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Outer Labia Piercing

This piercing is through the labia majora (the outer vaginal lips). This piercing is often done with multiple piercings.
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Hollywood: Stainless Steel Clicker with Front-Set Synthetic Opal Inlay
As low as $18.50
Hollywood brand body piercing jewelry is well made and affordable. We think you'll love the many uses of economy stainless steel jewelry. Septum clickers are beautiful! The available sizes are 16g and 14g. You might like this in: black, blue, gold, high polish, pink or white. Some possible piercings to wear this in are: clitoral hood, clitoris, conch, daith, ear lobe, eyebrow, helix, inner labia, lip & labret, navel, nostril, outer labia, rook, septum, snug/anti-helix or tragus.
Metal Mafia: Titanium Internally Threaded Curved Barbell
As low as $21.95
Metal Mafia brand body piercing jewelry is very popular. Implant grade titanium has always been popular material for body jewelry. Are you looking for internally threaded jewelry? Curved barbells could be just what you're looking for. You can get this in 16g through 12g. You can get this in: blue, brown, gold, high polish, pink, purple or yellow. Some piercings this works in are: clitoral hood, clitoris, daith, dydoe, eyebrow, female nipple, foreskin, guiche, male nipple, navel, outer labia, prince albert, rook or scrotum.
Steel Navel Metal Mafia Titanium Seamless Ring
As low as $9.50