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White Brass

White brass has a silvery appearance.

Brass body jewelry should only be worn in completely healed piercings. Wearing brass jewelry through eyelets is a great alternative to wearing it directly in your piercings.

White Brass is an alloy of brass and white metals such as zinc and tin.

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Diablo Organics: Pair of Solid Brass Keyhole Weights
As low as $35.95
Diablo Organics brand body piercing jewelry is the best that you can buy. White brass is both lovely and functional for body jewelry. This weight is versatile. We have this in 00g and 5/8". You might like this in: silver. May we suggest wearing this in: ear lobe piercings?
Diablo Organics: Pair of Solid Brass Puj Ju Ovals
As low as $79.95
Diablo Organics is known for their implant grade body piercing jewelry. Many people prefer the look of white brass. Another great metal hanging design from Steel Navel. This one is available in 12g and 8g. Open the product to see these colors: silver. Ear lobe are a few of the piercings to use this in.

2 Items

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