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  1. Industrial Strength: Stainless Steel Captive Bead Ring with Stainless Steel Bead

    As low as $7.16

    Industrial Strength is one of the finest body piercing jewelry makers. Body jewelry made from implant grade stainless steel is a great addition to your body jewelry collection! You'll love this captive bead ring. This jewelry comes in these sizes: 20g through 12g. Check out these colors: silver! A few of the piercings this works great in are: clitoral hood, clitoris, conch, daith, ear lobe, eyebrow, female nipple, foreskin, frenum, guiche, helix, inner labia, lip & labret, male nipple, navel, nostril, outer labia, prince albert, rook, scrotum, septum, snug/anti-helix or tragus.

  2. Diablo Organics: Pair of Opalite Stone Double Flared Concave Plugs

    As low as $15.50

    Diablo Organics is known for their implant grade body piercing jewelry. Opalite is both lovely and functional for body jewelry. This is a plug. We have this in 0g through 2". Enjoy this in: white. Can be worn in these piercings and more: conch, ear lobe, helix or snug/anti-helix.

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