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  1. NeoMetal: Titanium Internally Threaded Tongue Labret - POST ONLY - 12g

    As low as $27.50

    NeoMetal makes professional grade body piercing jewelry. Implant grade titanium is a great choice for jewelry. Body jewelry that's internally threaded can be perfect for you. You'll love this labret. We have 12g sizes. You might like this in: blue, brown, green, high polish, pink, purple, rose, teal or yellow. A few of the piercings this works great in are: conch, ear lobe, helix, lip & labret, nostril, rook, snug/anti-helix, tongue or tragus.

  2. Anatometal: Titanium Seam Ring

    As low as $9.50

    Anatometal is the highest quality body piercing jewelry. We think you'll love the many uses of implant grade titanium jewelry. Another great continuous ring from Steel Navel. This one is available in 18g through 12g. Color possibilities are: blue, brown, fuchsia, green, high polish, purple, rainbow, teal or yellow. You can wear this in the following piercings: clitoral hood, clitoris, conch, daith, ear lobe, eyebrow, female nipple, foreskin, frenum, guiche, helix, inner labia, lip & labret, male nipple, navel, nostril, outer labia, prince albert, rook, scrotum, septum, snug/anti-helix or tragus.

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