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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye stone is a yellowish-brown variant of quartz stone. It's available as a variety of shades like yellow, red, or blue.
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Hollywood: Pair of Tiger's Eye Stone Single Flared Plugs
As low as $5.95
Hollywood brand body piercing jewelry is well made and affordable. Many people prefer the look of tiger's eye. Another great plug from Steel Navel. This one is available in 6g through 5/8". Is this one of your favorite colors: brown? Works in so many piercings such as: conch, ear lobe, helix or snug/anti-helix.
Oracle: Pair of Yellow Tiger's Eye Single Flared Teardrop Plugs
As low as $22.50
Oracle is one of the finest body piercing jewelry makers. Tiger's eye is a great choice for jewelry. This plug is versatile. This one is available in 8g through 00g. You can get this in: brown. Some possible piercings to wear this in are: conch, ear lobe, helix or snug/anti-helix.

2 Items

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