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Captive Beads

Captive beads are replacement beads for captive bead rings. The bead has indents on each side and is held "captive" by the tension of the two ends of the ring. They are sold as single beads so use the quantity box to indicate how many you need.

The sizing of the bead is important, so it is best to measure the gap in your ring to try and get the right size bead. Our handy, free gauge card will help, so be sure to get one with your next order. Some beads, but not all, are gauge specific. See product pages for details.

Captive beads are not threaded and will not work as replacements for barbell ends.

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Steel Navel: Stone Captive Bead
As low as $0.10
Body Circle Designs: Stainless Steel Captive Bead
As low as $0.95
Steel Navel: Glass Cat's Eye Captive Bead
As low as $0.33
Anatometal: Titanium Captive Bead
As low as $4.50
Body Circle Designs: Rubber (Nitrile) Replacement Ball for Socket Rings
As low as $3.50
Body Circle Designs: Titanium Captive Bead