it's wonderful to find such a worry-free e-tailer like yourselves! I'll definitely spread the word to friends!

Thanks again and I look forward to future purchases from you guys!

Stay cool,


- Ann, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada - 3/10/2004
WOW am I impressed! The order arrived this morning. That was quick to Canada! Thank-you very much and I'm so very pleased with the jewelry! That was just a test run and your service was phenominal, I'll definitely be ordering again from you in the future! Great response, packaging, service, price and products!

Thank-you again!


- Ann, Abbotsford, Britsh Columbia, Canada - 3/9/2004
Great jewelry! Everything fits, everything rocks! The forged septum ring is very comfortable and I really like the way the flattened parts look.

I will definitely continue to order from you all!

greets, nina(h) pixie

- Nina, Alameda, CA - 3/8/2004
I have reached out to customer service with a few questions and have found you to be extremely helpful. Thanks for such great customer service!
- Anonymous, Glen Allen, VA - 3/4/2004
i love steelnavel!

fastest delivery time. ordered on feb 29th, recieved on mar 3rd. got what i wanted. thank you!

arch p., salt lake city, utah

- Arch, Salt Lake City, UT - 3/3/2004
Dear Steel Navel,

I recieved my white gold diamond nose screw today and it is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. I will do business with you in the future.

Thanks again, Teri

- Teri, Renton, WA - 2/25/2004
Thank you very much for the super quality of jewelry and shipping methods. Your website navigation for a particular piercing or material is phenomenal!


- Susan, Fort Worth, TX - 2/24/2004
Hello. My name is Nicole and I placed a small order with your company and I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU. I received an email informing me that my order was on backorder and would not ship for about another week. The next day I received an email that my order had shipped. When I got to my house that night there was my package!! I was very pleased with my purchase experience and I will definitely come back!! So thank you and keep up the good work!


- Nicole, Douglas, MA - 2/24/2004
I wanted to take a moment to tell you that Lenore is fabulous. I spent 3 days shopping the web for jewelry. Your site was not the cheapest I found, but Lenore was so friendly and helpful, I placed my order with her. I will make all of my future purchases with your company because the customer service is outstanding.

I am extremely happy with the quality of my jewelry, but even more with the way Lenore treated me. I have thanked her, but please pass along the message that she is absolutely fabulous.

Thank you,

Kris Jensen

- Kris, Sandy, UT - 2/24/2004
Hi there!

Just a note to let you know my things arrived today ! I SOOO love ordering from you - the pieces are even prettier in person than they were pictured on the site! And the note to let me know when the package shipped just tells me that you care about your customers - so appreciated .... keep up the great work and thank you so much!


- Debbie, New Baltimore, NY - 2/19/2004
I have bought from your website several times before and I just have to thank you guys for your great service. The items always ship very fast, and you have the best selection of jewelry I've seen. Keep up the good work. Once again, thanks!


- Nuri, McAllen, TX - 2/11/2004
I received my order. THANK YOU so much for the fast fast fast service.

I have already told and shown a few of my friends here my new items and am going to Dallas to a party this weekend and can't wait to show them as well.

You have quality items and GREAT service. Your hard work really does show in your presentation of the items and your service. Thanks again so much. I look forward to more purchases in the future.


- Susan, Little Rock, AR - 2/8/2004
I received my order sooner than expected.

Thank you very much,

Marzena Bielas

- Marzena, Staten Island, NY - 2/2/2004
Thank you so much for the prompt shipment, I received the package today. I will really enjoy my new jewelry and through research, had found your site to be the most cost effective available.

I am planning on ordering again from you in the future.

Thanks again.

Best regards, Tiffany

- Tiffany, El Segundo, CA - 1/22/2004
John- Thanks!! You guys are great!! Previous to this email I got the notice that my card had been credited. So, I knew that you guys had taken my suggestion into consideration.

I just got done telling a friend about how great your cust service is and then I received this email. This isn't the first time I've tipped my hat to you guys. I've gone back and forth with Lenore a couple times and she's been very helpful. Going as far as pointing me in the right direction for merchandise that you guys didn't carry at that time (nostril retainers). Which you carry now, because I'm picking up an extra (for my wife).

Anyway, I really appreciate your help and continued customer satisfaction as I continue to spread the word.

Keep up the good work!!

Regards- Christian

- Christian, South Bend, IN - 1/15/2004

I have a bunch of friends that also have peircings and I will make sure to tell them about your GREAT Prices and EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!!

- Heather, North Port, FL - 1/12/2004
Wow—your customer service is awesome. I really appreciate you prompt reply.

You are the best! Amazing customer service! Thanks—I will always shop with SteelNavel because of your service. Happy Holidays!


- Laura, Swampscott, MA - 12/18/2003

Thank you so much! I have read your testimonials, but now I know for myself that you guys are great! Thanks again! I look forward to doing much more business with you in the future!


- Colleen, Dearborn Heights, MI - 12/4/2003
I want to thank you for my order arriving here so soon even with a holiday in the middle! I'd think you were around the corner from my house if I hadn't seen the postmark! WOW! I've never had such a pleasurable shopping experience here on-line! I know I will be back, time and time again! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so EZ and wonderful!!!

Dirt Kat Ade

- Adrianne, Crystal City, MO - 11/13/2003
I just wanted to thank everyone at for running an excellent site! I have ordered several times from you and everytime my order has arrived soon after I ordered and it is ALWAYS satisfactory, I've never had a problem! thank you so much!


- T.M., Kannpolis, NC - 11/9/2003
I appreciate all the help, you guys are the best. I loved the merchandise and the customer service is awesome. Thank you very much. I promise not to email for a

It really has been the best experience shopping on the web that I have had. And quick replies to all my questions. Again you guys are great. I have already recommended you to my friends.

- Katie, Stonington, CT - 10/21/2003
I have looked ALL over the internet for an 18 jewel and this is the only site that has any selection. Thanks once again for all the help, I will definitely be ordering from this site in the future and recomending it to friends. Go ahead and use my customer comment, I have only good things to say about your web site and customer service.

Elishia Al-Anzi

- Elishia, Marysville, WA - 10/8/2003
I really appreciate you giving me a credit for the sales difference. :) I know you weren't obligated to do it, so, thank you so very much! I will be back to buy more from your site in the future. So, thanks again, from a very happy customer.

Kathy Blair

- Kathy, Pendleton, OR - 9/26/2003
Thanks so much for checking out the reverse loop jewelery for me. Yes, I did notice that their prices are much higher, which is why I haven't purchased from them. I get my products from Steel Navel very quickly and have been very satisified with the products and prices. I'll keep watching, and hopefully you will get these items in the near future, hint hint, lol. You can be assured I will be purchasing from Steel Navel. Thanks again for the investigative work.
- Kelly, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada - 9/23/2003
really appreciate you holding my order and writing me so quickly..businesses like you are the ones i keep going back to and recommend to others…
- Carrie, Everman, TX - 9/19/2003
Hello, I recently purchased some jewelry online and recieved my order today. I am extremely pleased with my order and hope to do more buisness with your company in the future! Thank You.

