Commercially Pure Titanium ASTM F-67

Titanium is an extremely lightweight, elemental metal. Titanium is the most bio-compatible of all metals due to its total resistance to attack by body fluids. ASTM F-67 Commercially Pure Titanium is 99.9% pure titanium and is super bendable making it great for industrial ear projects.

The wide range of titanium colors is produced through anodizing, not dyeing. During anodizing, the jewelry is submerged in an electrolyte solution and voltage is applied creating an oxide layer on the jewelry. The color results from refraction of light through the oxide layer, and the thickness of the layer determines the color. The anodized oxide eventually wears away, causing the color to fade or change; how long the process will take depends on the thickness of the oxide layer and the amount of friction and wear on the jewelry.
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