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Continuous Rings

Seam rings (also known as continuous rings) are the simplest body jewelry ring, with no beads to lose. Simply bend the ends apart as you would a key ring, insert into your piercing, and bend the ends back. We recommend taking this ring to your piercer for insertion. They can be a bit difficult to close perfectly, especially with small diameter rings.
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Anatometal: Stainless Steel Seam Ring
As low as $7.95
Anatometal makes only bio-compatible body piercing jewelry. Implant grade stainless steel is a favorite of many fans of body jewelry. Continuous rings are so practical. We have this in 16g through 10g. Color possibilities are: silver. You can wear this in the following piercings: clitoral hood, clitoris, conch, daith, ear lobe, eyebrow, female nipple, foreskin, frenum, guiche, helix, inner labia, lip & labret, male nipple, navel, nostril, outer labia, prince albert, rook, scrotum, septum, snug/anti-helix or tragus.

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