Jahque Hill

- Jaqhue, Pontiac, MI - 9/18/2003
Hi Amy, You are just a living doll! That's the main reason I keep coming back to you. You are always watching out for your customers' best interests. That's a quality often lost or disregarded in the less conscientious sales people, and all too often goes unappreciated or rewarded in the great sales people like yourself. Please know how much I appreciate all your kind attention and advice.

Blue skies,

- Janet, Encinitas, CA - 9/16/2003
You guys are THE BEST. I've loved everything I've ordered from you and plan to do a lot more shopping in the future!!

Thanks again for all your help.


- Kathleen, Black Diamond, WA - 9/9/2003
Ordered from you before, service was great!
- Joe, Red House, WV - 9/4/2003
Steel Navel,

I would just like to take a moment to say that your company is by far the best Internet Mail order company that I have ever dealt with. Even for parts that were special order I was surprised how quickly that they got to me. I look forward to doing business with you in the future, and I have found my loyalty.

Thanks again

David Cline

- David, Buffalo, NY - 9/4/2003
Thanks again Folks......Excellent as always...Recieved this order today.


- Marcia, Paisley, Canada - 9/3/2003
Thank you for your prompt response taking into consideration the holiday weekend. I appreciate what you are doing and customer service is #1 to me and it is what keeps me shopping long term. I like the quality and prices of everything I have received so far and plan to keep shopping with you, again thank you very much and keep up the good work.
- E.G., Albuquerque, NM - 9/3/2003
I was impressed with your company's selection and will be ordering again from you soon.


- Mike, Cottage Grove, MN - 9/2/2003
Yes for sure you can use my comments for your feedback page.You might even want to add this to it too. Thanks alot for the response and explanation. Great service yet again on e-mails as well. I will certainly do more business with you guys. I am looking at getting my wife some gold nipple rings and see you offer such items so I will be getting in touch soon.

Thanks again.


- Marin, Surrey, BC - 8/20/2003

I just purchased your playboy three dangler belly curved barbell and it was sent the very day and I recieved it 2 days later and thats shipping to canada with customs and all. Fantastic service and nice product.



- Martin, Surrey, BC - 8/19/2003
I received my navel piece today, this was the first time I have purchased anything from your company and I must say - I AM impressed! The shipping was faster than fast, the item is really beautiful! I will be shopping with yall again needlessly to say!

Love & Light

- Noreen, Houston, TX - 7/10/2003
Your jewelry is the best!!!! Every naval curved barbell I have bought at a "boutique" has broken or the end just unscrewed itself and was lost. But not the jewelry from I've never had one break or had the end loosen and fall off. And I paid 40% less ordering from you. Keep up the great work!!
Houston, TX

- Chris, Houston, TX - 7/8/2003
Thanks again Amy! I must say it is truly a pleasure doing business with Steel Navel. Your service is outstanding!
- Lisa, Jacksonville, FL - 7/3/2003
Thank you.
Received the order yesterday and it is exactly what I wanted. I know I will be ordering more from you again.

- David, Memphis, TN - 6/28/2003
thank you so much for your response and your help, I have really enjoyed your services and have already recommended steel navel to all my friends... thanks again!
- Nancy, Apple Valley, MN - 6/23/2003
You are more than welcome to use my comments in your feedback page. Feel free to use whatever you want.
You guys rock!
I will definitely be coming back to you guys first for any future purchases i need to make,

- Fernando, Davis, CA - 6/18/2003
This is my third of fourth purchase from you guys and would be lying if i said that i was in the least bit disappointed with your company. I've always been treated well at Steel Navel and that’s why I keep coming back. Thanks again,

- Fernando, Davis, CA - 6/17/2003
Thanks Amy! You all are wonderful to deal with. You make shopping a pleasure.

Louasia Lewis-Stewart

- Louasia, Colonial Heights, VA - 6/5/2003
Thank you for letting me know the order was received. I have had excellent service from your company in the past, which is the reason I continue to order from

Charles Wm. Drew

- Charles, St. Peters, MO - 6/4/2003
Thank you for adjusting my order and shipping it so quickly! I would like to add that I have ordered body jewelry from your company at least 5 times now and have always been completely satisfied and pleased with your service. Your prices are competitive,your selection and information are impressively extensive, your customer service is swift and pleasant, and your orders are processed and shipped surprsingly fast. Ordering from you is painless and very dependable and I will continue to use you for all of my body jewelry needs and delight in recommending you to my friends. Thank you and please keep up the great work! Have a pleasant day.


Maika Keuben

- Maika, Seattle, WA - 5/29/2003
thank you for responding so quickly! I have tried ordering jewelry online before and had problems with the company and I ended up having to wait over 3 weeks to receive my order and then I was not satisfied with the jewelry anyways so I won't be ordering from them again. I'll stick with steel navel. You have a better selection anyways. I'm glad I came across your company. Again, thank you for your quick response!
Crystal Turner

- Crystal, Golden, CO - 5/16/2003
I am liking you guys more and more. You treat people fair and seem very responsive. Not common in today's world. Finding people with good karma these days is a find.


- Grant, Sunrise, FL - 5/13/2003
I just received my first Steel Navel order and it's great! Your quality and business professionalism is outstanding!

Thanks for providing such excellent service!

- Mary, Brainerd, MN - 5/5/2003
Hi i love in canada and the jewerly selections are not great for deep navel piercing..i need a 1/2" post and you are the only site that i have found that has cute stuff for deep piercing, although i cannot change mine yet i am already picking what i want from your site and will order it, great job!!! beautiful selection :) your site is now on my favorites and will be my one and only stop for my jewerly...thanks


- Kim, , Canada - 5/1/2003
thank you so much!!! I mailed everything out today. thanks for being so nice about returning this. I will recommend your company to all of my friends. thanks again
Kim Reese

- Kim, Valparaiso, IN - 4/29/2003
Thanks Lenore for you fast shipment and and being so accomodating. Once again you put the C in customer service. My order was shipped on Friday, and i received my item on Saturday., just as promised. Thanks again for the beautiful pearl.

- Carla, Huntington Beach, CA - 4/21/2003
Steel Navel,

I just got my order today for the 2 forged captive bead earrings. I must say that was really fast. Thanks for a great product, and prompt service, I got the package the same day the charge for them cleared at the bank!! Thanx again.

Peace :)


- Scott, Jacksonville, FL - 4/16/2003
Thank you so much, I look forward to recieving my jewelry! Your site was wonderfully organized and so easy to navigate....Thanks again!


