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Quartz Crystal

Quart crystal stone is a clear stone. Some types of quartz crystal stone will have inclusions or be more opaque.
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Oracle: Pair of Cloudy Smokey Quartz Stone Single Flared Plugs
As low as $22.50
Oracle guarantees the quality of all their body piercing jewelry. Body jewelry made from smokey quartz is a great addition to your body jewelry collection! This plug is versatile. Choose from these sizes 10g through 1/2". Open the product to see these colors: grey. May we suggest wearing this in: conch, ear lobe or helix piercings?
Oracle: Pair of Rose Quartz Single Flared Cabochon Front Plugs
As low as $20.95
Oracle is one of the finest body piercing jewelry makers. Many people prefer the look of rose quartz. Plugs are beautiful! Available sizes are 10g through 1/2". Color possibilities are: rose. Conch, ear lobe, helix or snug/anti-helix are a few of the piercings to use this in.

2 Items

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