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  1. Gorilla Glass: Pair of Glass Single Flared Tiger Stripes Plugs

    As low as $7.15

    Gorilla Glass makes the highest quality body piercing jewelry. Borosilicate glass is a great choice for jewelry. This is plug jewelry. See the Jewelry Type menu for more. We have this in 7/8" and 1". Some available colors are: orange. Some possible piercings to wear this in are: conch, ear lobe, helix or snug/anti-helix.

  2. Gorilla Glass: Pair of Glass Double Flared Vertigo Plugs

    As low as $7.99

    Gorilla Glass makes only bio-compatible body piercing jewelry. We think you'll love the many uses of soda lime glass jewelry. This plug is versatile. We have 000g and 7/16" sizes. Enjoy this in: purple. Conch, ear lobe, helix or snug/anti-helix are a few of the piercings to use this in.

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