- Aubree, Chicago, IL - 4/11/2003
Thought I would send you guys some feedback, just wanted to say thanks for your patience - I got my jewelry today and it was great, much better size. I ordered once from you guys before, last year, and you were great to deal with then, too, so I'll order again if I need anything. Thank you.

- Sheena

- Sheena, Calgary, AB - 4/7/2003
Thanks a ton! I'll be sure and recommend your store to anyone looking for jewelry.

- Justin, Bainbridge Island, WA - 4/7/2003
i've had the run around with other internet companies today, so doing business with you has been most pleasurable!

FREEBIES!!! DISCOUNTS!! i love it...not discounts on cheap stuff, but really useful things. I found the discounts amazing!

i hope to be ordering more in the future and will certainly pass my experience to my navel pierced friends!

have a great day, Diane

- Diane, Hollidaysburg, PA - 4/3/2003
Once again I received my order in record time! I love the jewelry as always and could not be happier…

Thank you, Becky

- Becky, Appleton, WI - 3/21/2003
I was really impressed by the variety of choices on your website. So much easier than going to a piercing shop or tattoo parlor, plus much better selection. I'll definitely use you guys again!
Again, thank you!


- Andrew, Boston, MA - 3/20/2003
Thank you for the extremely fast shipping - I didnt expect my earring until next week and here it was today! I am very satisfied with your website's ease of ordering, the fast shipment and the great quality of the earring itself. I will definitely be back!

Thanks again
Margaret Gilbert

- Margaret, Newington, CT - 3/14/2003
I LOVE my new jewelry!!! Thank you for making sure I received my jewelry replacement in time for my trip. I appreciate all your help with this and my return!
Janet Merschman

- Janet, Bemidji, MD - 3/12/2003
Order arrived and already replaced my 8 gauge with the new 6 gauge! IT is great, and i can't wait till i am ready to go up to a 4 gauge, I will definitely buy from you all again and tell everyone I know that is in need of body jewelry about you all. Thanks again!


- Gary, Concord, NC - 3/12/2003
Thank You for the interest in my comments. Sure you can use them. Thanks for considering my privacy, also. You definitely have it together. Outstanding service & great quality merchandise.Keep up the good work! Ann M.
- Ann, Surfside Beach, SC - 3/12/2003
I've been meaning to write to say a huge THANKS for such quick shipping and such wonderful jewelery! I just made my second order. My first amazed me - so much nicer than anything I can find locally - except at my piercer's - but he carries mostly gold decorative navel stuff and I can't use gold yet! *pouts* LOL !

Anyway - I just wanted to say thank you !

Debbie Koman

- Debbie, New Baltimore, NY - 3/11/2003
Great service! I'm impressed! Definitely a favorite!
- Ann, Surfside Beach, SC - 3/10/2003
First let me say thank you for caring about the customers satisfaction! Don't get that much in real life, much less in internet purchases. --- SO THANKS

You are great, and I look forward to doing business again!!!!

Gary Dozier
Concord NC

- Gary, Concord, NC - 3/7/2003
Just wanted to take the time to thank you again for all that you went through. i am excited to get my new rings living here in the boonies of alaska, i dont get a much chance to make it to town. will visit your site again in the near future..


- Robert, Port Alexander, AK - 3/4/2003
i just wanted to drop you all a line saying that you have great service and products! i ordered from you recently and received my order VERY quickly! and i am VERY happy with what i ordered, and can't wait to order form you all again soon! even ordered something for a friend's birthday. will pass on your company name to my friends! thanks again, amy scott :)
- Amy, Rabbit Hash, KY - 2/26/2003
My jewelry arrived on Saturday, and I love it! Thanks for a great product & great service.

- Diane, Jackson, NJ - 2/4/2003
Thanks so much for personally responding to my request. I do appreciate your company's policy of not selling my information to a third party.

I don't have a problem with receiving the monthly newsletter. I don't always have the time to view any new items you may have listed on your website.

Again, thanks for the reassurance regarding my personal information. I can only wish that other companies were as concerned for their customer's privacy as Steel Navel is.

Have a great day.


- Donna, Woodbridge, Va - 1/28/2003
You know I have got to tell you that your customer service has been outstanding. I really appreciate the attention that you have given me. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Thank You,

Lois Jean Casamento

- Lois, Clinton, MD - 1/23/2003
I would be more than happy to have you use my quote. I truly cannot believe how quickly I received my jewelry. I ordered it on Tues and received it on Thursday...OF THE SAME WEEK!! That is what I call customer service!! Thanks again!!


- Sandra, Los Angeles, CA - 1/17/2003
Unreal!!! I just received my jewelry. Thanks so much for the prompt service!!

- Sandra, Los Angeles, CA - 1/16/2003
Hi, I placed an order with you guys on Friday 12/20/02, and I received it on Saturday and I'm very pleased with the product and fast service. Also, I would like to thank Lenore for accomodating my order at such short notice. I look forward to ordering from you guys again. Thanks Carla Horne
- Carla, Orange, CA - 12/23/2002

I did get it right after I sent the request. Thanks for the quick response. Great site by the way. Very easy to use.


- Steve, Aurora, IL - 12/16/2002
Thank you!!! Your site is awsome.. I just recently (2 days ago) got my belly button and nose done.. so I am now shopping for some more jewelry.. I have told everybody I know about ya'll... Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Mindy, Denham Springs, LA - 12/13/2002
Thank you so much and look forward to getting it and wearing it. I tell all my friends about your company and how good and easy to order from you guys and also the large selection that you have. I am a very satisfied customer and will continue to tell all my friends about your company and website. Thanks again


- Danny, Baton Rouge, LA - 12/5/2002
I received my order yesterday and am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for a quick delivery. If I need jewelry in the future I will use Steel Navel.

Thanks again,

Gwyn Salamun

- Gwyn, Rapid City, SD - 11/26/2002
Thank you for your quick response to my question. You appear to be very much driven by your customers' satisfaction.

You are welcome to use my comments on you site.

Thank you for your help, your site, and the smile in your writing.


- Christine, Calgary, AB - 11/21/2002
I must say that you have the most extensive collection of jewelry that I have found to date. I can only wear gold in my piercings and you have the best selection. Judging from your customer comments, I am not the only one who seems glad to have found you.
- Christine, Calgary, AB - 11/20/2002
Best Customer Service ever!! Thanks for making it so easy to order and get what I want and need. I do tell all my friends. And they agree!! Thanks for being AWESOME!!!


- Tonya, Fresno, CA - 11/8/2002

Received the 2 UV acrylic plugs today, that's pretty darn quick.. Thanks, they are already in 'place' :}}


- rudeboy, Hilliard, OH - 10/25/2002
You guys rock! Fantastic quality. Super prices. Great selection. Awesome delivery. I placed an order on a Wednesday and I received it on Saturday. CA to WI in less than four days. Count on me to be a customer for life. I'm spreading the word to my pierced friends. Thanks. Richard "Ric" W Wilke
- Richard, Milwaukee, WI - 10/19/2002
LOVE your merchandise and your service!!
- Cynthia, Oxford, MI - 10/19/2002
Thanks for your fantastic service!!!

