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Tawapa: Pair of Stone Petal Plugs

Tawapa: Pair of Stone Petal Plugs

These beautiful plugs have a carved petal design and come in a variety of stone.


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  • DELICATE, especially in smaller gauges. Your breaking it does NOT make it defective.
  • Not to be worn while sleeping, in water, or during strenuous activities.
  • Intended for completely healed piercings. Not intended for stretching.
  • Not intended to be worn in a mucus membrane (other than labret styles).
  • The jewelry you receive may not be an exact match to what is pictured. Stone body jewelry is hand made of natural materials, so gauge, length, color and design may vary. For non-opaque stone, smaller gauges are often lighter in color. Such differences are NOT considered a defect.
  • For items that come in pairs, you can expect that you will receive a pair of jewelry in which each item is within .5 mm of stated size for jewelry up to 1/2" (12.5 mm) and within 1mm of stated size for jewelry larger than 1/2". If you receive a pair that is not an EXACT match, please know that is the best matched pair available.
  • O-rings may not be included. If you need o-rings for this jewelry, get them here.

Description / Tawapa: Pair of Stone Petal Plugs

These beautiful plugs have a carved petal design and come in a variety of stone.

Size Help


The wearable area of a plug is the distance between flares or flare and O-ring. The gauge is the diameter of the plug.

Steel Navel web how do you measure the gauge and wearable area of single flared plugs?
Steel Navel web how do you measure the gauge and wearable area of double flared plugs?


The gauge is the thickness of the jewelry (Usually the thickness of the material the jewelry is made from but may also be the diameter of a plug or eyelet).  From 20 gauge to 00 gauge, the smaller the number is, the thicker the jewelry is. After 00 gauge, the diameter of body jewelry is usually measured in fractional inches as shown below; however, some manufacturers make 000 gauge and 0000 gauge jewelry.

Millimeters are rounded to the first decimal.

Gauge Millimeter Inches
20g 0.8 mm 1/32"
18g 1 mm 3/64"
16g 1.3 mm 3/64"
14g 1.6 mm 1/16"
12g 2 mm 5/64"
10g 2.6 mm 3/32"
8g 3.3 mm 1/8"
6g 4 mm 5/32"
4g 5 mm 3/16"
2g 6.5 mm 1/4"
0g 8.2 mm 5/16"
00g 9 mm to 10 mm 3/8"
000g 10.5 mm 13/16"
  11.1 mm 7/16"
  12.7 mm 1/2"
  14.3 mm 9/16"
  15.9 mm 5/8"
  19.1 mm 3/4"
  22.2 mm 7/8"
  25.4 mm 1"
  27 mm 1-1/16"
  28.6 mm 1-1/8"
  30.2 mm 1-3/16"
  31.8 mm 1-1/4"
  33.3 mm 1-5/16"
  34.9 mm 1-3/8"
  36.5 mm 1-7/16"
  38.1 mm 1-1/2"
  39.7 mm 1-9/16"
  41.3 mm 1-5/8"
  44.5 mm 1-3/4"
  47.6 mm 1-7/8"
  50.8 mm 2"


Brand Tawapa
Quality Superior Grade
Jewelry Type Plugs
Colors Green, Grey, White
Thread Type N/A
Flare Type Double Flare
Material Stone
Piercings Conch, Ear Lobe, Helix, Snug/Anti-Helix
Keywords GP01O, Tawapa, Tawapa Body Jewelry, Tawapa Jewelry, Tawapa Organic, body jewelry, ear, earplug, earring, gauged, gauges, lobe, piercing, plug, stretched, stretching, gem stone, gemstone, stone, cartilage, conch piercing, ear lobe, helix, helix piercing, lobe piercing, lobes, pierced ears, scapha, stretched ears, stretched lobes
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Customer Reviews

Item Reviewed: Pair of Opalite Petal Plugs: 00g
Review by Mrs. Salomon
Love, love, love these!!! Beautifully crafted and a perfect fit!! Will definitely be back for more plugs!!!
Item Reviewed: Pair of Nephrite Jade Petal Plugs: 6g
Review by Diane
These are really nice! The variation in the jade meant that they were slightly different colors but that's part of the charm of organic materials. The back flare looks reasonable, substantial enough to keep the plugs in without being so large that they're impossible to wear. I'm really happy with these.
Item Reviewed: Pair of Opalite Petal Plugs: 4g
Review by Liz
I bought a pair of these in all my plug sizes because they are just so cute!! It is hard to find feminine plugs sometimes, so I was really excited to find these. They are worth the price.

They are a surprisingly intricate flower carving on the front with a perfect-sized flare on the back. The length is also nice. These are very lightweight- similar to wood in weight, much lighter than glass.

It is hard to describe Opalite if you haven't seen it, the color is really pretty. They are translucent and can look multiple colors just like an opal. Mine look mostly like a very light blue with a little pink.

They are very comfortable, but have such a smooth transition to a flare in the back I worry about losing them when I sleep so I take them out at night.

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