I have always found dealing with American companies on here such a hassle it was just such a nice change to have such a smooth transaction !!
Keep up the good work.


- Chris, Auckland, New Zealand - 10/3/2002
Thank you for your great service. I received the nice piece you sent in a very timely manner. It is nice to shop your interesting selection and have it shipped so promptly.


- Edward, Gainesville, FL - 9/27/2002
Hello, I am writing to comment on the service I received from Your site was very easy to navigate through, I found exactly what I was looking for in no time flat. I ordered and received my package within 3 days. I got exactly what I ordered, which usually isnt the case when ordering online. Thanks for such prompt, great service.

One truely satisfied customer…
Mary Culmo

- Mary, Ansonia, CT - 9/5/2002
I received my order today and I am so impressed with everything. I will be recommending your store to everyone I know!! I will definitely do all my shopping here for body jewelry! Thank you so much and for being so quick with responding and shipping...4 days from order to delivery!


- Becky, Appleton, WI - 8/19/2002
I really like your website and how it is put together. It is so much easier than all the rest. And good prices. This is my first time doing business with Steel Navel which is why I chose you.
- Lei, Jonesborough, TN - 8/8/2002
Hey Lenore -
I would be most honored if you used my comments. I meant every word! Have you had any customers from Truro, Nova Scotia? Or Nova Scotia? I am going to get more piercings done and I am going to tell my piercer about your great site. I mean it really is great!
Keep up the good work!

- Ann Marie, Truro, Nova Scotia - 8/8/2002
Hello, my name is Annie and I think you website is the best! Great selection, great prices, great customer support.
PS - John is great!

- Ann Marie, Truro, Nova Scotia - 8/6/2002
Thanks for the prompt response! I placed an order on your web site today for the replacement o-rings. I've asked several different sites for the same information I asked you and many never even responded, the one who did told me the wrong size and I ordered the wrong o-rings. Thanks again for the help!
- Kimberly, Hiddenite, NC - 7/30/2002
I have to say I thought the call about my shipping address was above and beyond the call of duty. I was very impressed that your policy is to question the shipping address when the name and address differ from the credit card address. It makes great policy and I should think it makes a bit more work but the secure feeling is great customer relations.

Thank You,

Jim Lacy

- Jim, Salem, MA - 7/30/2002
Thank you. =) Great stuff....The helix has been so far the best thing as far as comfort goes for my navel. I love it!


- Madison, Memphis, TN - 7/22/2002
To whom it may concern,

Just wanted to let you know that i just placed my very first order with your company.I was very pleased with your prices as they seem much lower than other places i have checked out.Thanks so much and i cant wait until my order arrives.

Jill Dupre

- Jill, Canastota, NY - 6/27/2002
Hi. Thank you so much for all your help. You have been so nice and helpful-just terrific customer service! Besides having what I have found to be the best selection of body jewelry on the internet you are also good to your customers. I have several friends and family members who wear body jewelry and I will definitely be sure to recommend your store to them. I am sure I will be ordering from you again myself when the need arises. Thanks and best wishes. Sally Sapp
- Sally, Maryville, IL - 6/20/2002
Just wanted to say thanks. The website is easy to navigate, and my order arrived quickly. I'm sure you don't hear a lot of raves, so thank you for the great service!

tresa ayres

- Tresa, Mason, OH - 6/16/2002
Thank you so much for the beautiful CBR's! I love them and they are just perfect for what I needed! I just wanted to let ya'll know how pleased I was with your body jewlery.



- Christine, Ruskin, FL - 6/11/2002
Your customer service is amazing! I can't wait until my sister gets her piercing so that I can buy her some of the fabulous jewelry your site has to offer. Thank you so much!!!
- Katie, Inverness, IL - 6/9/2002
I received my labret stud this past week (only 3 days after I ordered it!), and I absolutely love it! My piercer put it in for me, and he said it's a beautiful piece of jewelry! Not only is it beautiful, but the price was amazing! I am so pleased with the service of your company that I will only buy body jewelry from you guys from now on! I've gotten so many compliments on the jewelry already, and I tell everyone where I got it! Thank you so much for restoring my faith in online service! You guys are awesome!


- Mary, Richmond, IN - 6/6/2002
I ordered a playboy bunny naval ring and it is beautiful - the picture doesn't do it justice! Your service is unbelievable I ordered it on a Saturday and it was waiting in my mailbox on Tuesday - Unbelievable!!!!

Thanks for your great customer service - I will not only order from you again, but I will also send new customers your way.

Heidi Hankin

- Heidi, Mequon, Wisconsin - 6/3/2002
Thanks for your help--I have placed my order with you! You guys have a great selection.

Thanks again,


- Courtney, Riva San Vitale, Switzerland - 5/30/2002
Sure go ahead and use my comments any where you would like to. I didn't realize that you had a feed back area or I would have left the comments there as well. Just as a side note, my wife LOVED the jewelry too. Again thanks for everything and tell John he is the best.

Tom Haupenthal

- Tom, Muskego, WI - 5/29/2002

Last week I wrote to you about a piercing I received with a missing stone. Today I received a complete new piercing with all included! I just have to thank you for the best service and the fastest delivery I've ever got! Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to order from you again in the future!

Best regards, Linda Gunnerud, Norway :-)

- Linda, Skien, Norway - 5/28/2002
Hi John,
I just wanted to thank you for reshipping the jewelry so quickly. I received it and was able to give it to my wife on saturday as I had planned. I am very pleased and very impressed with your company. You have earned a customer for life. Again thank you very much.

Tom Haupenthal

- Tom, Muskego, WI - 5/26/2002
You guys are an awesome vendor- I will definitely use you again for the future, and appreciate all of the help via both email and over the phone. Keep up the good work!

-Nina Hollenberg

- Nina, Alameda, CA - 5/15/2002
Hi Lenore
Thanks so much for all your help. i ordered the 7/16 ring. I just got it and I love it. You said the 14k with the stones was beautiful but I didn't imagine this beautiful. The picture on the site did it no justice. I will be getting my belly re-pierced next week. After I heal I will order all future rings from you. The quality is great as well as the price. Couldn't believe how fast I got it. I guess it helps to not live too far from you. I will tell my friends about your site. Thanks again for all your help


- Kristy, Newbury Park, CA - 5/9/2002
All Steel Navel personnel,
I am absolutely impressed with your company. I ordered 2 nose bones on Saturday and was thrilled when I received them on Thursday. I had ordered some nose bones from a different company and it took over a month to get them. So from now on, I will be buying all of my body jewelry from you and I will be telling everyone I know about your site and tell them how great you are. Thank You and you will be getting other orders from me very soon.

Deanne O'Connor

- Deanne, Negaunee, MI - 5/2/2002
Well, thank you for getting back to me so quickly!
and thank you for being so understanding!


take care!


- Jennifer, Lawrenceville, NJ - 4/30/2002

Thank you. All the replacement information is correct. I would like you to know that has the best customer sevice I have had with any retail web site.

Thanks again

- Lynn, Inman, SC - 4/27/2002
I would just like to inform you of how helpful and easy-to-do your shipping information and the letters sent via e-mail to me to let me know about my shipment. It means a lot to me that costumer service is still around somewhere and I hope that you have a great business week and a great weekend. Again, thank you for the great work! I received my bellybutton ring today! It is awesome!! Thank you again.
       A very happy customer!!! Liberty Ayn.

- Liberty, Colcheter, VT - 4/25/2002
It was a challenge but, even though my nose is my most senative piercing!!!!! I love my first, and maybe my only, nose bone! I may never change it!!!! I ordered the 14kt gold nose bone for the great price of 10.00.

Thanks for a great deal. My Piercer recommended your company!!!


- Misty, Marysville, WA - 4/21/2002
Wow there really is a lot I should know. Thank you so much for the in depth e-mail. I don't think I have ever had such a fast and detailed response from any C.S. rep :) I really appreciate it. Have a great day.


- Tina, , - 4/19/2002
Thank you for your attentiveness to my concerns. I took a guess on the 14 gauge and received it this evening and am wearing it now. I am very satisfied with my purchase and service.

Thank you again!!

- Sue, , NJ - 4/18/2002
I have received my package today and I LOVE MY ORDER. I will be doing business with you in the future so I can buy some more of your body jewelry. You have made me a VERY SATISFIED customer with your prompt delivery and keeping me informed about my order and delivery status.

Thank you so much
Ms. Thomasina Jordan

- Thomasina, Brooklyn, NY - 4/17/2002
i love this site...i have never seen such a great section of labret jewelry in soo many different sizes. I am gonna definitely order something soon or make my b/f buy me one :-)


- Amber, , - 4/17/2002
Jus wanted to drop ya a note…Your site is by far the best one I've seen so far…I'm just getting into piercings, thanks to finally getting out of the Army…This site will get many a paycheck from me!
- Eric, , - 4/12/2002
Once again- my name is Traci and I appreciate the reply and the success of changing the size of my order- I look forward to shopping with steelnavel again. Thanks Again :) Traci
- Traci, Port Charlotte, FL - 4/8/2002
This is by far the best Web Site for ordering Body Enhancement Jewelry, the whole process to order and ship has been simple. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and will use your service in the future.

Thank You Very Much,

Mike McDaniel

- Mike, Columbia, SC - 4/5/2002
I love the way you guys run business and I'm sure to buy more in the future.
- Dena, Louisville, KY - 4/2/2002
Wow, you are awesome, and yes I am your new advocate. I have already given your web address to thirty people!! I'm getting ready to place my order now!!!!!! Thanks... Lesa
- LesaBlue, , - 3/29/2002
I got my order today. I have to say I was impressed with the packaging that you use to be able to accept returns and such. My order was perfect though, so I won't be needing to return anything.

- Jeremy, Dodge City, KS - 3/29/2002
I received my jewelery and I'm sooooo very happy with it! I will be ordering more! Thanks so much!
- Tonya, Fresno, CA - 3/28/2002
Perfect. You are shipping exactly what I asked for and want--thank you.
What a pleasure it is doing business with your company--I will certainly frequent your site. Thanks again! Laurel

- Laurel, Brecksville, OH - 3/21/2002
Thank you, I received my order, your prices are GREAT.
- Kim, Carlsbad, CA - 3/11/2002
I just wanted to say thank you for making this shopping experience a great one! Of all the web
orders I have placed this has been the best. My email was answered quickly and I recieved the items on Friday, just 2 days after placing my order. Plus, I LOVE the jewlery!
Thanks again. Kimberly Miller

- Kimberly, Montgomery, NY - 3/4/2002
I just got my new jewelry in the mail yesterday, and wanted to thank you for the friendly and
prompt service I received...even with an exchange!

I look forward to doing more business with you. :)

Pauline Duvall

- Pauline, Alemeda, CA - 3/1/2002
Dear SteelNavel,
I just received my order and I am impressed by your quality of jewelry. All I can say is that add me on to your list of loyal customers!!!

Grace Rollins,
Ewa Beach, Hawaii

- Grace, Ewa Beach, HI - 2/28/2002
WOW!!! I'm impressed with your service. I placed my order on Monday, it shipped Tuesday, and I received it on Wednesday. I will most definitely order from your company again!

Cindy Parker

- Cindy, Laguna Niguel, CA - 2/26/2002
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent customer service. I order many products from all over the web, but I have to say that Steel Navel's service is unparalleled. I received my product two days after I placed my order. I am definitely recommending Steel Navel to all of my friends! Thank you for your wonderful service.

Kimberlee Thompson

- Kimberlee, Helena, MT - 2/18/2002
I just wanted to let you know that I received the product today, and I am
very satisfied. Thank you!

Dorothy Collins

- Dorothy, Dorchester, MA - 2/6/2002
Thanks for the great new jewelry. I love it. It was easy to order from your company and I appreciated the quick response to my questions about size and gauge. You are on my favorites list!! I have a feeling you will be hearing from me again soon. Thanks again.
- Teresa, , - 2/4/2002
I just recieved my jewelry fom you guys, and I want to tell you how excellent my stuff is.... I think you have the greatest stuff I ever seen. I love the exchange process you have, I feel very trustworthy about buying things from look forward to doing more business in the furure. I'm wearing all my jewelry that i bought and I will be telling other people about your service.......thank you very much, ....sincerly, one very satisfied customer........Michelle.
- Michelle, Forestvill, MD - 1/25/2002
Once again, I'd like to thank you for your assistance today. I am most impressed with your courtesy and helpfulness. I have placed the order for my daughter's belly ring per your instructions and will keep your site in mind for all future orders. Thanks again.

Dale Chasteen

- Dale, Key Largo, FL - 1/18/2002
Thank you very much for your quick response. I appreciate you changing my order and getting back to me. I look forward to giving you my future business of Body Jewelry purchases. Thanks again.

- Teddy, Danbury, CT - 1/7/2002
WOW...thank you soo much! I greatly appreciate your quick response..your crediting me back for the defective item. It is a pleasure to be able to deal with a company such as this and I look forward to doing business with your company in the future...and will continue to recommend your site to others as well. You have displayed great customer attention.

Again thank you for quick response. I am thoroughly pleased! I look forward to receiving the replacement.


Dawn Wagner

- Dawn, Thronton, CO - 1/3/2002

Just wanted to take a moment to say THANKS to you and all your staff...I have placed thousands or orders via the internet...most of which I have either had to return or exchange....Recently I placed an order with your company and after only about 3 days I recieved my order in perfect condition and with 100% accuracy...This was a last minute gift for x-mas that i wasn't even sure if I would get in time but thanks to the speedy and accurate way my order was handled I have the gift in perfect condition before x-mas....Thanks very much.... I hope you and all your family at work and at home have a very happy holiday season.…

Ron Anderson

- Ronald, Roanoke, VA - 12/20/2001
Hello Lenore: Thank you so much! Although the piercings in this family are currently restricted to my incredible daughter, my experience with your company makes me almost want to get pierced too. My daughter's middle name is Lynore...a beautiful sound. Thanks for all. Kathlene
- Kathlene, Santa Barbara, CA - 12/20/2001
I just wanted to write a quick note and let you all know what a great job you do! I placed an order on Monday (the week before Christmas) and received the item already today...Wednesday...only 2 days after placing the order! That is UNBELIEVABLY FAST SERVICE.

This is the second time I've placed an order, and I know I'll place more in the future.

Great Company...Great Service. THANK YOU!


- Patricia, Fernandina Beach, FL - 12/19/2001
That would be great, I really appreciate it. You guys have a great selection and customer service. Thanks for the info on the different measurements. I will definitely be ordering from you again.


- Nicole, Eielson AFB, AK - 12/17/2001
thanks a whole lot. your website is great, and your prices are far better than some other websites out there. you offer some awesome stuff that I havent seen any where else. keep up the good work.

Chris "cRazY waDs" Wadsworth

- Chris, Fox River Grove, IL - 12/7/2001
Hi Lenore,

This is Valerie!! I've just placed an order... I enjoy shopping at Thanks for your excellent customer service once again!  

Valerie Au Young

- Valerie, San Francisco, CA - 11/23/2001
I just wanted to tell you that after visiting over 20 jewelry sites, you guys have the best site for navigation, selection, price, and ease of use. Keep up the great work. I'll be ordering more and sending all my friends to you!
- Nicole, Pasadena, CA - 11/16/2001
I got the T-shirt yesterday (saturday)...WOW, what a quick delivery! I'm impressed! Thanks.

- Sue, Florence, NJ - 11/11/2001
I would just like to say how pleased I am with my "lippy Loop" labret jewelry. It fits perfectly and is extremely well made. Plus, the ends are threaded so I can revers the piercing should I choose. My ony gripe is that they are externally threaded. I would gladly pay a few more dollars for a piece of jewelry that doesn't irritate my piercing. But other than that you folks rock. Keep up the good work.

Rajeev Desikan

- Rajeev, Gainesville, FL - 11/10/2001
I would just like say you guys have the best and fastest mailorder i have ever used, i ordered saturday night online, and had my barbells by wednsday afternoon! Your prices are very good also and the packaging you use eliminates the possiblity of tampering and knowing if the jewelery is used. thanks you guys rule by far! Shawn C.
- Shawn, Little Ferry, NJ - 11/7/2001
Dear John,

Thanks. I received the order a couple of weeks ago. It's exactly what I was looking for! Couldn't find it over here in Europe so I'm glad I found you. Funny thing is, I'm actually from So. Cal.

- Dave, Geneva, CH - 11/7/2001
greetings......thank you for letting me know when the package shipped, and I recieved it promptly on monday afternoon. With that kind of service, I'll be sure to do business with you again, as well as recommend you to any of my friends. Thanks again, patrick barcus
- Patric, Toccoa, GA - 11/6/2001
You guys have been great and I'll recommend you to anyone I think would be interested in your stuff.


- Andrew, , - 11/6/2001
I just wanted to take a second and tell you how great I think your company is. The email receipt, order confirmation, shipping notices...that is how all e-business should run. I just recieved my first order from you and the jewelry is fantastic. I went back to your site to order two more. I do quite a bit of shopping on line and I have had both good and bad experiences. I just thought I should take the time to let you know you are absolutely one of the businesses doing it right! I will be back again, and I will tell others about you. Thanks again.

Marion Reeves

- Marion, Chico, CA - 11/1/2001 Customer Service,
I received my jewelry this afternoon, thank you so much. I love it and just ordered from you again! Thanks for your cooperation, I look forward to my new purchase.
Erin Sauchelli

- Erin, Watchung, NJ - 10/15/2001
Things are great! Everything was perfect with the order...nice job! You shipped fast, labeled everything clearly, got the whole order right, told me how to return things, wrote clear instructions, and even sent a sticker for any return I needed! A little more expensive but worth it.

Take care, be strong, and keep up the great work!


- Robert, Seattle, WA - 10/13/2001
Thanks for this notification and the other order confirmations you've sent. Very helpful. This is the third company I've contacted to order jewelry for my piercing. The other two companies were awful. One shipped the wrong size/color items. The other took over a month to ship and the jewelry arrived with a nick in the metal. I sent my orders back to both companies. Your company has sent the most helpful confirmations of the order to keep me updated so I have high hopes. Don't let me down! :-)


- Robert, Seattle, WA - 10/6/2001
Thank yo so much. I'm sorry if i seem pushy. I can only imagine that things are a little hectic for you trying to ship things. I really enjoy your site. I buy all my jewelry from your site. Thank you very much
Thank you,

Zakk Rohrlack

- Zakk, Sumter, SC - 9/20/2001
I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out with the spike! It looks awesome. It's exactly what I wanted. Perfecto! And the shipping time was shorter than I expected. I recieved it on the 18th.. Thanks for everything man....


- Wiliam, Orange, CA - 9/19/2001
I just want to thank you for the fantastic order that I just received. It was a pleasure doing business with your company. You kept me highly informed. Three e-mail telling me about the order was beyond and above normal customer service. Thanks for keeping me informed, and keep up the good work. The quality of your goods meet my highest expectations. Once again, keep up the EXCELLENT customer service. I will be doing business again.
Thank you,

- Charles, San Marcos, CA - 8/22/2001
I love my barbell!!! It is perfect! I got it in 2 days! That is FAST!!! I'm so glad you are so good to your customers. It definitely makes me want to satisfy all of my piercing needs with you. = )


- Meagen, .., MO - 8/16/2001
thank you....i will be placing another order with your company soon due to I am very satisfied with your jewlery.


- Jaci, Oklahoma City, OK - 8/16/2001
It isn't very easy to find a 5/16" 16 guage barbell, but luckily I found it here. It is just perfect...not only is it the perfect size and gauge that I have been looking for, it is also the surgical steel that I wanted, it's curved, AND it has the 1/8" balls on it.


- Meagen, .., MO - 8/11/2001
Hey i just would like to thank you for your site, it's soo hard to find 18g and 16g piercings for my rook and tregus, your site is awesome.. I love the lay out it's easy to get around, even the slowest person (like me) can understand it. Your siteeeee rockz!!!
~ Jessika

- Jessica, Fredericksburg, VA - 8/10/2001
Dear Steel Navel,
I sincerely appreciate your time and effort in placing my order.. Sorry about any complications! I look forward to doing business with you again.

Thank you,
Miranda Wilton

- Miranda, Croghan, NY - 8/8/2001
Thank you very much for your prompt service with my order. I truly appreciate the help you've given me. Thanks again,
Greg Hoeker

- Greg, Cleveland, OH - 7/30/2001
Your site is easy to get around in and you are very fast at shipping things out. =)


- Karen, Wichita, KS - 7/16/2001
To Whom It May Concern:

I'm writing to pass on some well-deserved praise about my overall experience at STEELNAVEL.COM. Since most people are quick to criticize poor service, I wanted to be sure to give credit for the great service I received.

I was recently shopping around on the web for body piercing jewelry. I came across a company called STEELNAVEL.COM . I went on the site to take a look around and was ELATED at the huge selection of body piercing jewelry that they carried and at great prices. I had some questions on a few of the pieces of jewelry and instead of having to send an email and wait for a response, I got to chat immediately to a representative via human click. Over a few days, I chatted with a couple different reps. whom were very friendly, helpful and had alot of product knowledge. A definate A+ customer service, A+ knowledge, A+ prices. I will highly recommend this business to anyone and everyone looking to purchase body piercing jewelry and accessories.

Keep up the great work John and Lenore.


- Trayce, Parker, CO - 7/10/2001
Hi Lenore,

I was going to say that I think your site is really really well designed. I love the way you can shop by the separate categories, the other sites that i've been to are such a hassle to navigate!!! also the messaging bit is so very convenient to use :)

- Nancy, , Australia - 7/4/2001
WoW!, I am very Impressed with your customer service. You are awsome! I don’t see A1 service like that very often, and it is so nice to experience it first hand. You have a customer for life, and I wanted you to give you a pat on the back.

- Chuck, Sierra Vista, AZ - 6/26/2001
Would like to thank John for getting my order out quickly. Outstanding!
- Scott, Somerset, KY - 6/25/2001
Thank you so much … I found exactly what I was looking for … I love your service !!! Its a lot faster !!! I got a eye ring from you guyz in three days !!!
thanx much

- Patty, Ramsey, NJ - 6/18/2001
Again, I would like to thank you for all of your prompt responses and great customer service…
... I will order more jewelry in the near future.


Joline Gosselin

- Joline, Montrose, CA - 6/14/2001
OK, thanx Lenore. I appreciate your great customer service. Kudos' to YOU. Too bad not all cr reps are as great. I wouldn't dread shopping! Later.
- Dawn, Albany, OR - 6/14/2001
Your Cool Site, Your Great Customer Service, and Your Focus on Security are not only refreshing in this electronic age, but a model for any e-commerce business.

Thank you for a great site!

Best Regards,


- Keith, Chandler, AZ - 6/8/2001
Hi Lenore,

Thank you very much for addressing my questions so promptly. I have received my barbell and i LOVE it!!! It was a pleasure to be your customer.


- Eva, Burlington, VT - 6/8/2001
I got my jewelry today!
Thank you very much for the quick delivery!
I can't wait to show them off.
Have a great summer.

- Carol, Gastonia, NC - 6/1/2001
Hello everyone. Thanks for the good stuff.
- Shawn, Cincinnati, OH - 5/28/2001
Just want to say this is an excellent site with excellent selection.
- Angela, Brookings, SD - 5/22/2001
Hi Lenore,

I just received my order yesterday and the quality is excellent. I am very pleased with the jewelry as well as the service. SteelNavel is at the top of my piercing jewelry list. So glad that I happened upon your website. I will definitely purchase again.

Thanks so much.
All the best.

- Douglas, Southington, CT - 5/18/2001
Just want to say this is an excellent site with excellent selection.
- Angela, Brookings, SD - 5/18/2001
First time purchaser and very pleased. Great products and pricing.
Thank you so much for the quick response.
I will definitely put you guys at the top of my piercing jewelry list.

Best regards,

- Douglas, Southington, CT - 5/14/2001
Received my order today, I am very pleased with the item, the service the variety you have to choose from. I will definitely be ordering again as soon as my other piercings heal and can be changed. I have a few weeks left on my navel and tongue yet. I am considering the nipples as well.
Thank you again,

- Elaine, Hagerstown, MD - 4/30/2001
I appreciate your customer service and will definitely recommed your company to my friends! Thanks so much!
- Elisha, Roy, UT - 4/21/2001
Thank you for being so wonderful about this whole situation. This has been by far my best experience shopping online, probably with anyone.


- H., Santa Rosa, CA - 4/18/2001
Hi Lenore, I'm glad you liked the message, I meant every word! I work in marketing and deal with vendors and customers and distributors every day, so I know that friendly and pleasant people are very hard to come by =) Well, back to work - I'm glad I made you smile! :D Amie
- Amie, North Miami, FL - 4/17/2001
Again sorry about the inconveniance. i appreciate the rush you put on in getting back to me. Hopefully in the future things will be figured and straightend out so you dont have to go through all this again. I would just like to say that the jewelry is great but in regard with the work of you people it is just as great if not better. I mean most people wouldnt have got back to me as quick as you did. Keep up the good work!
- Thomas, Howard, PA - 4/16/2001
Dear Lenore, If you have a manager or supervisor, please forward this message to them - I think they should know what I have to say... If you are the manager or supervisor, then this message is for you!
I've just got to say that your company has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with, and Lenore has been one of the most pleasant and courteous people as well. I will certainly do business (and not just through auction) with Steel Navel again because of the great service I have received from Lenore! I have left positive feedback on Ebay for your company, but felt I should leave that same feedback directly with you. Even the little problems (i.e. package getting lost in the mail) were dealt with very smoothly and with the utmost courtesy.

Lenore is certainly an asset to your company; and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. I felt you should know this, because as much as I love online convenience, it often means giving up friendly service. Not in this case! Keep up the good work! =)

Best regards,
Amie Arias

- Amie, North Miami, FL - 4/16/2001
I just got my jewelry in the mail today! I want to say THANK YOU! It's great! I just found the company I will be ordering my jewelry from whenever the need (desire I should say) arises! Thank you so much for the quick shipment of my jewelry. I am extremely pleased!
- Wendy, Eielson AFB, AK - 4/11/2001
You guys are the BEST! :)

have a great day!

- Jennifer, Ewing, NJ - 3/22/2001
Hi! Lenore,
Thank you for your attention with this, my goof oops.....
to answer your question, I enjoyed shopping on your site.
1st time ever to do so ..very nice and your customer service excels.. Will be back to shop again…thanks


- James, Muskegon, MI - 3/22/2001
Thanks again, thanks for the follow up (I truly appreciate people who know what customer service is)

Have a great week!


- Dwayne, University Hts., OH - 3/21/2001
Love this site. I will be a repeat customer. Great prices.
- Melissa, Cincinnati, OH - 3/15/2001
In fact i have recommended your company to everone that purchases body jewelry! We have been to all of the stores in houston, and in austin, and everything on their shelves are either too gaudy, or extremely trendy. I will be ordering all of my items from your company from now on. furthermore, a few of my friends own shops that only specialized in ink, and now they are considering bringing in a jewelry line.( if there is any info. i should pass along in regards to wholesale, let me know.) thanks again so much. jennifer burkland
- Jennifer, West Columbia, TX - 3/15/2001
Thank you soooo much!!!


- Elizabeth, Meadville, PA - 3/15/2001
I love my previous order. That was all I needed to see. Thank you! jennifer burkland
- Jennifer, West Columbia, TX - 3/13/2001
Hello Lenore!

I received the nose bone today in the mail and raced straight to the jewelers. Had it curved, popped it in, and IT FITS ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY!!! WOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!!! I've been waiting for MONTHS for this!!


- Anonymous, Denver, CO - 2/26/2001
THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!! I'll be in contact with you in the future (if you care) to let you know what happens! Thanks for all your help. . . I'll definitely recommend you to all my friends and will be using you in the future. You guys are great! THANK YOU!


- Jennifer, Denver, CO - 2/21/2001
Thanks for actually taking the time to listen to a scrawny raving musician! Too bad you guys don't have a frequent flier miles or a referral program or anything... :)
Any other jewelry you have any confusion about? Eh? Eh? :P I'd be glad to try it out. I'm always up for a new experience!
It's Valentine's Day... DID you remember your mothers? Shame on you! But they would be proud, never have I dealt with a company that's paid so much attention to me, the customer!


- William, Amherst, VA - 2/14/2001
Hey John,
Now, i'm a guy all for experimentation with new things. I wanted the lipret because, quite simply, i want something unique (for my area at least), and i got it! I have played with it and tried different things, and here's what i've found:

The Flashy Approach:
-Insert the straight end of the lipret through the *back* of the piercing, from behind the lip
-Attach the ball and squeeze the lower lip into the curved end of the lipret.
---The Result: A bar-and-ball hanging *over* the lower lip, and a ball below it, in a perfect line with the bar'n'ball. Very flashy and "hello ladies", but not very comfortable for periods longer than a few hours.

The Comfy Approach:
-Insert the straight end of the lipret through the *front* of the piercing, into the visible part of the hole
-Attach the ball and push the curved end or pull the straight end untill the straight end leaves the ball visible.
---The Result: A single ball visible on top of the lower lip with no visible means of it being there! Much more comfortable than the other way, and "hey how are ya" in its own way. This is the way i wear it most often.

-Most 14g labret threaded attachments will fit on other 14g shafts. Utilize this, as i do. I attach the doorknocker to either end of the lipret when worn, especially on the curved end of the Flashy Approach. It adds a whole different layer to it's style and pizzaz.

Well, there ya go John. Hope you enjoy my opinions. I'm full of 'em... :) I swear, i'm really enjoying the amount of correspondance i'm getting through, and that single point just may keep me shopping with you guys. It's been a teeny dream of mine to work with the body arts, so i envy you all the work you do. Let me know if you need any more opinions on any jewelry, as i may spring to buy it and let ya know!


- William, Amherst, VA - 2/13/2001
Thank you so much for keeping me informed, I can't wait to receive it. You guys are very good to deal with, I will tell all my friends about you.
- Robin, Roanoke, VA - 2/7/2001
Second time ordering, loving the jewlery
- Michael, Palm Coast, FL - 2/4/2001
Thank you for replying so soon to my message.

I've browsed many body jewelry sites and steelnavel is definitely one I will come back to.

Gina Stepanovich

- Gina, Canton, OH - 1/12/2001
I'm very pleased with SteelNavel's service!! I buy things on line all the time and a lot of the time, things don't go this smoothly. Keep up the good work!!
Thanks again,

- Chris, Elkhart, IN - 1/11/2001
Dear Sirs,
I have just received my order and I am not only thrilled with the quality of the product , but even more pleased with the promptness of delivery. You have convinced me to put you on the top of my list for fututre business.

- Beth, Hadlyme, CT - 1/11/2001
Thanks for your service. SteelNavel has my vote!!!!!!!!!
- Beth, Hadlyme, CT - 1/10/2001
Received my order.
Excellent quality and fast service.
Price was great too.
One satisfied customer here.

- Kevin, Yorktown, NY - 1/8/2001
Thank you for your prompt, courteous and professional response. I look forward to receiving the new piece. In the future if I need additional body jewelry, we will be looking for it at Thank you again for such a quick response.

- Lee-Anne, Middleburg, PA - 12/20/2000
Thank you. It is a pleasure doing business with such an efficiently-run company.
- Victoria, Neversink, NY - 12/19/2000
I really appreciate all of your help. I stopped by the Post Office earlier, and I was gladly surprised to find that my barbell had came in. :)

Once again, thanks,

- Willard, Logan, WV - 12/18/2000
Dear John,

I just wanted to take the time to send an email regarding the service I have received from steelnavel. I have placed two orders for navel jewelry in the past month. I want to tell you how pleased I have been with my jewelry and the service I have received. I was very impressed with the online selection, the security of the site, the notification from the site, and prompt delivery. Even with the rush of shipping here at the Christmas season, my jewelry arrived within 3 days after placing my order. That is very impressive considering I live on the east coast. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at steelnavel, and happy holidays. I will recommend this site to all my pierced friends!


Dana H. Sherrin

- Dana, Lancaster, SC - 12/18/2000
Received it today. Not too small at all. Thanks for your help, I look forward to ordering more in the future.
Happy Holidays.

- Susanne, Monroe, NY - 12/16/2000
I appreciate your prompt attention. I love good customer service. Happy holidays!
- Pamela, Tucson, AZ - 12/12/2000
Thank you so much for the prompt response! I'll be placing an order today.
- Pamela, Tucson, AZ - 12/11/2000
I just wanted to say thank you i received my order today and everything is perfect thank you!
- Candace, Fort Worth, TX - 12/8/2000
I appreciate all of the help, and correspondance.

Look forward to ordering from you again.


- Matt, Huntsville, TX - 12/6/2000
I have already referred people to your site (I saw the same pins for 24.99 each in a store!!).

Thanks a lot


- Matt, Huntsville, TX - 12/5/2000
YES! YES! YES! My barbell came in and I'm very very happy.
- Emel, Hinsdale, IL - 11/28/2000